UNLOCKITFREE Boost Mobile Phone For Free 2023

Having a phone locked with a cellular carrier is make no joy when you’re on a trip, it is not easy to change your SIM card to have another network for following area coverage. Like Boost, there are numerous carriers on U.S soil with the same business model, which is, in reality, worst-case when you have reached the agreement period and your phone is still locked with Boost Mobile services. To fix that here we have a solution for how to UnlockitFree Boost Mobile phones for freedom.

Boost is a former Sprint network carrier and now operates under the Dish Network as an (MVNO) mobile virtual network operator. This is a new development for Boost to bring its CDMA mobile network to more people who are still dependent on 3G services. This could be the reason you have decided to move on just like T-Mobile is planning to promote 5G services and shut down the 3G for good.

Anyhow, whatever the reasons you may have your results, here in this article you will find proper information about everything related to unlocking Boost Mobile phone for free of cost and all that you can do yourself from the comfort of home. The process is simple but has a few requirements to take your Boost Mobile phone to a different carrier. Don’t worry, we have mentioned all the details you can trust and easily follow to finally do it yourself.

How To UNLOCKITFREE Boost Mobile Phone For Free?

(How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone for Free)

How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone for Free

Boost’s mobile phones come locked on the Dish Wireless network and cannot be used for other carriers’ networks, which means you have to unlock them yourself, even after finishing the service period. To do so, you have to check several requirements and be sure you are eligible for the process, then you will be on a priority list to get the unlock MSL code to free your phone for any domestic carrier’s SIM.

Honestly, unblocking a Boost mobile is easy, no need for lengthy steps and procedures to follow just get the code and insert it into the phone and you’re are done with the process. If you are eligible you can contact Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-888-BOOST-4U free or (1-888-266-7848), and tell them to unlock your device for other carriers, and send your phone-associated MSL Code.

Then Customer Care agent will guide you through the whole process of how to unlock a Boost Mobile phone yourself when receiving an unlock code, also ensure the UICC unlocking Boost Mobile protocol, known as (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) to finish up the process on a mobile phone. It is a special transceiver assigned to the Boost device to approve or unlock the device for non-Boost carriers upon receiving the MSL code.

How to Get Unlock Code from Boost Mobile?

To receive an unlock code from Boost Mobile on your Android phone or iPhone, it is important that you’ve got a SIM slot-unlock capable device which makes it an eligible device for unlocking. If a phone model is recent than (February 2015) then you are good to unlock a Boost Mobile phone yourself and go forward with a request for a domestic SIM unlock code or international unlock code from Boost Customer Care helpline services at (1-888-266-7848) or 1-888-BOOST-4U for free.

Boost Mobile unlock code will give you the freedom to choose your favorite network when you travel outside the USA and Canada. The only thing you need to know is the eligible criteria for unlocking Boost Mobile (iPhone and Android), which is very much sorted out restrictions applied by Boost Mobile to accept your request for unlocking.

Boost Mobile Device Unlocking Policy

The Boost (DSU) has several policy guidelines to unlock SIM slots for another carrier’s SIM card. It will enable functionalities to insert your domestic SIM card or international SIM card when you want your phone outside the U.S. on an international trip. Once unlocked your device will support voice services and data services when activated on a different network.

Below are the policy’s guidelines to meet the qualifications for Boost Mobile to accept unlock requests:

  1. The phone you are using must be a recent model (Feb2015) with the capability to SIM unlock.
  2. Associate with an active account with a good service record.
  3. User accounts have been active for at least a year (12 months) for services.
  4. The phone has not been reported stolen or lost, many have approved authenticity.
  5. Not such kind of activity flagged that may counter eligibility of unlocking request.

Military Personnel Boost Mobile Policy for Unlocking

Military Personnel Boost Mobile Policy for Unlocking

Boost Mobile has been polite for military personnel to unlock their devices very quickly when deployed overseas and in need of an international SIM for coms. The active militants can advantage of a special request for an unlocking device when dialing 1-888-BOOST-4U (1-888-266-7848) to contact Boost Mobile Customer Care. A service member will take your request personally and have you approved while you stayed on call. The opportunity to work together is fulfilled once you have a DSU-capable device.

To Effectively Unlock Boost Phone, Military Favorable Unlocking Policy’s as Follows:

  1. For quick unlocking must be active-duty military personnel outside the U.S. to stay connected using international communications.
  2. Must have authorities issued overseas deployment papers.
  3. A good standing account with Boost Mobile services.
  4. The person requesting the unlock is a current customer of Boost Mobile.
  5. Have a modern phone capable of international SIM unlocking.
  6. When unlocked each phone number is allowed up to two unlocked devices within 12 months.

Discipline to Gett Unlock Code from Boost Mobile Free for Unlocking Your Phone

Boost’s unlock process is typically surrounded by regulations and eligibility guidelines for unlockitfree Boost Mobile phones. When you have requested device service unlocked applications (DSU), then you must ensure everything for the unlock request to process without any error. While the request period is set for two business days to complete in normal circumstances the special cases have priority.

If you are currently under a BoostUP installment program or military personnel then you will be on a priority list for the Boost Mobile SIM network unlock pin. But you do have to follow some precautional steps that will ensure request processes are properly done and you will receive MSL code smoothly. It is described in two different sections, one is for Android and another is for Apple iPhones to be unlocked effectively.

Android Device Process:

  1. Keep your SIM card remains in the device, till completing the unlock process, (removing or replacing may alter the results and can fail to unlock request).
  2. Make sure the device is powered on and active on the Boost Mobile network or has a connection with WiFi.
  3. Upon receiving notification that the device is unlocked, you can check the UICC unlock for satisfaction.

UICC Unlock: Check if the Phone is Unlocked with IMEI

You can access to UICC unlock Boost Mobile number with two methods, either search directly in the device settings search bin or take these steps to approach UICC in your device.

  1. On your Android device go to the settings.
  2. Head to the System settings or simple “System.”
  3. Then look for System updates.
  4. Here check UICC unlock.
  5. Tap on UICC unlocks for a settings refresh.
  6. If UICC unlock is not available, you can update the data profile.
  7. You can do that by going back to the System updates and tapping on Update Data Profile.

Apple Device Process:

  1. Don’t take off your SIM card while under processing with the request of iPhone unlock from Boost Mobile.
  2. Powered on your iPhone until the unlocking process has finished.
  3. Keep connecting the iPhone with WiFi or within Boost’s network range.
  4. When Boost Mobile confirms your Apple device has been successfully unlocked follow these steps.
  5. Back up your iPhone to Apple’s iCloud for safekeeping the iOS settings.
  6. You can then restore your iPhone to factory settings.
  7. Then backup restores your iPhone from the recent iCloud backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unlock code for Boost?

Boost unlock code is an authorized code that makes Boost Mobile phones interoperable with another carrier’s network with either international or domestic (DSU) SIM cards. When you contact 1-888-BOOST-4U and talk to Customer Care for unlock code, an agent will walk you through the process to have your Boost Mobile unlock code that will open your phone for all other carriers than Boost Mobile.

Can you network unlock a Boost Mobile phone?

The Network Unlock Code (NUC) is the Boost Mobile phone network unlock PIN that controls the important carrier protocols. You can unlock your mobile phone from the Boost Mobile network with this code and to access it you will need to contact Boost Mobile Customer Care Services at 1-888-266-7848 and ask for your network unlock code to unlock your device.

Can you Jailbreak a Boost Mobile phone?

Boost Mobile phones comes locked on Dish Network services and only operate with a Boost SIM card. It means you cannot use it for another carrier unless you have unlocked it with Boost unlock code which is free of charge. Otherwise, it is irrelevant to have your iPhone Jailbreak for Boost Carrier unlock. It won’t work but you can have access to more apps other than iOS App Store.

How can I get my boost mobile pin without a phone?

The SIM card packaging of Boost Mobile comes along with having mentioned your PIN and PUCK codes. Your PUK code is 8 digits in numbers and found on the backside of your SIM card, while your PIN code is the last 4 digits of your PUK code if you haven’t changed it yourself to a custom number. For that, you can visit the official site and log in to “My Account” and proceed with the “Forgot PIN” options. It is the only way you can access your Boost Mobile PIN without a phone.

Can Boost Mobile iPhone be unlocked?

Yes, a Boost Mobile iPhone unlocks with the same steps as it is mentioned for Android phones. You can make an unlock request to Boost Customer Care at 1-888-BOOST-4U or (1-888-266-7848) and let them talk you through the process of getting the unlock code. LG, Samsung, Motorola, and Apple devices unlockitfree Boost Mobile without any third-party software straight from the Boost service operator.

How to unlock a Boost Mobile phone yourself for free?

You can unlock your Boost Mobile phone yourself for free with the help of Customer Care line BOOST-4U, 1-888-266-7848, or dial 1800 100 933 and request a Boost team member to send you Network Unlock Code (NUC). If you have 12 months of service with Boost carrier then you can have your Network Unlock Code (NUC) that will unlock your device for other carrier’s SIM cards.

What carriers are compatible with Boost Mobile?

The Best compatible phones for the Boost Mobile network are unlocked phones with GSM and CDMA network support. If you have one of those you can use any carrier’s services without the need of a contract or service agreement bound for a specific period. Every unlocked GSM phone is compatible with Boost Mobile.

Can I use the Boost Mobile SIM card on another Boost Mobile phone?

You can not use your Boost Mobile SIM card with another Boost Mobile phone. It is because each SIM card is compatible with a specific Boost phone (Device ID). If you are going to upgrade your Boost device it can be done with the Boosts range of phone devices from the official store or buy yourself an unlocked device then contact Customer Care to transfer your Boost Mobile services to a new phone.

Does factory reset remove network lock?

Factory Reset doesn’t remove the Network lock from the carrier’s phone, it is possible you canceled the contract and officially unlocked your device from Customer Care of the responsible service provider to have your device unlock code. But they will assure your eligibility to have unlocked your phone for other carrier SIM cards when you are out of the country and requires a local network for communication services.

Is Boost Mobile GSM or CDMA?

Boost Mobile provides both GSM and CDMA mobile communications, you can say that Boost Mobile is GSM and CDMA capable with 2G and 3G coverage nationwide in the United States. They are specialized in prepaid network services with prepaid SIM cards. If you have an unlocked GSM or CDMA-capable device you can freely use your Boost Mobile SIM card for services on your other phone.

Who owns Boost Mobile?

Since Sprint sold out Boost Mobile to Dish Network Boost Mobile is now part of the Dish Network acquisition and still providing CDMA (3G) services to customers who rely on 3G coverage with 3G-enabled phones. In 2021 survey estimated that over 9 million customers relied on CDMA services of Boost Mobile in the U.S.

Are Verizon and Boost Mobile the same?

No, they aren’t the same network, but in a sense, both Verizon and Boost Mobile are MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). But Verizon is a large network with the support of faster network coverage in all the states with 4G LTE and 5G but mostly offers contract-based services in comparison with Boost you have non-contract plans that are compatible with unlocked phones.

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