Sony Revealed New PS5 Controller DualSense Edge

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New PS5 controller DualSense Edge is all about Customization, featuring Five Profiles, Upgraded Components, and Additional Input methods

DualSense Edge has two function buttons beneath the analog sticks and a rubberized grip with extra input buttons for practical gamers

Sony takes on Xbox Elite controller with DualSense Edge, offering players remaps with features like deactivating buttons, adjusting stick sensitivity, customizing dead zones, and saving 5 profiles

"Swappable stick caps and back buttons are extra"

Users will be able to replace the entire stick module as they desire and customize exterior with additional "Playstation Ornaments"

DualSense Edge also features: intense Haptic feedback, braided USB-C cable, carrying case with USB charging

New and improved Trigger buttons with adjustable tension focused on performance and feel of action

Immersion of such useful elements will make games more fun, something the Xbox gamepad just does not provide

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