FIXED Razer Synapse Not Opening

To Fix Razer Synapse not opening issue, you can reconsider the installation process or run the program with administrator privileges. It will probably solve the problem that Razer software won’t open on your computer to take advantage of Razer hardware. Even if it doesn’t help, you can try other solutions with our guide.

There are several reasons your computer does not work with Razer Synapse. It could be the issue of unmatched hardware specifications that blocked the features on your system. Or else you have other particular reasons that we can look forward to discussing.

We all know Razer is a famous brand of high-class gaming hardware for performance users. They have built several hardware peripherals for the gaming consumers, such as gaming laptops, keyboards and mouses, headsets, speakers, and many other things that benefit gamers.

To control the overall components attached to the system Razer created software known as Razer Synapse to advantage all the essential gear to deliver optimal performance for particular purposes.

It can remap your macros, switch buttons, add particular values for specific tasks, increase or decrease performance for work and gaming, and many more.

The thing is Razer Synapse is used for overall controlling on your side for customizable settings for gaming performance, trigger attached mouse and keyboards combination buttons etcetera. But like other software or tools, it had some issues like Razer Synapse not opening on your computer.

Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening

Razer Synapse Not Opening

To go through each step of our fixing guide it is requested to restart your computer for an effective approach to deal with issues. Not opening or crashing applications are a common problem faced by many Windows users. But because of cloud-based backups, Razer Synapse has secured your settings so don’t think about losing them.

Even it has some stability problems on Windows systems the issues you encounter will be fixed using the following solutions. Soon Razer Synapse 3 not opening problem will be fixed and you can start doing your unfinished gaming session on PC without any hiccups.

Add Razer Synapse to Administrator Privileges

There are numerous ways to run apps as administrators. You can follow the procedure when an application crashes or does not respond to user input.

By allowing it to run with administrator privileges Windows 10 trusts the particular programs to elevate necessary permissions to work as it is intended to work.

  • Open File Explorer and navigate to the executable of the Razer Synapse program.
  • Right-click on the app and go to its properties.
  • Navigate the Compatibility tab for setting features.
  • Select and Tick the compatibility mode.
  • Choose the Windows 7 mode to run the program.
  • Apply the settings then press OK.
  • Again right-click on the app.
  • Select option Run as Administrator.

Check your Firewall Blocklists

Due to security reasons Windows 10 can block your apps from Firewall. It will be Windows Defender Firewall that takes over all the applications that need an internet connection for any reason.

You can stop the Windows Firewall from blocking your apps by following these steps. It will probably fix Razer Synapse not opening problem.

  • From the Start menu select Control Panel.
  • Navigate System and Security and open Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Select the option from the left-hand menu “Allow an app through Windows Defender Firewall”
  • A list appears with all the app in your computer system.
  • Click on the Change Settings option on top of the list to continue with changes.
  • It will show tick marks against the apps for allowing internet access or blockage.
  • Select the Razer Synapse app and allow both the settings option of Private and Public.
  • If it is not available in the list then add it with the option “Allow another app.”

Unblock from Antivirus Software Blacklists

Due to the virus protection affairs, Antivirus software has the rights to block any suspicious application from running in the system. But you can block Antivirus programs from blocking your apps from running in the background.

The process has the potential for all the apps to get unblock from the blocking list.

  • Open your Antivirus Software settings.
  • Go to the Blocked & Allowed apps settings.
  • It can be named differently but the purpose will be the same.
  • The settings manage applications on your PC to either allow or block them:
  • You can go through the whole Blacklist of apps and look for Razer Synapse.
  • When you find it then unblock it with the given options.

Make sure Razer Synapse Services are Running

Since you have installed the latest version of Razer Synapse on your PC. It will run in the background process of Windows to ensure quality services with a quick response from your input.

To check whether Razer Synapse services are active and in processing or stopped. We can see ourselves with the Task Manager.

  • Either Press keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right-click on the Windows bar and choose Task Manager.
  • Head towards the Services tab at the end of the row.
  • Look for Razer Synapse and Razer Central Service are stopped or running.
  • If services are stopped we can restart them one by one.
  • First, we can run the Central Service and then Synapse Service.
  • Press the right-click and select the “Start” or “Restart” option to run the services again.

Install Latest Razer Synapse on your Computer

When the Razer Synapse on your computer is corrupted then correct installation of the newer version of Razer Synapse is indeed the right step.

It will get you new features for leading advantage and help your gaming and work with improved experience from the Razer community.

  • Go to for Razer Synapse downloading.
  • Check for the updated latest version of the Razer Synapse app.
  • It is available for the Windows 10 systems to take control of your Razer devices.
  • You can install Razer Synapse’s latest version easily when you have the recommended specifications.
  • By going to the official website download page you can have Razer Synapse download.
  • Press the install button from the installer setup to let the app install on your PC.

Check for the Latest Windows Updates

Pending Windows updates cause many problems to the system. It could slow down the computer and clash with applications. Checking for the latest Windows updates lets you increase your system speed and also the applications crashing problems.

Pending updates are the reason you have fewer resources and storage on your system. Some applications respond differently to the Windows updates and result in partially or completely unresponsive.

The user input will certainly be useless when a program gets to hang with Windows pending updates. If you see a notification “Restart your Device to Install Updates.” Do not hesitate to comply and save your work before restarting.

When there is no sign that indicates Windows have downloaded the updates and is pending to install. There are a few steps that can solve this problem and fix settings to install critical updates.

  • Go to the Windows Settings.
  • Click on Update and Security.
  • Here you can click on the “Check for Updates” option.
  • It will look up for available updates and start downloading.
  • You can also set up the Active Hours for updates to install on your PC.

Clean Reinstall Razer Synapse on your PC

A clean re-installation of Razer Synapse is recommended step when you have encountered stability issues with Razer devices controls. You can reinstall Razer Synapse software by starting with unplugging all the connected Razer devices from your PC.

After that, restarting your PC will effectively unload your system. It is the way to fix the recurring Razer software issues on Windows by allowing safe settings of your Razer devices, including Razer mouse and Razer keyboards to assure optimal performance.

Follow up with these steps to securely handle the re-installation process of Razer Synapse and solve all the Razer Synapse not opening issues.

  • Open the system tray and right-click on the Razer Synapse icon.
  • Select the option “Exit all apps” from Razer Synapse.
  • You can right-click on the Start button on your PC and open “Apps and Features.”
  • Windows Settings will pop up on the screen, where you can search for Razer.
  • A list of Razer programs will appear on the screen that you can do select for removal.
  • Choose the Razer Synapse to uninstall with all the files.
  • If the Razer Account Control Module appears select yes to prompt the window.
  • In the Razer software window, select uninstall the program.
  • Under the section select the software to uninstall, choose “Select All”.
  • Confirm your uninstallation by approving the process.

Clean Remnants Files of Razer Apps for Clean Re-Installation

  • It is needed to delete all the remnants of Razer apps folders from the Windows C partition.
  • You can go through both of the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders in the C partition.
  • To view the hidden files you can click on the “View” tab on top of the File Explorer window.
  • Select options, and then click on “change folder and search options”.
  • In the folder options, select the View tab and scroll to the settings to look for “Hidden files and folders.”
  • Tick the options to show hidden files so you can see the hidden items on your screen.
  • Now at the given locations look for Razer folders and delete them all one by one.
  • Also, go to the C:\ProgramData\Razer directory to delete residue files.
  • When finished up with all the deleting process restart you PC.
  • Then download and install the latest Razer Synapse 3 on your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Razer Synapse 3 a virus?

No, it is not a virus, your concern is unworthy. Razer Synapse is trusted to safely control all Razer devices. A common misconception about the Razer Synapse 3.exe installation package, but Synapse is not spyware or a virus.

Is Razer Synapse required for all Razer products?

Razer Synapse is a requirement for all the modern Razer setups to have a single application of control over individual configurations. But it is not much necessary if you have a single Razer equipment that won’t advantage the hassle.

What is the difference between Razer Synapse 2 and 3?

The main difference is the updated drivers that can fix stability issues and other problems on modern systems. Synapse 3 has new features but supports fewer devices. Razer needs some time to deploy more legacy devices with Synapse 3, as Synapse 2 has more compatible devices to make use of last-gen products.

Can I use Razer devices without Synapse?

It depends on how many Razer devices you use. If there are a bunch of them then Synapse software will definitely help with overall controls as a single setup for all the macros and custom settings. While the scenarios can differ when you have fewer devices. You may skip the Synapse software if you don’t need macros or customizations.

How do I update my Razer Synapse?

You can update Razer Synapse in two ways. One goes through the Razer Central menu to check for updates. Another way is from the system tray icon. You can right-click on the Synapse icon to expand the options to check for Razer Synapse updates. It takes a few seconds to show the latest updates to install.

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