Xbox IP Address Resolver

Xbox IP Address Resolver

The Xbox IP Address Resolver is a tool that resolves Xbox players’ Gamertags and displays their IP addresses. It uses the largest database with millions of IP Addresses and Gamertags to determine which IP Address is associated with which player.

Xbox IP Address Resolver

If you need to resolve a Gamertag, XResolver is a free and working Xbox IP Address Resolver. It can assist you in determining which IP address is associated with which Xbox Live Gamertag by simply entering a Gamertag or Username into the tool.

It is simply a truth revealer, that allows users to know which player belongs to which country and city with a readable IP Address.

Use Xbox IP Address Resolver to Find Xbox Live Gamertag IP Addresses

  • 1. Log into Xbox Live and gather as many players as you need to fill your server.
  • 2. Copy and save a target person’s Gamertag from their profile page.
  • 3. Launch the Xbox Resolver tool and enter the Gamertag into the appropriate field.
  • 4. You will see a unique IP Address associated with that Gamertag in a few seconds.
  • 5. Now you can track their location, country, and city using the IP address provided.

However, we are aware of some drawbacks of using the Xbox Resolver tool to find the IP Address of an Xbox Live Gamertag.

  • The Xbox Resolver tool will not be able to provide results if the IP Address is not found in the database.
  • When using the Xbox Resolver tool to determine the IP Address of an Xbox Live Gamertag, it could make a specific player a target of a potential hack. We have seen numerous examples that result in either paying for blacking or changing the IP address through the ISP.

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