Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack [2023 Working 100%]

I have very simple solutions to enable Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack with your next monthly plan. Simply visit the Straighttalk website and activate a new plan with a hotspot bundle, whether it is a heavy or light data bundle.

We only require basic feature support before moving on to our hack, which is the important part. This hack will require nothing more than a hotspot device to run unlimited hotspot wifi with unrestricted data.

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You’ve come to learn about the Straight Talk mobile hotspot hack for unlimited hotspot wifi with throttle-free data.

To achieve good results when activating the Straight Talk hotspot on a mobile device, you must go through several steps.

I have some working methods that will give you an advantage over other Straight Talk WiFi hotspot hacks that are already available.

Here you will learn how to unlock Straight Talk mobile hotspot with a hack and get a mobile hotspot with Straight Talk.

It is when you were using a suitable data plan that does have ultimate unlimited data to apply the hack. There we mentioned a solution for throttling internet speed that helps you bring back the high speed when the data limit of Straight Talk throttles your internet speed.

Two Requirements For Hack:

  1. The unlock straight talk hotspot needs at least a 10GB mobile plan to work the hack. That can be a single-line data plan or a multi-line plan. Straight Talk Wireless is among the top carriers that have exclusive plans for separate hotspots but also offer bundle bonuses with several regular plans.
  2. Before going to hack, you have to find yourself the plan that has hotspot offerings among the straight talk hotspot plans. It does not matter which plan you choose. Either the single-line or multi-line plan both are working with the best straight talk hotspot tethering hack.

Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack

Though we have several Straight Talk unlimited data hacks, you will start with this one. It is the MVNC provider that enables optional hack for the data plan of Straight Talk.

As you have the right to use your Straight Talk mobile phone as a wifi hotspot or tether to access the internet across all of your personal devices, computers, smartphones, and laptops.

It is a feature that modern devices, including other WiFi, enable users to share internet data across devices using a mobile data connection.

For the Straight Talk mobile hotspot bypass, you can follow these steps to execute a working straight talk hotspot hack and get unlimited hotspot data.

Trusted Methods for Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Hack

It is the step-by-step guide for the latest working Straight Talk mobile hotspot hack. With the help of this method, you will be able to use a Straight Talk hotspot on the phone with unlimited free data.

That is helpful when you have multiple devices that can browse the internet. It will make connections even on other devices when you need internet services.

Method 1: Activate the Straight Talk Hotspot Hack for Unlimited Hotspot Data

  1. After activating the Straight Talk monthly plan that includes Hotspot.
  2. Again visit for a hotspot hack.
  3. This time go and click on the Activate/Reactivate top menu options.
  4. If you have not selected the “Activate my direct call service” option, choose the option continue.
  5. Enter your hotspot serial number in the Serial Number / MEID / DEC box.
  6. You can get your device’s serial number from the back of the Hotspot or the accompanying Straight Talk Red Card.
  7. Enter the postal code where you will be using the Hotspot.
  8. Enter the pins in the data card in the Service Pins box.
  9. You need a Straight Talk data card (at least 1GB $15 card) to use the Hotspot.
  10. If you did not purchase it directly during the activation process, you could buy it now from Straight Talk.
  11. Don’t worry about waiting to receive it because Straight Talk will automatically apply it during this process.
  12. Enter your existing Straight Talk account email and password.
  13. If you are not familiar with Straight Talk, you can choose the “Create Account” option.
  14. Straight Talk Mobile Hack will now activate your Hotspot.
  15. Hotspots may take 5-10 minutes to start with completing the hotspot setup.

Method 2: Apply Straight Talk Wifi Hotspot Hack For Throttle Free Hotspots

Follow the steps below to complete the hotspot activation and get ready to use the Straight Talk mobile hotspot device. These are the detailed steps that process Straight Talk hotspot bypass restrictions.

  1. Scan your hotspot device through your computer from a tablet or phone.
  2. Be sure to turn on the “Wireless” option on your other devices.
  3. Under the wifi settings, find the hotspot network with the last three digits of the U.M.X.$ and Hotspot serial numbers.
  4. The last three digits of the serial number are displayed as U.M.X. $123.
  5. Now open the Internet browser after the connection is established with the hotspot network.
  6. Enter in the search address bar of a browser.
  7. A prompt will ask for your username and password.
  8. You can add default values and use admin as the username while the last three digits of the hotspot serial number for password with symbol $.
  9. In a minute process will complete the activation, and a message pop-up appears with “installation complete.”
  10. The first time you activate it, your Hotspot will display a large settings button.
  11. Go ahead and click on it and make sure your wifi is secure.
  12. By default, hotspots are open, and anyone can connect.
  13. To make changes go to the wifi tab, select one of the security options and follow the steps.
  14. You may need to refresh the page after “Setting Complete” to see the wifi tab.

Choose Your Straight Talk Hotspot Plan

Straight Talk Hotspot Plan's

The above process of hack is the reason for the Straight Talk hotspot glitch. With these steps, the hack is complete.

Now you have a network test on your internet connection by visiting your favorite websites. But there are things about Straight Talk’s unlimited throttle-free data that we want to share with you.

Before moving forward, know that a portable small Internet connection device can access the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the United States.

Your phone can wirelessly share Internet data with multiple devices at the same time. So you can get wifi anytime and anywhere when you have a data plan on one at least one device. It will solve your problem of multiple internet connections on cress devices.

Additional Methods to Stop Straight Talk Data Throttle Limits

You have to make sure if Straight Talk is currently down or active. When you have conformed to the activity of the carrier.

Then there will no matter for no ongoing issue from your network provider. The reason will be the throttle limit that is most likely issued to your plan for controlling the data limit and reducing the internet speed to 2G slowest network that is pure throttle.

These are some simple ways to bypass the Straight talk mobile hotspot with the help of a VPN and the latest Straight Talk mobile hotspot APN settings.

Method 1: Select a VPN Service for Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot’s Speed

The simple answer for throttling is your Geolocation and your ISP, which can be the reasons for data throttling without any legitimate cause.

Measuring your data consumption, companies like Straight Talk will allow limits on your data that result in a downgrade of high-speed internet to slowest.

Using a VPN can fix this problem and make your throttle disappear for sure. A good quality virtual network not only removes throttles from your plan but also adds security for your online activities.

Method 2: Change Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot APN Settings

There are two new APN settings that you can apply to your phone’s network for better Straight Talk service, along with the benefits of unlimited throttle-free hotspot data.

It will help you get better signals with Straight Talk while using the new APN settings on your phone.

The given Access Point Names can establish a connection with your network and remove the throttle data limit from the network and that’s the reason behind your slow-speed internet. Changing your APN can is a suggestion for a better mobile network.

Latest 4G/5G Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot APN Settings For Hack

APN NameStraight Talk 
APN Nametfdata 
MMS Port80 
APN typedefault,mms,supl,hipri 
APN ProtocolIPv4 

Stable Straight Talk mobile hotspot APN Settings

APN NameStraight Talk 
APN Namewap.tracfone 
MMS Proxy66.209.11.32 
MMS Port80 
MNC use410 
MCC use310 
APN typedefault,mms,supl 

Other Working Straight Talk Unlimited Hotspot Hack

When I was testing the Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot, something interesting happened to me:

I discovered a new trick; Walmart portable hotspot devices (specifically, my Z.T.E. z291dl), with little over budget data plans, about $50 for 5GB a month!

But what is special about these devices is they are programmed for unlimited data limits! I have used the S20 flagship phone with a BYOP Straight Talk nano sim card and now I feel no throttle limits, it’s a smooth unlimited hotspot.

If you use your SIM card all the time with the ZTE hotspot device which works as a portable hotspot router, you will be away from the inconvenience, that I have using my phone to switch back the sim card when I need to text somebody.

The interesting thing is no throttle on the hotspot and I am happy with this approach that I called simple Mobile Hotspot Hack which removes the data throttle. The query is solved, and no additional steps are required.

Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack with Hotspot Device

There is a hack for data bundles and minutes with hotspot devices. Walmart introduces a new ZTE (z291dl) internet modem for the portable hotspot.

You can use it for multipurpose data and talk functionality. Buy an unlimited plan from Straight Talk and use your sim card for each function separately.

Put the Sim card in the device for unlimited hotspots using regular data. When needed for Talk and texts, change the sim card, and insert it on your phone.

That way, you will be able to do both the data and other services while staying on a single plan without extra charges.

The device is very portable and comes without any contract. You can use it for any sim card you desire. The best thing is it provides no throttling on data hotspot while using Sim data. The Sim card also works fine on the mobile phone when used for voice calls and text messages.

Straight Talk APN Hack for Hotspot

To use the Straight Talk service for mobile hotspots without throttling. You have to configure a new APN setting on your phone.

APN is the access point name that is used by the network. The APNs we provide specify with these settings will help you hack the straight talk mobile hotspot. They work with all plans and offer high-speed hotspot internet on all devices.

APN Installation and Editing Process (Simple Steps)

  1. To apply these settings, go to your phone settings and then network settings.
  2. There find your mobile settings, tap on it, and you will see APN or Access Point Names.
  3. Add a new APN with your carrier name and fill in these settings.

New APN Settings

  • Name: T-Mobile US LTE
  • APN:
  • MMSC:
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 260
  • APN type: default,supl,mms,dun
  • APN protocol: IPv4
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4

Bypass Straight Talk Hotspot Throttle Data Cap

Straight Talk is the cheapest phone service provider with affordable no-contract data plans. It saves money and provides decent internet plans.

It is the best hack you can apply on an unlimited plan for throttle-free data with unlimited hotspot internet.

Carriers do not want you to use the complete hotspot data without including any hotspot bundle on your package. It is cheating, but it is the reality. People with big brains always find a way to bypass restrictions and come up with awesome hacks.

Straight Talk Hack with EasyTether

Tethering and mobile hotspot are on the same page regarding restrictions by internet service providers. This method helps you solve the problem with portable hotspots and tethering.

The problem with stock tethering of the phone is under the monitoring of ISP and phone services. Also, straight Talk takes coverage on T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

They are very conscious of users’ data limits and take action when seeing any data spikes on their radar. It is mainly possible by the ISP spooking and because they embed different trackers in their contract phones to know real-time hotspot and tethering usage of customers.

Without a hack, your data will tell them the exact hotspot usage. It could end up costing you a bill or get you blocked from the network. The hotspot is what we hack in, in an indifferent manner as you use the stock app.

It tweaks the phone into thinking that hotspot and tethering is phone only the internet, but be careful doing it. The tool EasyTether allows you to tether with your PC, laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet over USB and share the internet data.

It shares the same data plan you used only for the phone and extends the features like enabling hotspot and tethering. Your internet connection on your Smartphone is now accessible on your PC, Computer, and other devices through the EasyTether App.

Steps to download and set up EasyTether

  1. First, download the app software for your PC, computer, or tablet.
  2. Then download the Android app for your Smartphone using Google Playstore.
  3. Install both applications on your devices and connect using the instructions.
  4. It supports tethering via USB and Wireless with Windows Computers.
  5. You can use wireless and USB tethering with Android tablets.
  6. It does not need any root permission for tethering and hotspot access.
  7. It supports all PlayStation and Xbox with Wireless wi-fi and USB tethering.
  8. Provide USB tethering on macOS and Linux-based systems.
  9. Compatible with Rasberry Pi tethering via USB.
  10. It works as a NAT application with full TCP and UDP support.

Straight Talk Internet Throttle Hack

when your internet is about to end, it starts throttling. We are showing you the simple but effective hack for straight talk internet throttle issue.

With the help of this method, you can easily remove the bandwidth throttle on your contract phone. It requires rooting your device to take advantage of this method.

  1. After rooting, you have to install the “Root File Explorer” readily available on the play store.
  2. Use it to find the hidden system files and locate the folder named “data” in the root directory.
  3. Go to the folder “system” and the subfolder named “throttle.”
  4. Edit the permission of that folder and check these.
  5. Allow owner permissions, read, and execute.
  6. Then delete the temp files inside the folder.
  7. Reboot the device and use data without throttling.

Straight Talk Unlimited Hotspot APN

Suppose you tried all the above methods and still don’t stop throttling. Then this Unlimited APN setting is for you. Use either of them or try both APNs and see the changes in the network speed as well throttling.

  • APN Name: Straight Talk
  • MCC: 311
  • MNC: 480
  • APN Type: Default,dun,supl,
  • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
  • Mobile Virtual Operator Type: GID
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator Value: BAE0

Another APN

  • Proxy/Port/Username/Password/Server: Leave Blank/Not Set.
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy: Leave Blank.
  • MMS Port: 80
  • MCC: 311
  • MNC: 480
  • Authentication type: Leave Blank/Not Set.
  • APN type: default,MMS,support
  • APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN roaming protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: LTE
  • MVNO TYPE: Leave Blank.

Latest Straight Talk Hotspot Hack APN

The only new hack for Straight Talk Hotspot is this APN. You can do this process differently if you know rooting and edit system files.

I said that because it requires a user to unlock the restricted settings. Usually, the most straightforward way of changing any APN with dun is now pretty much bound by Carriers.

If you do so, then you know the popup shown on the screen, “Carrier does not allow adding APNs of type done.

Our previous method has displayed the Dun APN; you can check it on our Straight Talk Unlimited Data Hack Post. Due to the restriction, the only working way is a custom kernel, which is only possible by rooting the device.

  1. Root the device and then flash a custom kernel.
  2. You can install a kernel with a TTL and IP table patch.
  3. It is a necessary step to know carrier interactions.
  4. After applying any changes to the system, you can see the results in the table.
  5. It also allows you to create APN with dun.
  6. Now create an APN with these settings and leave others as default by the carrier.
  7. Change the APN type from ipv6 to ipv4.
  8. Omit MMS as it will break the settings.
  9. Change global tether_dun_0.
  10. With a custom kernel TTL editor, change the TTL value from 64 to 65.
  11. Also possible by using the IP table commands
  12. Save all this and reboot the device.

Final Words

You can use these settings and get the advantage of high-speed internet on the phone and mobile hotspot. Even with this hack, if your internet hits the throttle. Change the phone network settings from LTE to HSPA (4G to 3G). It will deliver consistent speed on 3G for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy more hotspot data with straight talk?

Yes, you can buy more data on Straight Talk with the data add-ons. They help you have throttle-free high-speed data whenever you need extra data on your current plan. Your unused or remaining data will carry over to a new data plan and add a bonus service for unlimited Straight Talk data.

How can I get a mobile Hotspot without paying?

You can explore other options on your mobile phone. Look for USB tethering, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, or Bluetooth tethering for sharing the internet data. These are the options available for your service without cost anything. Tethering your smartphone with other devices allows you to have a Wi-Fi hotspot without any charges.

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