What is Xbox Resolver, Work and Use for Gamers

Xbox Resolver, also known as xResolver, is an online tool that is used to resolve Xbox and Playstation players’ Gamertags.

This tool’s primary function is to convert ‘Gamertags and Usernames’ into IP addresses for authentication, especially true when playing with strangers in the Xbox Live Party, Chat, or Peer-to-Peer Connections for private matches.

Since it has a vast database of IP addresses, players will also need protection from revealing their IPs which is why there is paid service like Xbox Resolver Blacklisting, which does help safeguard against unethical hackers who use IP addresses to disrupt online gamers with distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

How Xbox Resolver Works

If you are a console gamer, the ability to identify your opponents or alias with Gamertags Resolver is a significant advantage for making healthy competitive matches with PvPs and Battle Royals.

To do that, Xbox Resolver has a massive database of millions of Gamertags, which they scraped from the web through AI Engine, allowing them to identify a particular player with its Gamertag and the matching IP Address.

Uses of Xbox xResolver for Gamers

The official xResolver is both free and paid. Gamers can resolve Gamertags for free while security services are paid to get protect your personal IP from DDoS and other malicious online attacks while playing online.

Notice: Resolving Gamertag also exposes the player’s IP Address, making it vulnerable to hackers.

If your IP has been compromised and you want to remove your Gamertag from xResolver, read our guide on “Xbox Resolver Blacklist” to learn how to get out of this situation.

However, several xResolver add-ons work for Xbox, Playstation, and PC users to determine the opponent’s Gamertags to find the IP address and ISP information, whom they are playing with.

This service makes xResolver the ultimate tool for all platform gamers to know their opponents are genuine and not ‘bots’ by converting their Gamertag to a readable IP address and by searching real locations through ‘Geo IP Lookup services.’

In the last updates, Xbox Resolver 2.0 has some improvements for free and premium users to get protected from online attacks with many new features, such as a DDoS shield, virus protection, spam links, mask IP addresses, and IP storage for trusty players for a chat or gameplay matches.

Free Account Limits: Store 100 IP Addresses for future chats (3 months of inactivity lost all data)
Premium Account Users: Unlimited and organized storage for as long as you want to remember the player’s IP, country, city, and ISP.

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