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Ex-Apple Engineer Admitted To Stealing Automotive Trade Secrets

From 2015 to 2018, "Xiaolang Zhang" stole Apple secrets and data from the self-driving car project while working for the company,

FBI investigation begins in 2018 when Zhang departed his position at Apple and went to work for a Chinese EV company known as "XPeng

In July 2018, Federal Grand Jury in San Jose accused Zhang of "Stealing a 25-page document with designs of Apple's Self-Driving Vehicle Circuit Board"

Apple found Zhang stole "company's server" and 24GB of "extremely confidential information" send to his wife's laptop over AirDrop, during his job,

Zhang's court record post shows that he is pled guilty to the Single Crime of Theft of Trade Secrets and fine a quarter-million-dollar:$250,000

 According to US law, the theft of trade Secrets carries a maximum jail penalty of "10 Years"

In 2019 another former Apple Ex Employee was accused of smuggling Apple's automobile project's manuals, schematics, blueprints, and pictures to China,

Elon Musk also made public comments against his Chinese rival when Tesla ex-employee "Cao Guangzhi" stole Autopilot's secret technology before joining "XPeng"

There is more background to the Apple Trade Secrets Stolen by Ex-Employees...

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