Straight Talk Data Add On 2020 – Service Plan to your Hotspot with Additional Service

Straight talk data add on
Straight talk data add on

Straight talk data Add On gives you high-speed data with best plans. This will be a Service Plan to Your Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot. This is the best way of getting high-speed data for your dollar. Because this is valid for Add-on plans, your unused data will carry over to the next data cycle.

According to Straight talk, data add on. You can buy some extra and high-speed internet data when you subscribe to the straight talk bundle. Also, there are some benefits of Straight talk data add on because it comes with the un-use data Policy, which means that whenever you subscribe 30GB monthly bundle and you have only used 25GB in a month, so whenever you subscribe to next data bundle, your 5GB left will be added to your new data bundle.

Straight Talk Data Add On

So recently I have decided t use Straight talk again and activate the $35 unlimited minutes and text plan with some data also of 2GB of Straight talk 4G-LTE. So when I have subscribed to this Plan I have the old version of their app, so I decided to update it and look around and explore some features.

Then I saw this feature Buy Airtime, and I clicked on it and saw straight talk add on option in it, and It gives me two chance 1 of them is to get 1GB data for $5 which is a pretty good deal, and the other one is offering me 2GB of data for $10, so I have not subscribed to any of this so,

It shows me 0GB of data in my addon Account but the real task of straight talk data add on is that when we use our Internet sometimes, we have some of it left in our account. Still, our subscription is about to expire so with this feature we can save our that data in our store whenever we will subscribe for new bundle these MB,s or GB,s will be added to our next subscription which is a perfect thing due to this we can save a lot of money also because we have used all of our MBs and did not leave them for straight talk and then repurchase them from them.

I have not tried this feature personally, but It seems attractive because of this I can also count my data usage and try to reduce It which is a perfect thing for me you can again try this by your own, and personally I am surprised to see this option because It is not mentioned in the subscription plan on their website also. This feature will help,s a lot of people who sometimes have a big data plan s and have not to use all of that so I think straight talk should have mentioned it in their every single new subscription plan,s.

The straight talk 1GB for $5 is a perfect data plan. Still, It will be enjoyable If they gave us 5GB of data for $5 and more because of 1GB and 2/3GB are nowadays just for a day on Instagram and Facebook, so I think these companies should give us better service, and more Gbs for less price like other countries offer to their customer,s.

But still, they are giving us good value to money offers so we can save our that expensive data with data add on feature for that Thank you guy,s this is not a huge step, but we will make it.

Straight Talk Internet Not Working

Straight Talk’s Updated their Phone Plan,s

Straight talk updated their Internet and all of their subscription bundles now these new Plans are also listed on their official website. If you want to check them out, you can visit them. Below there are some changes that happened in these Plans made by Straight talk are highlighted. So some of these are the same as before there are all straight talk plans are included Internet data, calls, SMS, and also 4g-LTE data rates. And below, AR, which indicates(automatic Re-place).

  1. $30/month= 1500 minutes as before, Now It will give you 100MB of Internet data, and 150MB with AR, no changes from before
  2. $35/month= Now for $34 with AR, It will provide you with 3GB of LTE data, and previously It offered 2GB
  3. $45/month, $44 with AR – Update 1/28/19: For the second time in a week Straight Talk has updated this Plan.  Now It will come with 25GB of 4G LTE data.  (1/25/19)
  4. New Updated to include 15GB of LTE data, previously straight talk offered 10GB.)  Now you can Buy three months in advance for $130 and save $5 overpaying by the month. And Buy for six months price of $255, and you can save $15, every month, pay for one year in advance of service for $495 and you can save $45 for every month this one seems right.
  5. $55/month= “unlimited” Includes LTE Internet data plan, and those customers who used more than 60GB in a billing cycle may have their account suspended.  Those customers who pay for three months in advance with AR get the Plan for $50/month and save $5.
  6. $60/month= Is now for $59 with AR (Update 1/28/19) to now you will get 25GB LTE  Intenet fast data.  (1/25/19) This Updated which includes 15GB of LTE data), and also It comes with international calling.  Previously had 8GB/10GB of LTE data.

Data Add-On in Wireless

Now Straight Talk Wireless also offers you to get data to add on, but they have only provided two startup plans for now, and they offer these in their new data addon cards. You can easily purchase these two cards from a direct straight talk or Walmart. And you can enjoy data add on and save your Internet MBs which you have left from your previous subscription.

  1. $5 – 1GB
  2. $10 – 2GB

More About Straight Talk

Some of the Wireless providers sometimes provide reward data for switching. Also, they offer bonus data as a permanent plan to their new customers, and mostly straight talk and NET10 both of these companies owned by Tracfone has recently released their permanent bonus reward program. And also Total Wireless and Simple Mobile Tracfone own these two. Hence, there is hope that in future we will also see something like that from these two companies and they launched their permanent bonus Programme also.

Get Straight Talk 50% More Data on Selected Plans.

Now Straight Talk Wireless has announced on this year’s Black Friday sale. That the company will provide more data on their two subscription programs, this promotion is also valid on the purchase of a new phone. According to straight talk, data had addon the announcement; they said they would provide more than 50% of the data on the original subscription of $35 and $45 plans. In the following promotion, these plans are listed below.

  1. $35 per Month Plan= Now it includes unlimited Calls, SMS plus 3GB of high-speed Internet data (previously they provide 2GB)
  2. $45 per Month Plan= Now it includes unlimited Calls, SMS plus 15GB of high-speed Internet data (once they provide 10GB)
The primary benefit of this promotion is that we will be getting this offer until January 26, 2019, and It is not limited to this weekend. You can also visit and see this offer on the Straight Talk website.

Straight Talk data add on and APN Settings for Your iPhone.

I am going to share this video with you guys because a lot of us are facing APN settings issue in our iPhones. Hence, we are unable to use the Internet on our iPhones, and our GBs are being wasted so today I will teach you how to set up your Phone APN settings quickly, and this method is just changing some locations. You are ready to go and enjoy your internet data.

This method did not need any extra internet connection or anything just required an iPhone cable, and that’s it.

So or doing this you need to download a Software from Apple itself It,s easy to do, and then you can easily change APN settings, and also you can change your APN proxes setting as well. This Software is official and not from any 3rd party shit, and the window can quickly work this Software,s PC or any IOS PC like MacBook etc.

So if you did not want to touch any of these setting,s and want to be a good boy/girl just bought any straight talk iPhone and you are Gucci.

Straight Talk Customer Service


  1.  So, first of all, you need t Install this Software Windows=( iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows ) Mac=(iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac OS) and PLease save this Software on a desktop, so you easily find it and work with it.
  2. So next step is you need to connect your iPhone with your PC/MAC and run the Software you have downloaded.
  3. Then your device will be recognized by the Software, and It will be visible under the devices tab.
  4.  So then you need to go to under library and then select to configure your Profile and then choose a new profile option at the top of the left side. Then the main screen will be loaded into the new identity, and here you can change your profile name so for now, we will call it Straight talk APN settings.
  5. Now go to the left sidebar and choose advanced configure this is the place where we will select APN settings and now enter this att.mvno at the access point name field, and then enter the Proxy Server tab with and for the Port option choose 80.
  6. In some cases Proxy server is required if not don,t be panic, and there will be no Saving option so your changes will be saved Automatically, and now It,s time to keep these in iPhone now.
  7. Now click on the iPhone device under the left sidebar and go to the Configuration of your Profile tab and then click on the Install button which is near your Profile.
  8. Now the Install My Profile screen will appear on your device, and now you have to install these on your iPhone and then Confirm these to Apply. and when these settings are Installed, you have to click on finish tab, and these settings will be saved
  9. If you want to test it with your Wifi there is no need of it because it and also reboot, because after these settings it will work immediately.

A few months ago the straight talk was giving 50% of data when someone purchases their straight talk mobile Phone, and now they are giving this to everyone who bought their new Phones so you can also get benefit from this. They also increase their other subscription plans data and now offers data add on again.


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