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World First Dual Screen Smartphone ZTE Axon M Review and Specification, ZTE Axon M, ZTE Axon M review, Dual screen smartphone, Two screens mobile,

World First Dual Screen Smartphone ZTE Axon M, (Review and Specs) | pc9x

The ZTE Axon M is the future of smartphone in design, and it is literally acting on a phrase two is better than one. It bringing along some clever functionality to extend your work to a second display. ZTE Axon M is incredibly an amazing idea from Chinese phone-makers who actually take the risk to beat Apple and Samsung in the latest technology innovation.

On the surface, ZTE’s Axon M does not look like a flagship smartphone. Although the square aluminum chassis is lightweight, and its design is short and fat for modern mobile phones but it doesn’t feel like Premium. Turn on the device and you will see a massive 5.2 inch 1080p panel with large bezels that feel more less than the modern devices like Essential Phone, Galaxy S8 and iPhone X. The heart of the smartphone Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM and it is running on Android Nougat, not Oreo although ZTE promised to update it further.

In the best case, the Axon M is a mobile phone that helps you not miss any beats. Whether it’s fun or you want to double your work, it’s the only modern mobile phone that can display two apps on two different screens. Naturally, the possibility is deep. Let us chatter a few.

The ZTE Axon M smartphone features two 5.2 inches full HD display and can move back or forth with hinges. The dual screen expanding the display up to 7 inches like a tablet.

ZTE Axon M Features and design,

Your phone may have a glass back, why can’t it become a foldable screen for multitasking? This is the idea behind the 5.2-inch ZTE Axon M dual screens, which can increase the size of a smartphone to a mini-tablet.

With the latest technology Axon M is faster, smoother, and more versatile. Its two screens can come in handy for daily tasks and may be useful in specific situations, such as multitasking, watching a movie while playing games on the second screen side by side.

It looks and feels like the Nintendo DS, which is set up for the multi-taskers or players who want to use the application side by side. We can watch videos while sending emails, get directions while browsing the web, and enter Google Docs in landscape mode – we can still see more than three lines of text in our documents.

Let Google Maps running side by side with email, is actually useful, or even just being able to leave messages to friends without leaving the YouTube video. In the dual-screen mode, each application has its own set of software hotkeys that allow you to close a software and open a new one without interrupting another screen.

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You can play Dungeons & Dragons, and make a video chat with friends simultaneously on one screen at the same time. You can stretch a video across two screens to get more tablet-like effects.

The Axon M incredibly manages audio, so that so if two people are trying to play, you will only hear the screen is interactive. Although the specifications are not the latest and best, the Axon M is still in good shape, even in more demanding tasks such as watching Netflix and playing games at the same time.

For now, it still feels that ZTE has only provided you with the most basic choice of two screens. Occasionally, there are some potential flashpoints, such as running YouTube in full screen on a monitor, while being able to browse or find new videos so that it can be viewed undisturbed at the bottom, but still feel that more can be done. Why is there no e-reader application, for example, let me put two pages on two screens, say, a real book? Is it still a game feature that allows you to unload a virtual button on a screen via a digital controller?

Finally, there is the “mirroring mode”, which simply maps the content onto two screens. ZTE envisions people using this method to fold their phones to a tent-like location and watch videos together. I can’t say that this is a use case that appears outside the test to determine if it is valid, but if this is what you want to do, then it is there.


Compared to the streamlined design of many smartphones today, ZTE Axon M is also huge in size even for some economical designs. According to your request, they will hate it or have no problem. I was actually in the latter group and found that the appearance and the sensation of the mobile phone had sharp edges and extensive touches during the year. In the year, too many mobile phones looked the same.

Folded closed, the Axon M is almost as thick as a deck of cards, heavier than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The strange thing is that its second screen does not seem to increase all the weight – even without it. But that doesn’t mean it’s all bad.

In front of it, its back almost reflects the degree of its error-proneness. ZTE uses Gorilla Glass 5 cover on each 5.2-inch 1080p monitor. The glass has a subtle 2.5D effect, giving it a sharp contrast to the soft curves that surround the phone’s sharp metal edges.

As far as visual indicators are concerned, cameras, flashes, headphone speakers, and occasionally flashing LEDs are only visible on the front of this all-black phone. This is everything you must leave. So, imagine that if you pick up the phone in the dark, then you have a 50/50 chance to choose the right aspect and show you information. These are not very likely, especially when you spend so much money on the phone, not gambling.

There are other hardware features around the phone, such as a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Given the potential of the Axon M as an entertainment device, a variety of connection methods, including earplugs, are available without a dongle.

Going forward, you can find a satisfying click volume rocker on the left and side of the phone, a power button with a built-in Razer phone’s fingerprint sensor, and a Sony Xperia smartphone (outside the U.S.). ZTE’s folding phone also includes a programmable quick start button. There is an option to start the camera by clicking twice, or you can select a long press to select. You can select the application you want to launch the installed application. This is really a neat feature that you wouldn’t normally find on your phone.

Finally, at the bottom of the phone, you will find two places where you can launch the speaker grill and the USB-C charging port.

Price and Availability,

In the United States, the phone costs only 725 U.S. dollars which is about 538 pounds and 953 Australian dollars. and is used exclusively for AT&T. This is expensive, and its cost is same as the starting price of Pixel 2 which is approx $729 US dollars and iPhone 8 cost around $809 US dollars. However, it does not have a direct confrontation with either camera hardware or processing power.

The official US operator of  ZTE’s flagship Axon M released without direct carrier support. which is usually released carrier support. The contract mobile phone is still the way most people buy high-end mobile phones in the United States. The monthly payment is lower rather than the full price.

Specs of ZTE Axon M,

 Two Screen size  5.2 inches both
 Processor  2.15GHz quad-core Snapdragon 821
 Internal storage  64GB
 Expandable storage type  microSD
 Operating System  Android 7.1.2
 Screen Resolution  1080×1920 pixels
 Headphones jack  3.5mm
 Camera  20-megapixel
                             This phone has only one single lens camera sported on the top of the main screen
Proximity sensorYes
Ambient light sensorYes
Temperature sensorNo

ZTE Axon M early decision,

Perhaps the most useful hardware feature of a dual-screen phone is a hinge, and the built-in Axon M function works as expected, and it looks like it can be used continuously (ZTE’s two-year warranty service can support it). Pulling out the second monitor with its slightly raised edge and fully unfolding the Axon M into a complete shape is effortless and satisfying, thanks to the humming of the hinges, ensuring you are in position. At that moment, the extra screen pops up, and you can choose several different display options to expand your work or have fun.

In the end, ZTE’s Axon M is a universal smartphone of 2017 with an amazing design concept and there are many feelings about the future of smartphones. We have witnessed multitasking beneficial to Axon M. It has the ability to become the main force of productivity and entertainment, and the two screens are easily folded.

Potential use cases make the Axon M the thrilling smartphone we want to test frantically. If these specifications are enough to keep up with the top mobile phones in 2017, then ZTE may be ahead of Samsung and Apple in the future for more than a few months.

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