MetroPCS APN Hack 2022 [5G Settings APN Hack]

MetroPCS APN Hack 2022 [5G Settings APN Hack]

To connect to Metro PCS by T-Mobile internet from any mobile broadband device, such as phones or tablets, you must add an APN setting to your phone’s network settings to use your smartphone to access the internet. MetroPCS APN hack is the new MetroPCS APN 5G settings that you can add to your device Access Point Names for unlimited data with faster wireless services.

The process is quite simple and MetroPCS is just like any other Telecom network in the United States that offers excellent Internet data services to its prepaid and postpaid consumers under the ownership of the T-Mobile network. The merger happened, and this is why you are seeing new branding for MetroPCS, which has been renamed Metro by T-Mobile.

Here in this blog, you will learn easy ways to set up and configure Metro by T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE APN Internet and MMS settings for iPhone and Android devices. It is not a hard task when you have done it before, if not then you will be known after reading this, how to set APN settings on a phone?

Latest MetroPCS APN Hack

Because MetroPCS is now known as Metro By T-Mobile, many take this wrong and applied the old MetroPCS Access Point Name settings which resulted in no service or slow speed internet. To fix that here comes the latest Metro by T-Mobile APN settings for 5G and 4G LTE devices with configurations that work for anyone. It is not a major hack, but it will provide you with better coverage and data on your device.

It is for this reason that some have referred to it as a MetroPCS APN hack for establishing correct settings with services and significantly enhancing internet speeds. Check out the most recent APN hack below, which provides fast MetroPCS APN settings that you can apply to your phone to allow it to browse the internet and utilize MMS.

Option 1: New APN Hack for MetroPCS By T-Mobile

NameMetro by T-Mobile
Proxy blank
Username blank
MMSC http://
Authentication type not set
APN Typedefault,supl,mms
APN Protocol IPv6
APNenable/disable greyed out unless there are multiple APNs
Bearer Unspecified
New APN Hack for MetroPCS By T-Mobile

Steps to Appy APN Settings on Your Device:

  1. Open device Settings
  2. Then Connections or Networks.
  3. Tap on Manage Mobile Networks.
  4. “Access Point Names” or APN
  5. Tap on “ADD New APN.”
  6. Apply the given Settings and Save.
  7. Reboot your device and Turn on your Cellular connection.

If you’re not sure what APN is or what it does for your mobile network carrier’s internet connections, read on. Here we get to the APNs and talk about what they are and how they work on your device’s wireless communications.

What Is Access Point Name And How Does It Work?

APN stands for Access Point Name and is a gateway between a smartphone and the cellular network. It’s a way for a phone to communicate with a carrier. Access Point Names allow devices to connect to the internet and build a connection to the carrier’s gateway and without a properly configured APN, a device will often have limited or no internet access. The APN must be configured in order for a phone to have Internet access. You can configure APN settings on a device manually from the Mobile networks cellular settings options.

Option 2: MetroPCS APN Settings For Android

MetroPCS APN Settings For Android
APN Settings For Android

On your Android device, accessing the settings may slightly differ depending on the Android Versions and brand of your device. You can easily locate the APN settings on your Android phone, by going to Settings > Connections or SIM Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. If you find already existing MetroPCS APN then you need to add another APN but do not delete the existing Access Point Names and apply these settings to a new one.

5G MetroPCS APN Settings Hack For Android

MetroPCS APN for Android 5G Details:

NameMetro By T-Mobile/ MetroPCS Metro By T-Mobile/ MetroPCS
ProxyNot Required
Port Not Required
Username Leave It blank
PasswordLeave It blank
ServerNot Required
MMSNot Required
MMSNot Required
MNC16 or 260
Authentication Type Leave it to default
APN Type default, supl, MMS
PN ProtocolIPV4
5G MetroPCS APN Settings Hack For Android

Steps To Configure APN Settings On Android Device:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Go to Cellular Connection or SIM Card Networks.
  3. Then select Mobile Networks
  4. Choose Access Point Names (APN).
  5. Create a new APN or Add an APN setting.
  6. Enter the APN details you see above.
  7. Save and Restart your Android phone.

Option 3: MetroPCS 5G APN Settings For iPhone (iOS)

MetroPCS 5G APN Settings For iPhone (iOS)
APN Settings For iPhones

APN settings on the iPhone have a similar experience to the settings of Androids. If you have an old iPhone then you may access it from the Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network > Access Point Names. While for recent iPhones you can go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network > Access Point Names. There are also automatic settings to configure APN directly from the carrier. Go to the Settings > General > About > Carrier Profile Update to receive MMS and APN settings over the network.

MetroPCS APN for iOS iPhone 5G & 4G LTE Details

MMS Maximum Message Size1048576
MetroPCS APN for iOS iPhone 5G & 4G LTE Details

Guidelines to set up MetroPCS APN on iPhone:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Then Cellular and tap on Cellular Data Options.
  3. Cellular Network and reach Access Point Names.
  4. On iOS 15 and later.
  5. From Settings tap on Mobile Data.
  6. Then Mobile Data Options.
  7. Select Mobile Data Network.
  8. And reach Access Point Names.
  9. Then add a new APN.
  10. Enter the given APN details.
  11. Save the new APN iPhone settings.
  12. Reboot and enable data on iPhone.

Option 4: MetroPCS APN Settings For Windows Devices (5G Internet)

MetroPCS APN Settings For Windows Devices (5G Internet)
APN Settings For Cellular Laptops (Windows OS)

Many Windows PCs, in addition to wireless connectivity, enable SIM cards for data. If your laptop has a SIM card slot and you want to access MetroPCS services, you must configure suitable APN settings in Windows.

MetroPCS APN Settings For Windows PC:

NameMetro By T-Mobile/ MetroPCS
Type Of Sign-in InfoN/A
Proxy ServerN/A
Proxy portN/A
MMS Maximum Message Size 2048 KB
MetroPCS APN Settings For Windows PC

How to apply MetroPCS APN settings on Windows:

  1. From Windows All Settings.
  2. Go to Network & Internet.
  3. Then click on Cellular.
  4. And select your SIM card carrier Metro By T-Mobile network.
  5. It will take you to the APN settings.
  6. Click on Add a new APN.
  7. Enter the given APN details and save it.
  8. Turn on cellular data and browse the internet.


The Metro PCS APN is generally established by default on carrier contract phones, however, most mobile handsets do not have it. It is the reason you are unable to connect to your cell phone carrier’s internet services. This can be resolved using a MetroPCS APN, which will link your phone to your network carrier for cellular services. If you are looking for MetroPCS APN Hack, we have the settings for you. It enables you to connect to PCS by T-Mobile services through configuration on your smartphone’s APN settings. As previously said, this is what will enable you to have fast and secure mobile Internet access.

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