Xbox to IP Resolver, Working

The working free-of-cost Xbox to IP Resolver is xResolver, which allows users to simply submit an Xbox Gamertag within the database and resolves to get a readable IP address.

Which can be used to find the real location of a player, its ISP, country, city, and even know System OS.

What is Xbox to IP Resolver (xResolver)

xResolver is a Gamertag resolver and IP puller for Xbox and PlayStation, that filter your party chat and peer-to-peer connections for Gamertags.

It is an online tool that captures and sniffs data packets from the game to find the IP addresses of Xbox players and PSN players who have a username or Gamertag.

The only visible advantage for players is to learn their opponents’ IP addresses from Gamertag, which is inserted into the xResolver to reveal the IP address, country, and city address.

Premium users can also hands on the actual Geolocation address along with other useful information such as home address and real identity.

How to Use Xbox to IP Resolver

The dominant services among many working Xbox Resolvers and IP sniffers for resolving Gamerstags online are xResolver, Ostosniff, and Lanc Remastered PCPS.

All three IP pullers are well-known for their ease of use and quick results with both free and paid services, but for Xbox players, xResolver is the most user-friendly Xbox to IP Resolver.

You can use the Xbox to IP Resolver with simple guidelines.

  • Go to the official xResolver
  • Select option Xbox Resolver section
  • Insert player Gamertag in the ‘Xbox Gamertag to IP Address’ box
  • You can also use the IP address to find Gamertag and Usernames
  • Simply insert the IP address the in ‘IP Address to Xbox Gamertag’ sections

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