The Lord of the Rings Online Giveaway: Latest 50 Codes Available

The Lord of the Rings Online Giveaway will unlock access to limited expansions and in-game rewards. There are 50 codes available, all of which have been tested and help gamers to improve their gaming experience.

“Turbine built and financed the thrilling MMORPG ‘The Lord of the Rings Online,’ which is now celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2022.

This is more than simply the thrill that the iconic fantasy is being pushed to the ‘Rings of Power’ TV series; make franchise’s popular among the public.”

The Lord of the Rings Online Giveaway: Latest 50 Codes Available

With the help of Standing Stone Games, we are giving away fifty codes that will provide access to The Lord of the Rings Online expansions and many many more perks.

These are the following in-game perks and expansions (DLCs), that benefit both new and existing players:

  • 200% XP Boost (1hr) x5
  • Fate of Gundabad Expansion
  • Mordor Expansion
  • Small Crafting Carry-all
  • Steed of Bree
  • Minas Morgul Expansion
  • +100% Crafting XP
  • Riding Skill
  • Skill and Slayer Deed Boost x1
  • +5000 Enhanced Reputation Supply

Well Worth Game Pack

This bespoke package is valued at roughly $100 and may be redeemed after logging into your account on the official website. The giveaway will continue for one month, following which the winners will be chosen and contacted. Our best wishes to you!

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