Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Display Drives Settings 2021

Nvidia Control Panel Missing

New Windows 10 updates and other related issues to drivers can cause Nvidia Control Panel Missing and errors when playing games. If you right-click on the home screen and could not find Nvidia Display Adaptor Button, it is likely the reason for drivers issues that can be solved in different ways.

In recent updates, the Nvidia control panel missing display settings mostly in Windows 10. Many users get annoyed with this problem; luckily, it is nothing much of a problem if windows update is not aggressive. The Windows updates are ruining everything instead of fixing the system that is because of the update intervals.

Our experience indicates this problem is common in desktop Windows PC’s. Windows 10 users only face this significant problem that we discuss today, here we show you how to fix this issue in different ways.

Nvidia Control Panel Missing Reason’s

Normally, when you install Nvidia GPU drivers on your PC, they couple with GeForce Experience and the control panel for settings. So you can jump up with the control panel that lets’s customize the quality of graphics and different graphics card properties.

It is considered the most important part of the software that lets us customize our Nvidia Card for different performance scenarios. In case it goes missing from the desktop, right-clicks the context menu. It just freaks out the user for not able to communicate with GPU.

Causes of Nvidia Control Panel Missing

Generally, there are six main reasons for the Nvidia Control Panel Missing Issue and do not show in the context menu. The blaming cause is windows updates, but in our research, outdated drivers can also be the reason for that problem. Outdated drivers, especially the GPU drivers, can not sustain edge performance and sometimes cause system crashes and many other problems.

It happens due to soft bugs and requires maintenance that is possible through updating to a newer version. There are multiple causes for the missing driver’s control panel. Here we discuss some commonly face problems that you can easily fix and retrieve missing Nvidia panel.

Windows Updates

Windows updates are the main cause of the missing control panel. The new security update patches ruin all GPUs drives in a glance disappear control panel of Nvidia.


GPU drivers have entries in the Windows Registry that use to recognize software and its components. Due to any reason if the settings are missing from your PC Registry. It could be the reason for the disappearing of the control panel.

GPU Drivers Issues

If you are using a faulty driver, not from the OEM site like, it can cause instability issues. Faulty drivers can cause system panic and heat the device along with other issues. After indicating the corrupt graphics drivers, you have to uninstall using DDU and then download it from officials.

Windows Bugs

Windows is a huge operating platform that runs almost all of the apps and software. Sometimes Windows bugs are why GPU drivers crash and hideout the panel when updates to the latest version. It happens in most early updates, and later stable updates fix those issues of the system. This issue is also fixable manually by updating the drivers.

Outdated Corrupt Drivers

Outdated Nvidia GPU drivers cause panel vanishes issues also game crashes. The virus or any system fault usually causes this issue. But it is fixable with proper removal of drivers using the DDU program that solves such issues.

Multiple GPU Drivers

More than one GPU in a PC could be a possible cause of the panel vanishing issue. You can either fix it by reinstalling the drivers or fetching the control panel in a system.

Missing Nvidia Control Panel Fixes

Managing your GPU 3D settings and Graphics properties is only possible with the Nvidia Control Panel that comes with Drivers. Without it is hard to customize different aspects of 3D rendering and graphics tweaks. If you have such an issue, you can try our simple fixes to help you with some possible solutions.

  • Unhide Nvidia GPU drivers panel from system display container files
  • Update to the latest Graphics drivers from the official website
  • Restart the Nvidia from Windows services
  • Install control panel app from Microsoft AppStore
  • Manually Fix control panel by uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Unhide Nvidia GPU Drivers Panel

This is the initial step toward recovering the hidden control panel. To do so, you have to follow some steps that guide you to unhide the Nvidia GPU control panel affected by Windows updates. It may be something else, but normally the operating system causes this issue.

  • To bring back the hidden Nvidia Control Panel, you need to go to the Windows controls panel.
  • If you did not create a home screen shortcut of the Windows control panel, follow this.
  • Press the start button on your keyboard and type (control panel).
  • Open the Windows control panel and extend the view to large icons.
  • Now select the Nvidia App from the list of All available apps on PC.
  • Click on Nvidia Control Panel check options View on Desktop and Add Desktop Context Menu.
  • It will resolve the missing Nvidia control panel issue.

Update to the Latest Graphics Drivers

Updating GPU drivers to the latest version is very important for stabilizing system performance. Gamers must update their graphics drivers to the latest for a high-performance system. Windows also update your GPU drivers but sometimes cause dual drives issues, which leas to the missing control panel.

  • First, check your Driver’s name to identify for downloading a new one.
  • To do so, press Win + R from the keyboard and type (dxdiag).
  • DirectX Diagnose tab will appear on the screen and show some information.
  • Check the second page mentioned as Display.
  • Note the GPU’s full name and then go to the manufacturer website for the latest drivers.
  • Download the latest drivers by name.just find out from display settings and update your drivers.

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