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puffin browser pro apk
puffin browser pro apk for android

Puffin Browser Pro A.P.K. is the best browser with fast download speed. It is the premium version of the Puffin browser with high-speed integrated cloud servers. No Ads and No lags, blazing-fast speed browsing. Puffin Pro is fully loaded with new features. Saves your bandwidth, stream fast, and is protected with encryption.

Great puffin pro apk latest update came out with new unique features—night mode plus, new cache, low bandwidth, and speed browsing. Now you can enjoy fast internet browsing with protection from cloud servers. Not everyone has that kind of security.

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Puffin Browser Pro offers you the fastest mobile browsing speed. Once you experience the thrill of using Puffin you will feel addictiveness with the puffin browser. Then the regular mobile Internet browser feels like torture. The New Puffin Premium apk is the best of the best, and you can get it right now. And also, it comes with free bonus hours of Adobe Flash support over the cloud.

This is how the Puffin browser pro apk speeds up your mobile browsing by shifting the workload from Resource-limited devices to the fastest cloud servers and resources demanding web pages. So can run like Usain Bolt super-fast speed internet on your Android device / iPhones or tablets. The cloud Protection of Puffin is Amazing because all the traffic from the app/website server is encrypted and protected from nearby hackers.

If you are regular with Public free wifi,s then we recommend you to use Puffin pro apk on your iPhone or Android/tablet, etc., because these free wifi,s are not secure at all they did not have any high-security features to prevent hackers or data capturers to Capture/Steal your data from your device.

Whenever you use the free internet, a captcha file is created in the servers of Data providers, consisting of all of your favorite songs, videos, internet history, and even your Facebook or Instagram login. Still, this data is safe with internet providers, but when this data information gets into the hands of any hacker, it will be hazardous for you. To avoid these things, you need a secure browser, and PuffinPuffin will help you with that.

Puffin pro also saves your Internet data. It needs a small amount of data to load your Favourite sites because it is connected with C.D.N., a high-speed psn resolver. They can save your time and Internet data for you free, and average PuffinPuffin saves you 98% of data on regular bases.

But while streaming and loading heavy websites like Youtube, Twitch, etc. consume a lot of data, while surfing on these gravesites, PuffinPuffin will try to save as much as possible. Still, you need to understand yourself better experience; it will require more than usual.

The interface of the puffin browser is really modern looking and well designed which helps you to enjoy more and spent a lot of time on the puffin browser with its unique layout features multi-color and natural themes etc.

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The search bar’s a new layout, and if you have used the previous version of PuffinPuffin, you know what I am talking about. This new version has a lot of recent changes internally and externally as well. The new URL bar looks fantastic, like Google’s latest updates, and the bookmarking tab, menus, setting layout fell like a wholly unique experience for puffin users.


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Puffin Pro A.P.K. Features:

  1.  Incredible Loading Speed
  2.  Adobe Flash Support over Cloud (Flash Player 11.9).
  3.  The Whole New Tabs Browsing.
  4.  Download to Cloud (Up to 100M per file).
  5.  Theater Mode.
  6.  Adjustable Flash quality.
  7.  Virtual TrackPad (Mouse Simulator).
  8.  Virtual GamePad.
  9.  Add-ons functions (Pocket, EverNote, Facebook, Translator, and more).
  10.  Colour Theme for Toolbar and Slide bar.
  11.  The Fastest JavaScript Engine.
  12. Full Web Experience (Desktop view and mobile view).
  13.  Incognito tab.

Puffin Web Browser is an evil fast-moving Flash Browser, Once the user experiences the thrill of using Puffin. The regular mobile internet is like torture. New Plus is an advanced version of the series.

Wicked Fast: New accelerates mobile browsing by moving. Workloads from resource-constrained devices to cloud servers. At the same time, resource-demanding pages run super-fast on your phone or tablet or octosniff.

Cloud Protection: All traffic from the application to the server is encrypted to prevent nearby hackers. They are using public non-secure. Wifi is safe, but not safe for most searchers.

The latest Flash: We are continually improving our cloud server and providing. The newest version (18.0). Flash player through a cloud. straight talk customer service

Save bandwidth: It uses proprietary compression algorithms to transfer data. To your device and save up to 90% of your capacity in regular web browsing. The streaming Flash content or video requires more bandwidth than usual.

What’s New In Puffin Pro:

puffin browser for android
puffin browser for android

We fixed several reported issues in this release ( Please try our new style on the Windows app and check our website for more information. We will continue to build awesome apps for you.

Usually, using 3G on the iPhone,s, we found the browser to be very sensitive, but it didn’t feel the best or much faster than Safari. Some sites load very fast, while other sites load in the frame, filling in various images at a slow rate. Also, its interface is not as flexible or easy to access as Safari. 

Flash support allows you to interact with websites, stream video, and play games. Because Flash is primarily based on a mouse, the app cleverly provides a touchpad overlay with a mouse kissanime cursor and supports double-clicking. For games that use the keyboard arrow keys, you can also use the gamepad overlay.

However, we are fortunate with Puffin’s Flash support. Simple Flash games and video streams work fine, but the video may not respond when you try to fast forward or rewind. Despite this, flash-intensive websites and complex games are still very unstable, and most of the dedicated Flash games we’ve attempted to can’t be played, or not at all. 4G may solve some of our problems, but we are still slowing down on wifi on the iPad. 

In general, we are very contradictory to Puffin. It promises a lot but doesn’t feel like it offers so much – at least on the iPhone. It’s a universal app so that you can get more use on the iPad, but at least for us, Safari is still our preferred browser.

Pro Browser App Info

  • App Name: Puffin Browser Pro.
  • Package Name: com
  • Developer: CloudMosa, Inc.
  • APK Md5 : 7599eb2a792343cd05f459eae833cb87.
  • A.P.K. Size: 18.77 MB.
  • Update on Play Store: October 8, 2018.
  • Version Name & Code:
  • What’s in this new Puffin version.

They fixed several reported issues in this release:

  1. A new search trend is now available.
  2. Improve video quality, and increase the upload file size limit.
  3. Fix double-click, mouse pointer, bookmarks, history, and full screen related problems.
  4. Fix app crashes and freezes.
  5.  Incredible page load and rendering speed.
  6.  Adobe Flash support (also works on Android 4.4+).
  7.  Download to cloud (up to 1G per file).
  8.  Theater mode for Flash videos and games.
  9.  Virtual TrackPad and GamePad.
  10.  Add-on functions (Pocket, Facebook, translator, and more).
  11.  Colour theme for toolbar and sidebar.
  12.  New Fastest JavaScript engine.
  13.  Full experience (desktop and mobile view).
  14.  Incognito tab: Auto-clean browsing activities in the app.

New Browser brings desktop browsing experience to smartphones. It renders full versions of pages quickly and easily. It also supports Flash with excellent performance on the iPhone.

The 1st version was first launched in December 2010. And Free (version 2.0 as a free app) was first launched in December 2011. New Version 1.0 was a good, and version 2.0 is a major algorithm breakthrough. The new design is super-fast in loading: panning and zooming of pages.

puffin browser apk
puffin browser apk

Puffin Browser in Raspberry Pi turning into a high-end P.C.,

Puffin Internet web browser is a desktop virtualization application for Internet surfing designed for the Raspberry Pi and supported by Puffin Cloud. The new Puffin Internet Terminal provides pure desktop U.I. navigation and delivers high-end desktop-level web rendering speeds up to three times faster than entry-level notebooks. Live me hack mod apk

Raspberry Pi,

Raspberry Pi is a simple and useful tool for teaching introductory computer science. Students can write projects in languages such as Scratch and Python. The Raspberry Pi itself can also perform the tasks you want your desktop computer to function.

However, the performance of the built-in browser is not high. Students need another P.C. or laptop for Internet browsing to find online resources to complete the project on the Raspberry Pi.


  1. The data centers of Puffin Web Browser are in the U.S., and the cloud servers can only access public web sites from U.S. geolocations.
  2. For users outside the U.S., local content, especially videos of local interest, may not be accessible from the U.S. due to geo-restrictions in their home countries.
  3. Puffin is blocked in some countries (e.g., China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) and some schools (e.g., in the United States).





Puffin Pro Browser on Android or iPhone increases your internet experience during fast browsing. Your data will be safe from any third-party access, and you can download any big file,s, etc. in the Puffin Browser App. If you are facing any installation issue, please write to us, and one from our team will reach you to fix your problem.


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