Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers 2022 (Metro by T-Mobile)

Metro by T-Mobile is the new name for Metro PCS since the merge happens between Metro PCS and T-Mobile networks. After that, there has been developed for new offers and 5G upgrades for customers every week (T-Mobile Tuesdays). Here we have concluded some of the best Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers and new customers to have unlimited data plans and free phones when switching to Metro or trade-in an eligible device for a new one.

The famous prepaid phone service provider is now taken the lead of the T-Mobile brand and offers excellent choice plans for all customers to have a reliance of low cost for both 4G LTE and 5G high-speed internet, which is in comparison have high values to other non-contract prepaid service operators when customers are on a budget.

Whether you are an existed customer or want to switch, the new best Metro by T-Mobile phones provides excellent cell service at half the price of many competitive networks with nationwide coverage. The 5G plans are undertaken for necessarily breakthrough to U.S. citizens without breaking the bank for unlimited usages.

Big 5G Upgrades: Metro Features Free 5G Phone Deals with a Monthly Plan

The deal is offered by Metro by T-Mobile to those who want to switch from rivals, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, or any other prepaid carrier and join the Metro services will get a new 5G phone for free when activates a line. The latest collection of phones are your choice, it could be Samsung Galaxy A32 5G handset, Moto One 5G Ace, or Moto G Stylus 5G when you activities the unlimited 5G plan for $25 monthly charges or trade-in an eligible device on T-Mobile stores.

Now that we have notified the free 5G phone deal for new customers on the way to Metro by T-Mobile, below are the best Metro PCS deals for existing customers. It is time to discuss the new phone upgrades for existed customers at the T-Mobile network.

Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers (Metro by T-Mobile)

Many phones have been offered by T-Mobile with discounts and occasionally free deals for existing customers to evaluate the strong bond between carrier and user. Metro by T-Mobile, Sprint, and T-Mobile all together three carriers have almost the same combination of phones that have the advantage of 5G coverage and suitable plans to connect Latin America as a whole nation.

If you are already a member then you’ve got petty options for unlimited plans with Metro by T-Mobile as soon you add another line you will get a rewarded free phone without taxes and regulatory fees. While those switches can have interesting flexibility with low-cost cell phone service with consistent bills every month.

Formerly known MetroPCS has different phone offers for existing customers, that are a mix of 4G and 5G flavor for consistent connectivity, the plans and add-ons are also affordable and when you have brought your phone the insurance policy will apply BYOD insurance to assure safety and protection.

Before jumping to the prominent deals of Metro by T-Mobile, there is a penalty of new plans available for both new and old customers who already existed on the platform. Each new plan has the agreement range of six months to 24 months when you choose to buy one of the latest and new generation phones from the T-Mobile store. The requirement of getting a free phone or a discount upgrade deal is to add a new line which means you have to add a person from your family or friend to the service.

If upgrading to a phone is a necessity for your work then you can head to the T-Mobile site to make a deal for modern 5G mobile phones that are exquisite for potential high-speed internet services. It is also a wise decision that you choose a 5G handset as of now all the 3G CDMA networks are gone and only 4G LTE will stay for a little longer due to the (Long-Term Evolution) signal technology.

Free Metro Phones for Existing Customers

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

1- Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

The S21 and S21 Fan Edition are willing high-end specs smartphones from Samsung. After Samsung pull off the Galaxy S20 series, the next big thing is the Galaxy S21 line of phones for powerful hardware and camera improvements offers great battery backup with big capacity batteries. There is Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset to respond quicker result with a touch.

2- Galaxy A32 5G

It is a great device for everyday needs comes with mid-range specifications for attention-grabbing. It is one of the most showoff devices of this year. You can have it from Metro by T-Mobile free of cost if you need a compatible budget-friendly device that comes with T-Mobile services for your phone.

3- Moto One 5G Ace

The Motorola Moto Once Ace 5G is a top-of-line high-end smartphone that offered great design and specification for an affordable cost. You will get it free with a new-line activation. There is no need to deposit payments and only a monthly plan gets you free of cost phone.

4- Moto G Stylus 5G

The stylus series of Motorola is demanding as an affordable alternative to the Galaxy Note series. The Moto G Stylus 5G is a well-balanced smartphone you can trust for note-making and using it for faster 5G internet. It is an affordable alternative to Galaxy Note series smartphones for S-pen features.

5- OnePlus Nord N200 5G

The Nord series is always executed by low-budget customers who appreciate OnePlus efforts. The OnePlus Nord N200 comes with a premium design and offers a good bargain for less money. It has triple 13 MP cameras at the rear and Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G processor to make it become an efficient phone for a whole day.

6- T-Mobile REVVL V Plus 5G

T-Mobile REVVL V Plus comes with the new generation MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G chip that is powerful with intensive graphics to load heavy applications, render camera photos fast, and provide excellent service for 3D games.

7- Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

The Galaxy A52 is a budget-orientated 5G coverage smartphone offering from the Samsung A lineup phones. It has quality hardware and comes with a bigger 5000 mAh battery that is backed with the Snapdragon 750G 5G efficiency for long-lasting usage.

Metro PCS iPhone Deals for Existing Customers

iPhone 13 Mini 5G

1- iPhone 13 Mini 5G

Mini iPhone is a great entry for casual users who often hold the phone on hand and requires perfect dimensions phone to not compromise the quality. It has the same caliber performance as the standard iPhone 13 and comes with A15 Bionic, 4GB RAM, and 128 GB storage optional.

2- iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a Dolby Vision approved great smartphone that comes with the power of the Apple A14 Bionic Hexa core processor clocked at 3.1 GHz with a combined powerful GPU that has powerful rendering for the highest mobile games. You can get iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 512GB storage with 6GB of RAM.

3- Apple iPhone 11

Liquid Retina display iPhone 11 is a 6.1 inches wide smartphone constructed with full metal chassis and offered seamless performance with Apple A13 Bionic. It has other specs list that includes 4GB RAM, 64GB storage, dual 12 MP rear camera setup, 3110 mAh battery that is 18W fast charging supported.

4- Apple iPhone XR

The Apple iPhone XR is a combinational smartphone with 8 gen mixture for the fans. It has 6.1 inches Liquid Retina display that has 625 nits maximum brightness to make any picture bright and vivid. There has also a 3GB RAM and 64GB combination at a basic level with the same Apple A12 Bionic chip.

5- Apple iPhone SE 4G

Special Edition iPhone comes to fill the gap of standard smartphones with more affordable price but the same level of hardware. It has a single 12 MP rear camera that comes in resemblance with iPhone 7 and 8 series design. There is Apple A13 Bionic support and an 1821 mAh fairly compact battery for at least a day usage.

6- Apple iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 is an upgrade over Apple iPhone 6 series with improved design and setup. It has an Apple A10 Fusion chipset that is not much power-friendly for today’s standards but comes handy with the 2GB and 32GB hardware combo that does have a 3D touch display and home button with touch ID.

Conditions for Metro PCS Free Phones

All limited-time offers will revert to the previous state on Metro by T-Mobile, so hurry up and grab the deal when it is active. But you have to purchase a $30 per month plan or $60 per month plan on a single line to get to the deal and have a free phone of choice from the Metro PCS selections.

At the time of participating with Metro by T-Mobile’s free phone offer and activating the $60 monthly plan, you will receive an equivalent amount of current phone cost instantly with the rebate of the full retail price. It is also viable when you trade in a qualifying device and activate a $60 monthly plan.

There is a $20 activation fee per line when you add a new line, it is subjected to existing customers who want to participate in free hone deals and get a phone for reward. Although, 5G is currently expanding this means coverage may vary, before deciding on a 5G plan check the coverage map for details.

The Conclusion

MetroPCS has phone deals for existing customers same as they have promoted for new customers on Metro by T-Mobile Network, the only difference is new ones are praised more than old customers. So it is right, to be honest, and then when you switch the offers are great for discount monthly plans.

New customer gets the first month of Metro service for $5, as promoted offers may require port from eligible carriers’ Boost and Cricket nominate at this point and may add more! The deal is when you make a switch to Metro by T-Mobile and bring your device (BYOD) you will great an offer of free service with an unlimited data plan including talk and text at just $5.

This is great for a whole first-month service and since Metro is not a contract-based carrier you can drop it any time if you are not happy with the prepaid service. However, the original price of the monthly plan is $50 with additional features.

The only thing matters are the availability of service in your area and if your area is under 5G coverage then the monthly $40 plan will be suitable for moderate usage while $60 unlimited will crank your 5G device to blazing fast internet, so choose device wisely and choose best among the recognized brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MetroPCS have any deals for existing customers?

Yes, Metro by T-Mobile (MVNO) has announced free 5G devices when you activate a new line with an eligible plan. The offers bring exciting phones from Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus, and also include some of the REVVL 5G devices of T-Mobile-owned brands. The three promotion devices are Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, Motorola’s One 5G Ace, and OnePlus Nord N200 5G.

Can Metro PCS phone upgrade for existing customers online?

The upgraded phones are available online on MetrobyT-Mobile stores with a long selection of the latest and some old devices for relatively cheap prices. You can select your desired device and activates a monthly plan according to the phone registered policies. It could be a $30 per month plan or a $60per month plan for 5G devices as we acknowledge from Metro PCS no-contract wireless carrier.

Does MetroPCS offer free phones?

There are several free Metro PCS phones for existing customers and new customers who make the switch from other carriers and are willing to add a new line with a plan. You’ll find interesting deals with Metro by T-Mobile every Tuesday, other than that there are occasional limited-time free offers for the latest iPhones and Androids from known brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and OnePlus.

How much is it cost to upgrade your phone at Metro PCS?

Usually, there are several free phones deals available for upgrades at Metro PCS and if so you are pleased with the given models the spendings are much less and only requires a trade-in with a monthly plan of either $30 or $60s. If you have decided to go with a phone other than the free tag, it will be a discount offer for half the price of the original cost when you get an upgrade, the subsidiary cost will come with an agreement of at least six months of service.

Does Metro offer phone upgrades?

Yes, there are phone upgrades for existing customers to trade in their old phone for a new phone with lots of savings on both monthly plans and new devices. The currently available deals are specific for 5G only’s if you are in need, it is the best time to get a new 5G-ready device for faster connectivity from a selection of the latest phones at no extra costs.

How and who can upgrade Metro PCS phone?

Metro PCS phone upgrades for existing customers benefit from new device promotions, when customers have reached 180 days of service from purchase date and stayed on the network, they can qualify for new phone upgrades on the same line of service. It can happen both from an online store, mail-in rebates, or through (BYOD) bring your device offers.

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