Why YCC Store On Credit Card: Credit Card Frauds

YCC Store Shopify has scammed many people. A credit card scam across the globe, a popup asks people when entering the site, “We will help you with shopping your store look little empty add your credit card until the placeholder will appear.” These are the potential line they use to attract people to submit their credit card information resulting in fraud.

YCC Store Credit Card Scam

The credit card scam we know by the name YCC store is not new. It was found around 2011 when a credit card notice was lagged in Maynmar as a suspicious charge.

It is found on the people’s debit card statement as ycc+18668484671. Later in 2014, it became a crime and outbreak in different countries, and it fooled a lot of individuals with fake stores e-shopping.

There were thousands of credit card scam fields on our combinate score. It charges a 30% fraud rate on Visa cards and more on Master Cards from Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Banco Santander, Citigroup, Revolut, JPMorgan Chase, N26, Capital One, and BBVA.

Do you have any suspicion or information regarding the YCC credit card charge? If you have, you can contact your bank for details and report it so others can avoid this potential fraud.

Here I have reported cases of this fraud of YCC thrift store. On credit card statement is quiet. You have to see this and check your debit card statement for such charges.

YCC Store Credit Card Scams and Frauds

Ycc Store 0009 Lynnwood

In Lynwood, Ycc Store scammed many online shopping users with a fake store that discounts more than regular. Lots of people were attracted to the enormous discount bonuses.

But all this is a fishy scam that charges their credit cards as 00001 or 0009. The credit card charge reported as 0009 Lynnwood has been submitted by a user unsure of its source.

He describes it as a charge on its bank statement of debit card. Any suspicious charge on your debit card or debit card statement? Call your credit card company for help on credit card charges from Ycc 0009.

As there are many victims of that fraud and scam. You should reach out to your financial institution immediately after seeing such a charge on your statement.

Kaptain K on November 10, 2016:

He submits a statement on this fraud is not from an individual. The Yankee Candle Company, Alderwood Mall, offers low-interest in credit card shopping that attracts individuals to shop.

But this fraud steals your money from the credit card as a scam when you buy online or offline from scammy unreliable stores. It is the case of an actual business that scammed you.

Ycc Store 00390 Scam Charge

Many people want a reason for this charge on their credit cards. Yankee Candle Company 00390 is probably a scam by most visitors. They usually charge people credit cards even after a year of shopping. Victims describe their charge deduction from 00537 or 00390.

By T. Kimberly Scotchie in Feb 2015:

He tells about an unknown charge on his credit card in Feb 2015. He said he remembers that he bought a candle from the Yankee Candle store online. He thinks that the Yankee Candle Company can clarify this problem and figure this charge reasonable, but he got nothing.

By Maricel in July 2015:

He said he received an alert from his credit card regarding an unknown charge that he did not figure out the reason. Later he found the Ycc name that he has never heard of this store. As a protective step, he canceled his card and clarified the source of that charge from the bank Deerfield, ma.

By Lynny in Sept 2019:

YCC store” searched, and it returns as Yankee Candle Company. That can’t be a coincidence. He speaks to the legitimacy of individual charges 00051.

The 00390 charges abduct by YCC are from Myanmar in the early days, which count many people cards there by this fraud that have come across YCC scam credit charges.

This type of charge scam is also found in Somalia, Laos, and Laos residents’ credit cards in a survey. Authority companies like VISA say that it counts a 30% charge fraud rate in recent online purchases, and PayPal and Mastercard mention something like this for other prepaid cards.

Augusta GA Ycc Store

There are various credit card and debit card charges deducted from Ycc Augusta. It is recorded in November 2014, which is reported as a charge mark on a credit card. At first, it looks like a suspicion. Then it becomes a fraud charge on the Master card of different individuals in the region.

A request to all those who notice Ycc Augusta charge on their credit card. It,s recommended to contact your credit card provider in that case of fraud. To avoid this, you can cancel your card and later replace it with a new one. This way, you will be safe from this fraud on your credit card and debit card.

Ycc Store Scam on Indianapolis, IN

The debit card charge scammed by Ycc Indianapolis IN was first spotted in December 2014. The fraud that cost people their money is a scam of the YCC Indiana charge reported as suspicious in the early stages.

Later it is marked as the credit card charge scam you know by the name and source. Ycc Indianapolis, IN is a credit card, debit card fraud that is also found on the prepaid cards tell by the victim of this charge YCC Waterford, ct.

The credit card charge is very much suspicious by many users as the information is collected from different sources. Peoples mark this unauthorized credit card charge a fraud.

Kingston NY Ycc Store

At Ycc Kingston, NY, the credit card charge was first recorded on July 28, 2014, when it was flagged as suspicious by people who claimed information regarding this credit card charge Ycc 00001.

The information YCC regarding credit card charges is not a legit source of shopping. You can guide us through their program of scamming people in the comments. It may help others on Ycc Deerfield, ma, to avoid sharing.

By Ed H. January 2015:

The user claims that he used his card twice that day at VS store for two small amounts under $10. Because he had coupons which make it discounts on shopping. Later that day, he comes home and finds out he got no gas or food, or anything else on that card. It makes him think about any other YCC Charges that he found on his Credit Card. In a moment, he went to Bank VISA and checked his bank statement.

Ycc Store Hagerstown MD

The Hagerstown MD credit card charge by YCC Hagerstown MD is a scam found by users in Hagerstown. In the beginning, many users find this suspicious activity of Ycc. But then charge claim by an unauthorized charge notice. Users who have reported the Yankee Candle outlet store as suspicious, now registered as a fraud the Ycc Deerfield, ma flagged.

The charge makes many other peoples think about the safety of their credit cards at online shopping. If you have information regarding this credit card charge from your experience, then share it below. It helps others to know this a legitimate credit card charge is fraud or not.

Ycc Store 00419 Beavercreek OH

Yankee Candle Company is a fraud that scam users with debit cards and credit card shopping.

By Elaine W Brown in Nove 2014:

I have an $80.00 charge on my credit card from YCC and didn’t make a purchase—Elaine W Brown Ycc 00051.

By Devreauntaya Moss in Dec 2016:

He said he had a charge on his debit card from Ycc when he paid cash for candles. Then how did the order come on the card that he had already paid? It is a total fraud, he said, and then refunded through his bank card refunds.

Ycc Store 00644 Seattle WA

A user describes his moment with the scam as he is going through his credit statement. He found unauthorize charges from 00644 Seattle, WA. A new case emerged as 00171 that is not confirmed.

After exploring the source, he realizes that he once use his card at Yankee candle company. He freaked out and reported this fraudulent charge to his credit card company.

Ycc Store Webster Statement Fraud Charges

There are other cases 00235 reported with particular Ycc unauthorized scams, fraud charges. The only source people found is the Yankee Candle Company that is authorized by 00223.

To avoid such charges, check your credit card statement daily and report such an account on time. This way, you can block the transaction through your bank and control your online shopping by limiting it to legit sources.

In case you got this charge and that it, you have to contact your debit card company for help and ask them about the details of that charge. They usually block such controls by default, but you can be sure of frauds on your own. Your Bank is your best shield in such cases, so always keep an eye on your shopping transactions.

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