Every Fact and Figure of SQM Club (Solution for CO2 Emissions)

Every Fact and Figure of SQM Club (Solution for CO2 Emissions)

The SQM CLUB is an initiative of the SQM corporation for the responsible assurance of mining with reduction of CO2 emissions. It is a strong commitment to sustainable development for environmental harmony, as the company conducts its operations while minimizing potential impacts on surrounding ecosystems.

The global mining company SQM has taken the right steps towards green energy and sustained infrastructure to reduce the GreenHouse Gases like CO2 and Methane, which absorb a wider range of wavelengths, including Infrared waves that are destructive for our atmosphere Ozone layer.

SQM Club Goal for Reducing Carbon FootPrint (Controlling CO2 Emissions)

SQM Club

The SQM Club’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the air quality of our planet for its inhabitants. They do this by creating awareness among people and industries to control their Carbon footprints to reduce CO2 emissions. The club is basically situated in Northern Chile and is involved in SQM industries critical to long-term growth with environmentally friendly precautionary steps, such will promote health, creating jobs, growing in technology, and, most importantly, focusing on clean energy to power the planet for future generations.

SQM Club is globally recognized as the Latin American environmental activists group that is working on CO2 reduction from industries and promoting green energies. If you compare with “Earthian Volunteers” the work of SQM Club is similar. Earthian volunteers are promoted to save the earth’s atmosphere and clear it of Green House Gases (GHS) such as Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which deplete the Ozone layer at rapid speed.

The non-profit SQM Club is dedicated to lowering CO2 emissions and improving air quality through monitoring and suggesting roles for controlling the emissions by reducing Fossil fuel usage, shifting the industrial sector to renewable energy, creating more efficient use of recycled materials, and boycotting deforestation that is alone 15% of the total CO2 Green House Gases (GHS) emissions.

At individual levels, we can take these steps to reduce our Carbon footprint. At first, we can shift to electric transportation instead of local transportation that is related to Green House Gas emissions because most traditional vehicles such as Trucks, Ships, Trains, and Planes use fossil fuels which are the main results of human activities that increased the Carbon emission in the atmosphere. Then reducing unnecessary usage of electricity that is the most important factor in our daily lives, we must choose energy-efficient gadgets.

SQM CLUB: Everything You Need to Know

SQM CLUB: Everything You Need to Know

The organization SQM.com is a Latin-American industry known for mining and cement constructions, employing a large number of men and women to empower mutual thinking and environmental safety, as well as the growth of the industry by the commitment to protecting the environment and managing environmental risks that could arise in their business operations to create more jobs and resources for the country’s people’s.

The only thing that distinguishes them from other companies in the (CDP) Carbon Disclosure Project, a non-profit charity that operates a global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts, which resulted in the formation of SQM Club.

It starts integrating sustainability into the corporate strategies through different social and environmental actions. SQM Club has joined a group of organizations in committing to incorporating sustainability into our corporate strategy through various social and environmental actions, which resulted in discovering more about domestic and international collaborations.

Such beliefs ensure environment natural resources and inputs in a sustainable manner and minimize the potential environmental impacts by understanding the ecosystems that surround our operations, allowing us to implement the necessary prevention, mitigation, monitoring, and control plans to ensure that these environments are protected. The environment safety work improves all of our processes and operations.

There are groups of organizations partnerships with the SQM Club at the corporate level incorporation for committing CO2 reduction and sustainability into corporate strategies through various social and environmental actions with international collaborations. Such as follows.

IRMA – Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance

IRMA is a global standard organization for certifying mine sites for social and environmental performance and working to improve responsible mining. It provides the third-party certification of industrial-scale mine sites for all mined materials that are fairly governed by private corporations. Because of such rigor, it is a valuable resource for a wide range of stakeholders interested in certifying social and environmental performance at mine sites in an equitable manner by the private sector, local communities, civil society, and workers.

UN Global Compact – United Nations Global Compact

The UN Global Compact seeks to urge businesses to take real actions toward sustainability and reduce carbon emissions for Global welfare. Such a voluntary project based on CEO commitments to follow universal sustainability principles is being advanced by Latin America in its early stages, as well as the Caribbean area, which has had greater average participant growth rates than the rest of the world.

Such that SQM has efforts to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by utilizing the UN Agenda 2030 for Business Engagement Architecture. It accomplishes identifying local priorities, aligning their work with global engagement opportunities, and participating in partnerships and other collective action projects that advance the SDGs.

Huella Chile SQM (MMA – Ministry of the Environment)

Huella Chile encourages public and private-sector companies to manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to reduce the country’s emissions. The program recognizes organizations for a variety of accomplishments with carbon footprint measurement and declaration. It encourages corporations to reduce CO2 emissions to an acceptable level as defined by GHG emissions measurement data for operations. Other encouraging initiatives exist to promote greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement, reporting, and management.


EcoPorts is the main environmental initiative of the European port sector leading in raising environmental awareness at the cooperation level and shares knowledge among ports to improve environmental management for industries. SQM Club follows EcoPorts environmental management tools based on EcoPorts PERS guidelines with global standards and voluntary commitments to go above and beyond the regulatory requirements.

To improve environmental management these are the benchmarks.

Every Fact and Figure of SQM Club (Solution for CO2 Emissions) 1

Self-Diagnosis Method (SDM): Completing an SDM allows you to have an impact on the European benchmark. SDM is a concise checklist that port managers can use to self-evaluate the port’s environmental management and performance in comparison to the international standards.

Environmental Review System for Ports (PERS): The PERS, operates internationally and is recognized as port-sector standards. It is designed for the leading ports to use as sector-specific environmental management standards.

CDP – Disclosure Insight Action for Environmental Issues

CDP is a standard global environmental disclosure system since 2000. It has developed as the world’s largest environmental database, which is fully TCFD aligned, and CDP scores are widely used to drive investment and procurement decisions toward a zero-carbon, sustainable, and resilient economy. This insight action is similar to the initiative of SQM Club to reduce the emissions of CO2 footprint from industries to lead towards a better future.

They have the world’s most comprehensive collection of environmental data from businesses, cities, states, and regions to measure, manage, and report on their environmental impacts, which allows them to carry out development based on real facts and figures without damaging the surrounding environment and earth’s ecosystem. The Open Data Portal is available for explorations to gain a comprehensive understanding of climate mitigation, risks, and adaptations.

International Role of SQM Club in Environmental Care

International Role of SQM Club in Environmental Care

SQM pledges to identify and address emerging risks to our environment and is mainly focused on CO2 emissions and Green House Gases. It provided the opportunity to spread the word globally, serve as an environmental caring volunteer group, who seeks out new action opportunities to contribute to more sustainable industrialization.

It is crucial for SQM Club to monitor and ensure the natural resources as input for a sustainable manner to minimize the potential environmental risks by creating awareness in the community. The SQM Club operates conscientiously, in harmony with the environment, and in accordance with current environmental legislation NATS, which is a contributor to climate change.

NATS (National Air Traffic Services) document all the details about greenhouse gas (GHG) collection and reports this to conventional estate-related environmental and energy metrics, which enables Air Traffic Management (ATM) to relate CO2 emission performance and sustain the environment.

For the global environmental protection and sustainability work, SQM Club shares similarities with the Green Angel Syndicate who is caring about our planet and its inhabitants with a focus on Climate Change and Global Warming.

What are the advantages of becoming a member of the SQM Club?

As it carries out more activities following Sustainable Development Policy (SDP) to minimize environmental impact and incorporate environmental variables into the operations. It helps SQM Club to reduce the harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions in the atmosphere by avoiding contamination through proper waste and e-waste management.

The members of the SQM club will advantage of tracking their own carbon footprint in the house and outside environment. For calculations, SQM Club provides free-of-cost tools that help members efficiently and effectively manage and track their carbon footprint in surrounding environments.

This can be possible with the carbon footprint calculator, which aids in the calculation of everyday emissions in our surroundings, such as the use of fuel, wood, and natural gas, among other things. It can be controlled once you understand how it works and what to do when you have resources to reduce usage for a healthier living environment.

What is CO2 emission source and its dangers?

CO2 emissions are the primary cause of global climate change and sources of both natural and human activities. Carbon dioxide emissions occur when hydrocarbon fuels, such as wood, coal, natural gas, and gasoline, are burned. This emission leads to respiratory problems caused by smog and air pollution, as well as many other climate change effects induced by Green House Gases, such as extreme weather and increased wildfires.

The combustion of fossil fuels produces Carbon Dioxide in the air with water vapors that are leading to the worst effects of climate change. Large industries have been a major contributor to the production of Carbon Dioxide each day. The consequences are very bad when a huge amount of Carbon emissions is trapped in our atmosphere.


The SQM Club is an SQM corporation initiative for responsible mining assurance with CO2 reduction. This is primarily due to Green House Gases like CO2 and Methane which absorb a wider range of wavelengths, including infrared waves. It creates Global Warming with Green House Gases (GHS), which result in climate change that occurs melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and mowing down many other potentially dangerous side effects on livings.

Many states and regions on the global platform work with IRMA, UN Global Compact, ECOPORTS, and CDP to measure, manage and report on their environmental impacts. It encourages them to take climate actions seriously and declares analytics on Open Data Portal with the UNFCCC. It could reduce the harm to our ecosystem when CO2 emissions are under control.

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