New 2022 Umidigi A5 Pro Review (Honest One)

Umidigi A5 Pro Review for budget consumers who are strict with money but need a decent smartphone. It is from a Chinese brand Umidigi that offers a pretty powerful spec of a decent smartphone with value-for-money features. Our Umidigi A5 Pro honest review will help you judge how good is Umidigi A5 Pro.

In the Umidigi A5 Pro 6.3 review, we learn the brand recipe of making such affordable phones with eye-catching hardware that might be better than some of the well-known brands out there.

Umidigi A5 Pro Review

As we might notice, Pro in smartphone name leads to the top of line Professional high-end specifications. It is not the case with Umidigi. It is a low-end smartphone from a brand that only provides budget specifications for a smartphone.

There will be flagships phones, but this is not one of them. It is a very mixed feeling smartphone from the brand Umidigi, not often come to mind.

It can still consider a budget smartphone with triple cameras. It runs the Android 9 Pie operating system out of the box, and it is a full-stock Android.

The cheery is it has no bloatware and no slide-loaded applications. It comes with a clean stock android without any pre-installed applications. For a stained look, here is our quick review of the Umidigi A5 Pro smartphone.

Display of Umidigi A5 Pro

Display of Umidigi A5 Pro

It has a 2280 x 1080p LTPS and IPS implemented touch screen of FHD+ resolution with a ratio of 92.7% over the smartphone body. It has a massive 6.3 inches size display for considerable vivid clarity but not as much of the upper hand due to lack of brightness.

But the screen design is very up to the fashion of teardrop notch. Some call it a waterdrop notch, found at the top of the display where it holds an earpiece for calls and ambiance sensors.


The design of the smartphone is very compelling. It has a glass front and back design like a sandwich, an excellent choice design mostly seen in mid to high-end smartphones. Its 6.3 inches screen is top over the edges and makes it look like a bezel-less display.

But it has tiny bezels around the screen and does not look bad. It also came with a pace grey or crystal blue case in the box and added excellent packaging for grippy-conscious minds. And a plastic protector is applied on the screen, which also doesn’t bother if it doesn’t temper.


The RAM of Umidigi A5 Pro is 4GB for the performance and applications to run. It is a decent amount of memory for the price, and it is doing the work. Some occasional stutters are due to a mid-core processor, but the ram is enough to run all the social accounts and some light games.

The processor is not far from performing. It is an eight-core processor and can play 3D games, but it is decent for the camera effects and video playbacks of the smoothest experience without gaming in dim settings.


The Umidigi has a very compelling mid-level performance chipset MediaTek Helio P23, an Octa-core chip with a very decent performance. It has an onboard Mali-G71 MP2 GPU chip, can play 3D games but has a high performance, very high detail level.

It is a mid-level chip that only plays titles at mid to low settings, but they are playable. The Helio P23 is a good processor for running the device smoothly with a swipe of a finger.

It has Octa-core processors, four of them at 2 GHz Cortex-A53, and four at 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53. But not much performance-oriented when compare it to other chips better chips, but they might be expensive, and considering the price of this phone, it is very much decent.


The device’s storage is basic 32Gb, but a decent add-up to include the MicroSD card. It has a fully dedicated slot alongside two SIM cards. A microSD card of 256Gb perfectly fits and expands the media storage to a considerable number. It will be no problem for media and photos to store.

Having a dedicated slot for an SD card is always appreciated, but two 4G enabled SIM slots are the cherry on top, making it a delicious phone with an advantage over regular phones in the market.

The standard phones have a hybrid slot for an SD card and support one SIM card for LTE. But is good for average consumers to get a smartphone with a full dedicated slot alongside two SIM slots.


The Umidigi A5 Pro has a USB micro port, which could be a drawback for some. But considering it worth makes everything smooth. Even nowadays, every phone comes with a future-proof USB-C port. Which is much reliable and supports a fast data transfer rate and quick charging features.

But it has a micro USB with a 2Amps (10Watt) charger that comes with the phone—a requirement for an eight-core processor and a big battery.

It has a single speaker with loud, noisy sound without the bass, and a 3.5 audio jack works fine for the price under $100. But the impressive thing is it has a fingerprint sensor with respectable speed and is found on the back of the device.

It is excellent for security, and the place is pretty convenient. Fingers easy to access the sensor on the back of the phone.

Umidigi A5 Pro Camera

Umidigi A5 Pro Camera

A triple camera is a highlight feature of this phone as a current requirement. Yes, that’s is actual. It is an under 100 dollar smartphone that has three cameras. A 5MP depth camera, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and the primary sensor 16MP while managing a 16MP front camera.

It is impressive specifications for a smartphone with several cameras at such competitive prices. The camera quality is excellent, and the wide lens can take up to 120-degree with quick snap features.

The screen helps the camera’s resolution a bit as it is FHD and has vivid colors. The triple camera tone, the pictures in bright sunlight, is very much appealing.

But in low light, they are negligible due to the fact of lacking low light capabilities. The primary main camera is a focal 1.8, and 16MP in number produces fair photos in decent light.

At the same time, the depth sensor is not much of a workpiece.

The depth sensor is 5MP for portrait shots, but it did not serve well with the odd pair camera setup. At the same time, the bokeh effect with the front camera is very minimum but acceptable.

The front camera produces some sharp, punchy photos with a bright tone, which sounds artificial but people like being beautified in photos.


Umidigi makes a bold statement of support for the world-leading band of 4G LTE on A5 Pro. Even if it is half true, this makes a lot more impression of getting this phone just for the connectivity. It has dual-band 4G SIM slots excellent for dual 4G connection.

The additional VoLTE feature will bump up speed more when using Wi-Fi with LTE simultaneously. For the support of bands, Umidigi claims 33 global bands worldwide regarding the place of residence.

Local mobile networks will extend the range of A5 Pro anywhere with dual 4G on both slots for a more reliable connection. A5 Pro is 3G and 4G capable.

The smartphone also has a GPS sensor, FM radio, and other sensors, including the ambient sensor, that UMIDIGI includes in A5 Pro.


The battery is a big 4150mAh powered charge with a 2Amp charger and lasts 12 hours of casual use. Umidigi claims two days of battery backup as the processor is not much power-hungry and the specifications are also mid-level.

The battery for actual minimal use can lead to one full day of use, not a massive battery. Keeping the brightness down and enabling the power saving feature can accomplish long battery life, and phone setup will surprise the functionality.

Final Thought’s

Umidigi is a very affordable brand that comes with affordable devices each year for capturing the market with low budget segment prices. The global version Umidigi A5 Pro we reviewed is widely available for a reasonable price. You can quickly get around $70 bucks that still offers value.

Umidigi A5 Pro is a smartphone from a Chinese brand with some impressive specifications for the price. When it is launched, the reviewers consider it the best phone for bucks due to its appealing full display design and triple camera setup.

Now the Umidigi is planning to bring the Umidigi A7 Pro as a successor of the A5 Pro. But even though it gets old, if you find an offer with a sweet price, don’t let it slip. You can still use it as a secondary device if not the primary phone.

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