What is Xbox Resolver Blacklist, Secure your Gamertag

What is Xbox Resolver Blacklist, Secure your Gamertag

The Xbox Resolver Blacklist is a paid third-party service owned by xResolver that masks your IP address and any data associated with your specific Gamertag and Username.

What is Xbox Resolver Blacklist

xResolver sold blacklist services for both Xbox and PSN users who were trolled by hackers and fearful of leaking their information and IP address by resolving Gamertag, which was scraped and collected automatically by xResolver bots or submitted by other players to the xResolver database.

The xResolver database is vast, and anyone can know the Xbox console and PlayStation players’ IP address, country, city, and ISP with little to no skills.

Xbox Live and PSN players can simply enter the Gamertag or Username into the xResolver, and it will reveal the player’s identity, which is a serious issue for some, which is why there is an Xbox Resolver Blacklist service to hide specific users’ data for money.

If you are worried, this is really a huge security flaw!

How can possibly the Xbox Resolver site exist?

There is no denying that the Internet has evolved significantly from its original purpose of global communication; it has been twisted and rules have been bent.

Unfortunately, your IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) is public property and thus legal to obtain, scrape, and resource by apps and websites.

This is the reason sites like Xbox Resolver can exist and scrap and resolve Gamertags and then force you to pay them off to keep your identity in the hideout.

It appears to be a necessary step because a leaked IP address can be targeted by DDOs attackers, resulting in the loss of profile ownership and other disadvantages from the same IP address, which is risky for personal WAN IP Addresses and home router IP.

However, paying off xResolver is not the only way to get rid of such scenarios permanently. If you are interested to know a way out, I’ve included a method for permanently removing yourself from xResolver below.

What is your IP Address and Why you should worry about yours?

If you are an active internet user and use Google, YouTube, social media, or even play online games, you are revering severalty to a number of services in order for them to know you are a real person.

Who has acquired a specific online service from a specific region (country) or city, and vice versa.

The IP address is associated with your ISP which is assigned to your internet device (modem, router, phone, or computer).

So, in a nutshell, your IP address becomes your identification for online business, and every service you use for internet access, such as your browser, apps, and games, recognizes your identity, which is a basic requirement but can be abused by others with bad intentions.

How to remove your Gamertag and IP Information from xResolver?

It is possible to protect your IP with a trusted VPN, but the most effective way to remove your Gamertag and IP information from xResolver is to contact your ISP.

I’ve been sharing free xResolver for years to remove bad players who were caught cheating in your game lobby, but I’m not benefiting from any kind of income just to be clear, you don’t have to pay xResolver a penny, not unless you’re blunt and taking care of your problem yourself.

  • Call or email your Internet service provider’s helpline and explain your problem.
  • Tell them “Your IP address has been compromised, and you may lose your account or suffer from a hack.”
  • You can ask them to change your I.P. and once they do this, the IP on Xresolver will be removed.
  • Now you are free to play without any risks.

Is Microsoft aware of such situations?

Yes, Microsoft is aware of such sites that use Gamertags to steal personal information and I.Ps which is a security flaw, especially since Party and Peer to Peer connections with strangers are not always free of risk.

In my most recent contact with Microsoft, I discovered that they intend to remedy the situation by changing the way Xbox parties and peer-to-peer connections are handled.

Microsoft working on a server model for Xbox Live that will make obtaining the IP addresses of Xbox Live users difficult.

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