Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled? Causes & Fixes

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled? Causes & Fixes

There are many things that can lead to AirPods Sound Muffled. Here in this blog, I will show you the reasons why do my AirPods sound muffled and what are the fixes? Even though Apple Airpods are an elegant pair of headphones with no wires to contend with, and work wirelessly by Bluetooth signals.

The worry situation occurred during usage, and you experienced dull and muffled sound, which is why we are here to tackle the question, why do AirPods sound muffle, and what causes the interruption? The situation could have many situations, which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

If your new pair of AirPods sound muffled, this is an easy fix. Contact Apple Support and discuss the ‘Returns & Refund’ or ‘Replacement’ process. which one you have preferred best. Go ahead and use this chance to repair your earbuds for free that may have defective software or hardware.

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled?

Headphones (EarPods) Muffled or distorted sounds ruin the listening experience and exacerbate when you are in an important meeting or conference. It is a common problem with both wired and wireless earbuds. Now to look at the causes or source of the problem there are three major reasons for your AirPods sound muffled or dim sound.

3 Reasons Why Your AirPods Sound Muffled (Symptoms & Causes)

3 Reasons Why Your AirPods Sound Muffled (Symptoms & Causes)
Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled

1. Clogged Speaker Grills with Mud or EarWax

Accumulated dirt and dust in the earbuds speakers are the most common reason why your AirPods sound muffled. It happens due to the placement of earbuds in the ear canal, which attracts earwax and other debris when they are not in their case.

2. Wireless Connectivity Issue

A weak wireless connection makes it difficult for earbuds to accumulate with various Hi-Res frequencies. It is possible that if there is an issue with the audio source, the sound quality of your headphones will suffer. Bluetooth interference is a risk that can be avoided by reducing the range.

3. Battery Issues or Hardware Damage

The possibility suggests if there are damaged wires inside the small chassis of the AirPods that will undoubtedly cause the audio to malfunction. Another reason could be blown speakers that aren’t producing any sound or damaged function controls.

Regardless of whether you’ve exhausted all possibilities, let’s get started on resolving these issues with simple troubleshooting, step-by-step instructions, and fixing muffled or distorted sounds from your Apple AirPods.

Down there is a list of solutions that can assist you in recovering the muffled AirPods microphone or sound quality and restoring it to sound clear and enjoyable.

Fixes AirPods Sound Muffled

We’ve all experienced muffled sound issues with the AirPods at some point. It’s a pain to get them set up properly. You can sometimes get them to work, but they will become muffled over time. To take off this problem permanently here we will look at various solutions.

1. Clean Your AirPods Inside And Out

Clean Your AirPods Inside And Out
Clean Your AirPods and EarPods

Cleaning your AirPods is a voluntary task that could prevent muffled sounds. How often should you clean your AirPods is a question you should ask yourself before making any decision. It is the time that you can spare to clean your everyday gadgets, phones, and laptops.

Although it is not always visible, dirt and wax grime become lodged in your AirPods, reducing their sound quality or sound muffled. But thorough cleaning is a must for AirPods clean ad clear sound and your health. When you decide to clean your Airpods, you should wash them carefully to avoid mechanical damage while maintaining their cleanliness.

Wiping the open gaps of your earbuds will eventually clear ear wax, dirt, or lint. The grill’s mesh is an important part of cleaning the AirPods because it is an ideal place for wax and dirt to build up and works as a sound barrier which impacts the sound volume and quality.

Cleaning Airpods Requires the Use of Specific Tools:

  1. Cotton buds (Q-tips for removing EarWax)
  2. Toothpick (For Scrubbing)
  3. Water (If possible Optic Cleaner)
  4. Rubbing alcohol (For Deep Cleaning the Crevices)
  5. Lint-free cloth (For not harming the electronics with (ESD) charge)
  6. Paper towel/Tissue (For Wipe Out)

Simply grab what you can and take your time cleaning out all of the physical areas of the earbuds, including the grill, top, and bottom. Remember that scrubbing and picking must be done gently to remove all of the gunk from the Airpods.

It is recommended to use a lint-free cloth when cleaning electronics to avoid accumulating a charge, which can cause ESD and damage electronic equipment. Also, pay attention to your dirty AirPods charging case that could cause AirPods not charging problem.

Steps To Clean Your AirPods and AirPods Pro:

  1. First, investigate your AirPods for any damage and clogged condition, then move to the cleaning.
  2. Take out a cotton bud and dip it with water or optic cleaner and spread it across both the earbuds.
  3. Then take the toothpick and gently scrub hard buildup from receives and mesh grill surroundings.
  4. Use a paper towel or tissue to clean the rest of the pods; you can also sanitize them with rubbing alcohol.
  5. If the situation allows, you can gently blow air into the earbud received with a compressed air canister or a mini spray gun to remove any remaining particles.

2. Investigate Your Bluetooth Connections (Troubleshoot Wireless Connections)

Investigate Your Bluetooth Connections (Troubleshoot Wireless Connections)
Investigate Your Bluetooth Connections (Wireless Fixes)

Sometimes the issue is Bluetooth’s bandwidth support, where your AirPods get stuck in the SCO codecs. It is because your device’s Bluetooth cannot support high-quality input and output streams at the same time, which as a result your AirPods will produce poor-quality sound.

Another reason could be that the difference in Bluetooth technology degrades the sound quality when connected to your computer or Android device. To resolve this, always maintain a stable Bluetooth connection and avoid exceeding the wireless range limits, as this will drain the battery and weaken the signals.

3. Remove Interaction with Other Nearby Devices

In most cases, an unstable Bluetooth connection results in distorted or crackly sound but it could also happen with other nearby devices’ wireless communication. To fix the issue you need to turn off nearby Bluetooth devices to stabilize your connection.

4. Check Bluetooth Operations (Disconnect And reConnect)

Check Bluetooth Operations (Disconnect And reConnect)
Check your Device’s Bluetooth is working properly

Is your device’s Bluetooth operational? Bluetooth is a fantastic technology that allows you to wirelessly connect devices without the hassle of cables and all the problems that come with them. However, to make it work, you must ensure that your device is properly connected to a Bluetooth device and that it is enabled from a laptop or phone.

5. Reset Your AirPods (Full Reset your AirPods)

It’s quick and easy to use for removing most glitches and errors. The setup button on the charging case can be used to reset your Airpods. It enables you to remove all current settings to re-create a good sound with a proper setup. When going back to the default state, the resetting process not only fixes the sound quality but also removes a variety of headphone issues and battery issues with wireless communication hurdles.

When resetting your Airpods, you can make things easier by following these steps:

  1. Put back both of your AirPods in the charging case.
  2. Press and hold the setup button for about 15 seconds or more.
  3. The little LED flashes white that will turn to amber (orange color) for a couple of seconds and then come back to white.
  4. You can reset your Air buds now and connect to your device (phone, Mac) to rebuild the connection.
  5. This means you have to set up your pods with pairing.
  6. It has resolved almost all of the sound problems; if not, you can consider your device updates.
  7. Also, don’t forget to enable iCloud Find My for your AirPods so you don’t lose them without being able to track them.

6. Fix Airpods Sound Problem With Software Updates

Fix Airpods Sound Problem With Software Updates
Fix Airpods Sound Problems with Software Updates (iPhone, Mac, and Android)

If the muffled sound persists even after cleaning and drying the AirPods, consult a professional for repair service. But, before you do, please check your device (iOS) updates to ensure you have the most up-to-date features and fixes for glitches, errors, and bugs. This also improves wireless connectivity and makes more effective communication between your earbuds and device.

This could also be an indication that your phone’s software is out of date and needs to be updated to the most recent available version. If you have an iPhone, there is always a new update for your device, which you can check in Settings > General > Check for Updates.

  1. Reach your iPhone Setting.
  2. Then tap on ‘General’ and then ‘About’ to check for updates.
  3. You can also enable Software Updates from General > Software Update > Automatic Updates.
  4. For the best user experience, your device will now notify you whenever there is a new update.

7. Consult Apple’s Replacement/Repair Service

If your AirPods continue to sound muffled after cleaning and troubleshooting, it may be time to visit the Apple Store or contact Apple services for advice on your AirPod’s condition and to negotiate a solution. As I previously stated, you should check your warranty; it may help you get a replacement and a new pair of AirPods for free and could help in reduction in repair costs.

Apple may charge for repair services, but most likely they will provide a free replacement for a faulty unit. As a result, it is the final stop you can make for the sake of your AirPods. If you’ve tried every troubleshooting method and thoroughly cleaned your AirPods, but they still sound muffled, then visiting a nearby Apple Store will undoubtedly resolve the issue.

Things You Need To Know About Airpods (Facts)

Apple Airpods are fantastic, especially if you like Apple stuff. They are wireless earbuds that quickly became popular due to their compact size, wireless capability, and high-quality sound. They are the ideal companion for anyone who wishes to keep connected with Siri and often listen to music while still being mobile.

The AirPods are not only designed for ease of use, but they also create high bandwidth sound with crisp mid-tones, making everything a pleasurable experience. You can feel the cinematic experience, with sound waves appearing to come from all around you, from the front, behind, to the side, and even above your head.

AirPods are ideal for listening to podcasts and music on the go, and with the latest 3rd generation ‘H1 headphone chip’ you can expect a superfluity of EQ effects, a custom high dynamic range amplifier with Bluetooth 5.0, spatial audio, and many more other effects.

1. The Battery Life

The new AirPods (third generation) have a six-hour battery life with continuous playback, which is improved over the five hours on the previous model. If you include the charging case in your battery life estimated hours, the third-generation AirPods should provide you with approximately 30 hours of listening time, which is an increase from 24 hours of the previous second-generation AirPods MagSafe charging case.

2. Selection Of Sensors

The new third generation of AirPods is solidly packed with lots of sensors and improvements that work by using “optical sensors and motion accelerometers to detect when they’re in your ears.” It is the specialty of a powerful H1 chip, combined with an acoustic system designed by Apple, which uses computational audio and Spatial audio that creates a three-dimensional theater-like experience by placing sound virtually which has never sounded better than with Dolby Atmos.

3. Apple Care For Environment

Apple is dedicated to producing products that do not diminish the environment and to becoming Carbon (CO2) neutral across the whole business, including products. The initiative makes them rethink business strategies to go full green by 2030.

Apple’s Zero Waste Programme assists suppliers in reducing waste going to landfills from Apple production to final assembly supplier facilities. This is the way of shifting to 100 percent renewable energy. On another side, responsible packaging is manufactured from 100 percent wood fiber from responsibly managed forests and fiber-based packaging.

To lessen their environmental impact, AirPods (3rd generation) are equipped with the following characteristics:

  1. All magnets are created using 100 percent recycled rare earth components (MagSafe)
  2. The MagSafe Charging Case’s hinge is made entirely of recyclable aluminum.
  3. The solder on the primary logic board of the MagSafe Charging Case is made entirely of recycled tin.

You can feel good about Apple products not harming the precious environment, as is common in manufacturing firms. Now enough for definitions, let’s look at why your AirPods sound muffled on your Mac, iPhone, computer, or during calls and music.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to fix a muffled AirPod?

To easiest solution to resolve the AirPods sound muffled issue is disabling the wireless settings and EQ settings. If there is a software glitch it will be solved. Otherwise, take a soft cloth and clean out your muffled earbuds, till they look new. You can use a toothpick or soft brush to wipe out the dirt that has accumulated in the openings.

How to fix AirPod’s sound quality?

The sound quality is most likely the issue of drivers and sound settings. It could help if you switch the default music player to an alternative for testing, and then turn off the (EQ) Equalizer sound settings from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. After that, you balance the volume limits for the left and right earpod.

Why is it my AirPods have bad sound?

When you connect your AirPods to the previous generation of Bluetooth device that is unmatched for the latest gen wireless technology you will feel the bad sound quality from your earbuds. This is because Bluetooth’s bandwidth can’t support high-quality input and output streams and make sound muffled.

Can earwax ruin AirPods?

In medical terms, earwax is not harmful. However, if buildup accumulates on your earbuds, it can jam the openings and cause audio sound to degrade. The simplest solution to this problem is to thoroughly clean your AirPods every week or two to ensure that they sound clear and are not clogged with earwax.

Is it okay to wear AirPods in the shower?

Do not immerse your AirPods in running water, such can cause earpiece sound muffled when water goes through the openings. The reason is the AirPods are rated with IPX4 water-resistant which is only protective against sweat and water splashes. So do not shower while wearing your AirPods.

Can AirPods lose their sound?

Every gadget loses its efficiency with its usage, and AirPods are no exception. Longer use can slightly degrade the listening and microphone audio experience, but this is mostly due to dust and clogging, while also reason outdated wireless communication can cause significant volume loss.

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