PlayStation Faces £5 Billion Lawsuit for ‘ripping off’ Customers

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Sony in UK, violating competition law on its digital store price hike, consumer rights activist "Alex Neill"

9 million UK gamers have been duped out almost £5 billion ($5.9 billion) in digital transactions from PS Store in last six years from 2016,

 Sony PS, Microsoft Xbox, and Apple App Stores get a huge 30% cut, alternatively gaming websites like Steam and Epic, estimate a lower 12% cut on all digital payments

Whether Sony should not receive any commission on third-party or 30% cut should be decreased,

Alex Neill lawsuit is pending:

"I am advocating for the millions of UK people who have been inadvertently overcharged," Ms Neill told Sky News

Another petition submitted last month, "Sony successfully convinced a US judge to dismiss complaint saying; PlayStation Store is anti-competitive"

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Now Sony fighting 5 billion lawsuit for illegally monopolised the market by selling digital copies of games solely on the PS Store,

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