Mi Airdots Pro Review 2022 Premium earbuds (2nd Gen Specs)

Mi Airdots Pro Review is the Xiaomi one of the true wireless earphones that can fit right in the ears and comes with smart pause gestures. They are premium wireless earphones for a premium design with a deafening sound and a large battery to make earbuds continuous sound for 10 hours. They are fairly sound like premium earphones, and here we will compare the specifications for making your decision easy.

Mi Airdots Pro Review

Xiaomi launches the Mi True Wireless earbuds once again as they emerge as affordable true wireless earphones with some pretty good sound quality and features. Xiaomi is moving into more markets for more business sectors.

At first sight of Mi Airdots Pro, you will notice that they draw inspiration from Apple Airpods. In similar eco-system products, Xiaomi jumps up with very competitive price earbuds and tries to make a place in the market.

The earbuds we review are the Xiaomi Mi Airdot Pro earbuds. They come with a charging case as usual but with a USB-C port instead of a micro USB because they want to make a premium expression like a value-affordable earphone.

The USB-C charging cable can quickly charge the buds and notify with an LED punching through a tiny hole at the bottom of the earpiece case. The case is also decent and compact in comparison with the very bulky ones they introduce lately.

There are several Mi Airdots features, some are very compelling, and some are not. The most interesting thing is the price, they cost around $90 (76 €). A very competitive price tag for premium earphones with 10-hour battery life also comes with a noise cancellation feature (ANC) and Type-C port.

Interesting options for those who have no problem with a Chinese brand, besides these are a perfect pair of budget-price premium wireless earphones.


  • Easily access touch and motion gestures
  • Type-C charging case
  • Do have water resistance protections
  • Hi-Fi sound like an average


  • Weak noise cancellation but working
  • Bluetooth 4.2, which is short-range but saves battery.

Xiaomi MI Airdots Pro True Wireless Design Comparison’s

Xiaomi MI Airdots Pro True Wireless Design Comparison's

The minimal design is the Xiaomi strategy that makes it more eyecatching, like the Apple Airbus. They are identical in comparison and just under budget and deliver the same quality.

They came in a case that is the home of earbuds as they stay inside for charging and docking until the next use. The pair weighs 6 grams, which is compelling.

Being such lightweight is the glossy plastic material, and overall weight with case lead to 60 grams when combined with the whole unit. Still impressive weight ratio for premium long battery earphones.

Simultaneously, some consequences make the plastic build lightweight and less protective against scratches. If you are aware of Apple Airbus, then Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro is not much different.

They both share the same design, a prone leg extended down. That is not bad, but the design is very far from today’s premium vibe earbuds.

Sound Quality and Wireless Range

As a premium earphone, Mi AirDots Pro provides excellent sound quality. The best thing is they directly connect with smartphones with ACC high-quality audio settings by default.

No need to change the settings manually by hovering over the Apps. The in-ear design helps them stay tuned for long hours and without being hesitant feelings.

They are comfortable to use and are available in only white color. But the important thing is sound quality, and it is good, loud, and little bass makes them perfect for daily use. They have clear sound crips and balanced tones but not balanced bass.

This doesn’t affect the sound quality, but as compensation, they are not bassy with the 7mm dynamic driver unit that Xiaomi implants in these Airdots Pro.

The noise-canceling feature is here but at a blink, not much accurate as of the most premium earpieces from big brands like Sony. They are minor in active noise canceling feature needs a lot of inspiration for further improvements.

Rest the sound is excellent quality and serves well with high-quality music as it pairs up the mixture of little bass and little stereo effect. Everything gets smooth.

There is a lack of high-quality codec features besides the average noise cancellation filters. The AAC and SBC codecs are very much functional and deserve well.

The other popular choice of premium codecs like LDAC, aptX, and aptX HD is not supported. It might be a result of unsupported drivers, and low power Bluetooth 4.2 support lacking frequency bounding.

As power consumption and battery savers, Bluetooth 4.2 features an advantage over Bluetooth 5 and 5.1, as they require extra power to infrared the communications and sync more precisely and fast.

Well, again, for this price point, they are well-managed earphones with luxury gestures and sensors that work and feel truly wireless.

MI Airdots Pro 2 TWS Build Quality

The plastic quality of both the earpiece and case is not very protective in general. But they have an IPX4 rating for protection with water and resistance of water. That makes them full proof against water being drained into the earpieces.

The pair will remain safe from water but not from dirt and mud, as they are not approved as fully resistant against the dirt. This may be a concerning feature for users who wants full premium earphones with all the luxuries.

This is an absence of Airdots that is not applicable and not much of complaining as they are less expensive than the feature once.

Battery Time

The respective smart gestures and water protection are very compelling features that add up to other features like battery time. Likewise, earphones’ battery life is directly linked to your usage and depends on the level of volume.

In general, the MI Airdots Pro lasts around 3 hours of charging before needed to recharge. It is likely the scenario of truth, yes they are standard in the battery, but they have a case that fills their power in minutes and is ready to serve again.

The USB-C charges the Mi Airdots from zero to 100 in an hour, along with the earphones. The earphones have an inbuilt battery of 100mAh and serve time efficiently.

Is Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro True Wireless Earphones?

The Mi AirDots Pro are the dots taking over expensive earphones with gestures wireless earphones. Mi Airdots are buds with whispers, mean Features. A touch and motion control embedded in the skin of AirDots Pro makes them a luxury piece of listening device.

Music listeners like the feature of smart pause when removing an Airdot from the ear. A motion gesture will stop the music, and putting back in ear the will unpause the must use

The use of touch controls is integrated into the skin of Airdots. When your finger swipes, it will perform as a gesture to skip the track to the next one and functions back swipe for the previous track when the finger swipes back.

It allows users to feel the technology that is so much advanced that earphones are getting touch controls. The gesture also features a voice assistant and can help with various tasks hand-free while working.

The Airdots have their integration for volume control without touching the phone for ease of luxury.

How good is Xiaomi MI Airdots Pro Bluetooth Batterylife?

The Redmi Airdots Pro has a quality battery life when comparing the same products, they are not just affordable but also Bluetooth range long without a quality drop. Its shell contains a 300mAh+ battery that recharges the earphones on the go. The battery’s recharge time from the case is optimistic, and the case battery lasts 10 hours of servings.

Is Redmi Airdots Good?

While they impress us with charging capabilities listening to loud music is too much for our ears. Keep it low and smooth for both health and long battery of Mi Airdots Pro Review.

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