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The Octosniff is an I.P. sniffing Tool that allows users to check the I.P. and the usernames of other Players on Xbox and Playstation. It is a kind of network research tool for Gamers to determine information about other players they playing with & more.

The Octo-sniff is an I.P. sniffing Tool that allows you to check the I.P. and the usernames of other Players on Xbox, Xbox One, and Playstation. The Players are using any VPN or hide info Protocol. Bit it will still give up their I.P. Remember this Software is made for educational purposes.

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Ontosniff allows you to see the other Players I.P.,s and their usernames on Xbox, P.S., Xbox One, and the Play Sation 3/4. The official website sells the octo-sniff Software for $35 for only 1000 searches. You need to re-purchase it from them. But we will offer you the crack version of the Software without paying a single penny.

The best thing which makes the octo-sniff the best I.P. snipper is that it is clean and straightforward. It will only give you the I.P. address of the user and If the player is using any VPN or any hiding Internet Protocol. It will still get you the I.P.

Some People think that it is the same as the Wireshark or any other software. But It is not because it is a premium software. This works great and only provides you with limited features to use and focus on these features and enhance them.

This will work on all the Xbox series as well as the Play Stations. You need to download the latest version of the Software from our website. We are only Promoting this for Educational Purposes. We did not take any responsibility of any kind.


If you want to use the Software authentically, you should need to visit the official site here. They will charge you some amount for the unreasonable searches. They will not give you any refund. On their official site, all the details are mentioned.

IP Puller

IP Puller
IP Puller

The IP Puller software used to check the game Player’s real I.P. addresses. To check the I.P. of game Players like from the Xbox or Play Station you need to put her gamer tag in the Software, and it will show you the complete real I.P. Address of that person with her username.

Sometimes people change their player name and join with you on the Xbox or Play Station, and you want to know their I.P. Address or her real username in that case this IP Puller software is used.

From the I.P. address of a person, you can easily find her GEO Location, and also you can report that person to the Xbox or Play Station. There are other factors too for those people who use this IP Puller software.

Suppose you are using an Android or IOS Mobile device open Safari or Chrome. Then type what my I.P. is, and it will show you your I.P. Address. But if you want to know some other gamer player I.P. address, then you need this IP Puller software.

Without this Software, you cannot find the other user I.P. address. It is against the rules of any software to see her other customer I.P. online. This is why we only provide you with this Software for educational purposes.

The I.P. of any digital device is the most important thing as a security perspective. To secure yourself, people use a different kind of VPN,s to Protect themselves. But these kinds of Software makes it harder to hide. The best thing is to protect yourself is always to use the VPN but not the cheap ones.

The IP Puller software will get you your data in seconds. This Software is usually not for free, and they cost money. But we will provide you with free to download octosniff.




Console sniffer

The console sniffer is also the user I.P. sniffers. They all work the same, but they have fancy names like Console Sniffer. But the primary purpose of this Software is to sniff the Xbox or Play Station user’s I.P. and their usernames. This is the most common use of them.

People want to know about the other user’s I.P., and their usernames for different purposes and these tools help you to find them. To use these tools. It is effortless you need to install them and use them simple as that.

The official Software of Console Sniffer is paid, and you cannot download it for free. But the one we have provided the octo-sniff is also the same thing with a different name. We have made our search on the users and most of them like this one. This is why we have provided this Software and not give you the list to download from.

These software Console sniffer work without any jailbreak and works with wifi and internet. They give you online access, and you can easily use them and find your person IP and username. They also provide you online console which you can use it and the Software too, but in this Software, you need to put the serial key.

To download the Console sniffer, you need to purchase it because we did not make the crack version of that Software and provide you with the best alternative instead to use and you can do your work with it. If you still want to use the Console sniffer, then you can search and then buy from the official website. vulkanrt

There are some other tools too that you can use for the same purpose. If you need any additional he;p then you can also contact us we will help you. To use the Software, click on the download button and install the Software and enjoy it. Free of Cost.

I.P. sniffer ps4

The I.P. sniffer PS4 is available on our website working well. The Ip sniffer that we have provided is the PRo version of the Software, and you can download and use it free of cost without paying a single penny. I.P. sniffer ps4 is easy to use, and the name of this tool used to get the I.P. of ps4 users is octosniff.

In Xbox and other devices like the Pc, It is effortless to get the I.P. But in the Play Station, you need to use the tools to get the I.P. Sniffer PS4 to know the I.P. Otherwise. You need to check through other methods manually.

The I.P. of any online or any device is essential to track the location or many things. This is why we recommend you download the VPN from our website if you need the comment below to get the pro version for free. These I.P. sniffer tools also get your location too. To use them you need to put the gamer tag in the device, and it will give you the personal username and I.P.

These sniffer’s I.P. tools are premium, and to get them free, you need to find the proper source like us. We have given you the virus and scanned file to download and use. The I.P. sniffers all tools in the market and online sites did not offer their services for free, and they want you to download their premium tools and pay them.

On our website, without spending a single penny, you will get the tools and other things for free. The Play Station has strong security to bypass to get the I.P. If the person is using the real I.P. it is easy, but If the person is using the VPN, then it is hard to know the real I.P.

But with the I.P. sniffer PS4, you will get the real I.P. of a person and if he is using the VPN. Then don,t worry because this sniffer has a real I.P. description It will bypass the VPN, and any protocol t get the actual I.P. address for you.

How to pull I.P. on PS4

There are two ways to get the I.P. address from the PS4. Because there are paid and the free version. Now everyone is asking how to pull I.P. on PS4. So don,t worry we will cover all the methods to remove the I.P. from Ps4.

First of all, talk about the paid method in which you have to pay for the service and use the service. Simple s that there are so many tools in the market that give you this service to get you the username and the I.P. of a person from her Gamertag or whatever info that you have.

But for all this they want you to buy their service from their website which will cost you around $35 or more depending on the service provider and the tool.

Now let’s talk about the free method that everyone loves, and for that, you came here. In this method, you will get the same stuff that the other paid service providers promise you but all of this for free and yes without spending a single penny.

There is a tool that allows you to know how you can pull the I.P. on Ps4, and the name of that tool is octosniff. The one that we have provided on this page. Click on the download button and enjoy simply as that it is the premium version of the Software but cracked one.

The benefit is you will get all the things that you want for free. And there are no cons of this you need to download this tool and use it simple as that. If you have any question, you can ask us we will help you.

I.P. puller Xbox one

Same as the Play Station people are asking the same question for I.P. puller Xbox One tool. Guys Click on the download button given on the page to install the device and use it. What else you need to get the username and the I.P.

Ip puller Xbox One is the same as the one which is being used for the Play Station, and the tool we have mentioned on our page is the best one, and we have given it to you for free. To get the users I.P. from the Xbox is not legal in terms of security because you are getting her I.P. address without her knowledge.

The best thing is that you simply use the tool and get the I.P. address and not do anything wrong. I.P. is the primary function and part of the internet world. It is like an address of your digital device. In movies that you have heard that someone is being tracked with her I.P., this is real you can get the reallocation of that I.P. Address from the internet.
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The I.P. puller Xbox one Software is given on this page download the tool on your pc and install it and then use it. To use the Software, it is only just put the info that he asks for and get the real username and the person real I.P. if he is using the VPN still you will get the actual I.P. address of that user.

free Xbox I.P. resolver

If you are looking for an open Xbox I.P. resolver, then you came to the right place. Because we have shared both the online I.P. checker tool and also the premium software that can get you the I.P. address of both Xbox One and the Play Station PS4/PS3.

To use the tool, visit the Xbox Resolver Page and If you want to use the Software that we have shared on this page, simply click on the download button and install it. Then use the Pro version of the octosniff tool. Keep in mind that this tool cost $35 per 1000 searches and that you will get if for free so don,t forget to comment on this page.

This tool is merely unique and fast; this is why they cost money as compared to some third copy websites that offer you that service. So don,t waste your time on these fake websites and use our pro version tool without spending a single dollar on it and enjoy your work.

If you are facing any issue with that you can contact us in the comment section we will reply to you as soon as possible. And keep in mind this tool that we shared is only for educational purpose and not for any improper use.


Click on the download button to start the download process of the tool and enjoy it.




What is Octo-sniff?

This is a tool that is made for the research purpose only, and it is being used for the I.P. puller in Xbox and Play Stations.

Is the I.P. puller tool Octo-sniff is safe?

The Octo-sniff is 100% safe. Some people say it is a malware or a virus, but it is completely false. The tool is simple and easy to use, and there is no harmful thing in it.

Which IP Puller is the best?

There are 100s of tools on the internet, but there are few that perform well and give you accurate results and the octo-sniff is one of them. You can check out more about this one on our page.

How to check my I.P. in Xbox One?

If you want to know about your Xbox or Ps4 IP, then use the following tool and get your I.P. address for free.

Are the Octo-sniff tools free?

No, the octo-sniff cost you money, but we have provided for educational purposes for free.


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