Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing? 10 Fixes

Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing? 10 Fixes

Learn Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing? And know the 10 best ways to fix this problem once and for all. Spotify platform has become the go-to app for music lovers around the world. Millions of people subscribe to Spotify and use it for both listening to music and discovering new songs through the weekly playlists. However, not everyone is happy with Spotify’s service since the glitch keeps pausing the music on Android, iPhones, and PC.

Many users have complained Spotify keep pausing on phone and computer. So what are the fixes? The obvious reason Spotify keeps pausing on Android and iPhones is the battery-saving features that restrict the app from running in the background process while stopping it to pause the music tracks. It is not the alone reason that you face Spotify keeps auto pausing, there or other legit reasons among the different OS platforms that we listed below with fixes that you can do to troubleshoot Spotify playback issues on your devices.

Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing?

With the amount of technology that we have at our disposal, it might be easy to forget that technology can give you problems too. This blog is about why does my Spotify keep pausing and how to fix the problem. No doubt Spotify is a very popular streaming service designed to let us listen to music on-demand. A lot of people enjoy listening to their favorite music whilst doing other things, but many users complain about the way Spotify pauses randomly for no reason.

Spotify pauses randomly
Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing? (Is it Severe)

This can be very annoying and distracting if it keeps pausing like that. The situation takes you here to look for solutions and solve this problem. But before we dive into the solutions, let’s hear about the reasons why this could be happening to you. There are several things we find could be the reasons behind the random pauses and stops of Spotify services on your devices and then we assist you with what we can do to fix them.

6 Casuses And Fixes: Why Spotify Keep Pausing

Mostly we will look at the most common reasons why this is happening and how you can solve this problem for music fans. The whole point of music is to provide the listener with an uninterrupted experience without any disrupted behavior we can relax and enjoy what we think is best for the time being and situations. It is our mood that defines the perfect track for our own business.

1. Check your Internet Connections (Drop of Cellualr Network Signals or Wi-Fi)

Check your Internet Connections (Drop of Cellualr Network Signals or Wi-Fi)
Reasons Why Spotify’s Music Keep Stopping Randomly and Their Fixes

It is the first step toward fixing Spotify-stopping issues on your device. You need to check your internet connection speeds, it happens when your Network loses signals which makes Spotify unstable to stream music without the connection. You’ll find this bug very often that Spotify suddenly stops playing music, it is due to the network buffering while streaming at ‘Very High’ qualities.

Switching to Wi-Fi helps but sometimes it has a similar issue if signals are too weak to run Spotify services. Then you see Spotify keep pausing or stopping in the middle of songs till it gets the strong signals to stream the playlists. To solve this problem you can first disable and then enable the internet connection on your device for effective re-connection with the cellular towers.

It also helps when you turn On and Off the Airplane mode which is very handy for aggressive Network services with priority. This technique is useful when you are on the move. While for unstable wireless connections you can move near to the router position for greater and stable signals. Otherwise lowering your music quality is the only way for smooth music playback.

Spotify Quality Streaming: Lower To Higher All Are Network Speeds Depended

Spotify Free and Spotify Premium are two different services for the features. The Premium one offers greater quality audio with AAC 256KBit/s data rate that scales for higher quality sound rich with all teh lows and high tones but requires at least 2MB (MegaBytes) internet connection per minute. While the Free accounts offer AAC 128kBit/s data rate scales that can be suitable for low internet connections.

Four Qualities Of Spotify Audio And Their Data Consumption Rate:

  1. Low; Equivalent to Approximately 24 KBit/Sec: (Quarter MB Per Minute).
  2. Normal; Equivalent to Approximately 96 KBit/Sec: (Half MB Per Minute).
  3. HIgh; Equivalent to Approximately 160 KBit/Sec: (1MB Per Minute).
  4. Very High; Equivalent of Approximately 320 KBit/Sec: (2MB Per Minute).

2. Turn Off Power Savers (Energy Savings Low Power Modes)

Turn Off Power Savers (Energy Savings Low Power Modes)
Turn Off Power Savers (Low Power Modes like Energy Savings)

Many modern phones come pre-loaded with several battery-saving features to last longer which is a good step toward the user’s benefit but sometimes these features restrict certain applications from running in the background. If your Android mobile phone, iPhone, or Laptop PC kept the battery saver mode on all the time, it will restrict Spotify services which may be the reason why Spotify keeps stopping the playback of music.

Every mobile device has a low power mode that limits background activity to save battery life that applies restrictions on applications. It could be the reason your device’s energy-saving mode causes potentially interfere with the playback quality of Spotify and restrict its usage which will result in Spotify pauses. A simple solution is to turn off low power mode to not disrupt your Spotify streams.

You need to explore your device setting to find the battery modes and disable the power-saving feature when listening to Spotify. It is easy when you have tinkered with the settings of your device. Almost all the devices have similar kinds of settings even iOS has not much different from Android, but if you own a Windows or Mac PC, then you will find it from the notification panel.

You can quickly drag down the notification toggle of your smartphone or tablet and hit the battery icon from the given options to immobilize the energy saver by turning it off. If you still haven’t found the options, follow the guidelines below to reach the battery saver from device settings to disable it.

Easy Steps to Disable Low Power Modes:

  1. Navigate to your device Settings.
  2. Then scroll downwards and look for Battery Setting and tap on it
  3. It will open Battery Optimizations and Low Power Mode options that you need to disable for the Spotify app.
  4. When you remove the optimization from the Spotify app it will work fine without random pauses or stops.
  5. On contrary for third-party Low Power Savers, you can add the Spotify app to the exclusion list of apps.

3. Switch Off Low Data Mode (Turn Off Data Saver Modes)

Switch Off Low Data Mode (Turn Off Data Saver Modes)
Switch Off Low Data Mode (Turn Off Data Saver Modes)

Similar to battery-saving features, several smartphones provide Data Savers for managing cellular network internet consumption. It is a beneficial feature for phone users who rely on mobile connections rather than Wi-Fi. Such features benefit monthly data plans for restricted use, which is a good thing because many networks hike the cost of monthly data plans. You may save money by checking out the data deals from Boost Mobile and Cricket Mobile.

To fix that you can bypass the device data saving option and instead use Spotify’s built-in Data Saver mode, which decreases the amount of data the app consumes when streaming over cellular networks. Enabling data-saving mode on your mobile phone reduces the performance of running applications, including Spotify, which will suffer and stop playing.

Spotify includes a Data Saver mode that minimizes the amount of data used by the app when streaming over cellular networks. This option has the potential to degrade playback quality and cause Spotify pauses. If you rely on Spotify data saver options, you may still save a significant amount of data by choosing Low-Quality audio when on the go.

Steps to Turn Off Data Saving Features:

  1. By heading to Settings on your smart device, you can access Data Saver mode to disable it.
  2. From the Settings options, you need to select Network and Internet, or Connections.
  3. Then choose Data Usage and tap on Data Saver options.
  4. Again Tap on Data Saver to turn it off.
  5. You may also access it from the status bar toggles menu and disable it with a single tap on the Data Saver icon.

4. Reboot Your Device

Reboot Your Device

It’s the way for me to get rid of software glitches when I run several applications simultaneously. You can do the same and solve the problems when your apps got crash due to high memory usage. It is because of low RAM, and many apps running in the background including your Spotify. Situations like that can handle a restart and there is no need to follow any steps, everyone already knows how to restart a mobile phone or laptop.

5. Sign Out Everywhere from your Spotify Accounts

Sign Out Everywhere from your Spotify Accounts
Sign Out Everywhere from your Spotify Accounts

Multiple accounts can force Spotify to pause. This occurs when you share your account with family and log into separate devices, which causes sync issues with Spotify services, which results in Spotify pausing on its own. The problem is easy to solve using a simple method that successfully eliminated the troubles by removing all the multiple Spotify account users at once, thus you can re-log once disable all accounts.

It is an effective approach to fix the music pausing problem which prevents accessing your Spotify account from different devices. Signing out of all devices eliminates the possibility of another user gaining unwanted access to your account.

Remember this technique excludes Spotify partner devices and is also not effective for your PlayStation or Xbox. Down below are the assistance guidelines that will help you resolve the issues of your account by signing out from all devices. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below.

Outlines for Signing Out Everyone from your Spotify Accounts:

  1. Open up your web browser and reach Spotify.com.
  2. Select the “Menu” icon from the home page.
  3. Then choose “Account” from the drop-down option.
  4. Here click on the option “Account Overview” which reveals the page next to the menu.
  5. Here you will see the option ‘Sign Out Everywhere’.
  6. Select this to sign out of everything and every device you’ve logged into.
  7. After that, you can log in again to have your services on the selected devices and use them without pausing playback.

6. Check App Permissions and Restriction on Android and iPhones

Check App Permissions and Restriction on Android and iPhones
Check App Permissions and Restriction’s on Android and iOS iPhones

Sometimes you haven’t allowed Spotify to run on your device as a dominion application for certain things that includes storage permissions, ability to run in background processes, access to internet services, using background data, access to speakers, etc. I can say that simply turning off the background data restriction from the app setting will do the trick. The use of internet data is required by the Spotify service to keep syncing the track and if doesn’t load up the data the result will be to keep pausing during playback.

Simple Steps to Unrestrict Spotify on Androids:

  1. Go to the Settings on your smartphone and look for Apps or Application Manager.
  2. Once you enter the app’s location, then look for the Spotify app
  3. You can tap on the icon and access to details.
  4. In the permission, section tap on mobile data usage to get to the options that need to enable.
  5. You can allow background data and Wi-Fi options.
  6. If you want smooth playback then enabling the unrestricted data usage option for Spotify is viable.

4 Additional Troubleshooting Ways to Stop Spotify from Pausing

1. Log-Out and Re-Login to your Account

Log-Out and Re-Login to your Account

Simply log out of your Spotify account and then re-login to see the issue, if it is happening again then you should know what to do. Try out the next solution to have your Spotify fixed. When you are a regular the increased usage of the Spotify app gets it heavy on storage due to hundreds of songs, music, and podcasts. Occasional removing cache and logging out of Spotify gaps the services that make it smooth without creating problems.

2. Clear App Cache and Data on Android and iPhone

Clear App Cache and Data on Android and iPhone
Clear App Cache and Data on Android and iOS iPhones
  1. Get to the App Settings of Spotify Applications.
  2. Then tap on the Storage section.
  3. Here you can see all the stats of the app, how much storage it takes, cache, and data usage.
  4. You can hit the cache option first to remove the cache and then clean the data.
  5. It will delete your Spotify logins as well as any issues that occurred throughout your usage.
  6. After that, you can log in again and enjoy Spotify.

3. Switch to WiFi or Faster Cellular Data for Consistent Connections

Switch to WiFi or Faster Cellular Data for Consistent Connections
Switch to WiFi or Faster Cellular Data for Consistent Connections

Sometimes your mobile data is the cause of Spotify’s stopping working and keep pausing songs, which is a simple problem and pretty basic one. You can fix it by providing a faster data connection or connecting your device to home WiFi for smooth playback. While you are outside the reach of Wi-Fi you can change your preferred network type to a prominent one from the given selections, such can be 4G LTE or 5G that can take your Spotify working great.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify Application On Windows, Android, And iPhone

Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify Application On Windows, Android, And iPhone
Uninstall and then Reinstall Spotify Application

Uninstall And Reinstall Spotify On Windows PC:

  1. Press the Window key and R key from the keyboard to open the Run command prompt.
  2. Type %AppData%
  3. It opens a list of apps installed on your PC.
  4. Find Spotify and delete the folder once you uninstall the app using the Control panel.
  5. After clean uninstallation, you can visit either the Microsoft Store or the official web page of Spotify for download.
  6. Then re-install Spotify on your Windows computer.

Android and iOS Uninstallation Of Spotify App:

Android and iOS Uninstallation Of Spotify App
  1. From Settings, tap on “Apps” or Manage Apps.
  2. Find “Spotify” then go to details.
  3. Then tap on Storage and clear data and cache.
  4. In the end, tap on Uninstall button to remove the app from Android.
  5. Now for re-installation of Spotify on Android and iOS
  6. You can go to Google Play for Android and App Store for Apple to install Spotify.

Clean Uninstall and Re-install Spotify On Mac PC (iOS)

  1. From “Finder” click on “Go” from the top menu.
  2. Then hold the Option / Alt key ⌥ and select “Library” to open “Caches”.
  3. Now scroll down the list to locate com.Spotify.client for deleting.
  4. After that go back and open Application support and delete the Spotify folder.
  5. Again open Finder and Go to Applications in the sidebar menu.
  6. Look for the Spotify app and drag it to the Trash, and then empty the Trash to delete the app.
  7. When finished you can begin the re-installation process and download and install Spotify.

Two Precautions for Why Does My Spotify Keep Pausing:

  1. Always Update your device Operating Systems to Latest Version for Stability
  2. Check Your AirPods for Bluetooth Maulfuctions or Headphones for Damages to not lose Connection


With all the solutions you have got yourself tuned for Spotify to keep pausing and sudden stops. The article has discussed the reasons why does my Spotify keep pausing on devices and the fixes to overcome this problem. It is annoying when your track pauses playback automatically without any reason. Now you have solved the Spotify problem on your device what could more you have done is share this blog with others and help them to overcome Spotify’s pausing issue that is common among its users.

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