Download Octosniff PSN Resolver and Xbox Resolver Alternative

Download Octosniff latest version for free. It is an IP Sniffing Tool for PlayStation and Xbox that allows users to check the IPs and Usernames of other players in P2P games. The new version Octosniff advantage of every second update from IP to Username Database makes it the best IP Puller packet filter detector for a wide range of games.

The all-new set of features benefits only gamers who equip the OctoSniff tool while playing online. You can download Octosniff full version for an ultimate PlayStation and Xbox IP sniffing purpose. It will allow the user to control your network with full-time monitoring over the data packets with its information extraction algorithms.

We Removed Online Xbox and PSN Resolvers Tools From Our site because of some OFFICIAL Reason so we are now Providing best alternative which is also free and have similar and more features for You.