FIXED Message Blocking is Active

FIXED Message Blocking is Active

When texting someone from your phone a notification appears as saying “Message Blocking is active.” What does it mean and how to fix that issue? It may sparkle many objectives but keep on hold till finish reading this article. It will likely solve all your queries about the message blocking issue.

Texting is an important means of conversation to date, and having a problem sending essential messages will cause anyone to panic in the middle of an important discussion. In this article, we’ll be covering the causes and solutions of the problem and suggesting fixes with easy steps.

Message Blocking is Active

Many users of iPhone and Android have been facing this notification when sending a text to a recipient. A pop-up emerges on the screen as a free message containing “Unable to send your message – Message Blocking is active.” It concerns users to investigate the issue that leads us to be able to convey the solution.

Because it is important to know the actual reason, some may think it is others who blocked their numbers while it could be them who blocked other people’s numbers with a blocklist. Although it seems simple it could be many other reasons that end up here.

In the usual scenarios, it is either the sender or receiver that blocks each other contacts. However, among many carriers who suffered from this problem, T-Mobile is on top of the list for frequently having this issue, but luckily it has solutions that you may interested in when encountering such a problem.

Common Reasons for Message Blocking is Active

Message Blocking is Active

There are many causes for “Free Msg: Unable to send a message – Message Blocking is active.” notification on phones. The below-mentioned points could be the reason you face this problem. In our research, these are the most common causes of “Message Blocking is active” on your phone.

1- Inactive Premium Messaging Service

If you have relied upon the premium message service of T-mobile, then you will not able to send or receive any text since they have completely blocked the service. It happens with the refusal of premium SMS services on T-Mobile’s behalf that was once a widely famous service with the customer’s support communications with carriers for verifying accounts, sending and receiving codes for the approval of veterans online banks accounts. If you have another network carrier then check out solutions in the next block.

2- Incorrect SMS Shortcode Number

The shortcode issue is what T-mobile discussed as the user error, which is not a bad excuse at all when they aren’t offering self-service shortcodes. In regards to the issue, we find both user and carrier are equal in that part. If you’re unable to send or receive text messages to a shortcode it could be the reason your wireless carrier is not supportive of that service and also possible that you have entered an incorrect shortcode number that leads to nowhere. Another cause will be an inactive short code campaign that you’re trying to interact with.

3- Contact Numbers are Blocklisted

Blocklist numbers are one of the reasons you couldn’t make calls, send or receive texts. It can be the exact problem of pop-up notification telling “Free Msg: Unable to send a message – Message Blocking is active.” It happens anytime you have annoyed by a number and end up blocking its contact from your phone. The possibilities lie for both receiver and the sender. In iPhone, iMessage can block a list of phone numbers with restrictions, and in Android contacts app or messaging app is the way of blocking and reporting spam texts.

4- Service is Out of Reach

The service outage is one of the main reasons you have trouble sending and receiving texts. To evaluate this issue, you need to check that there is carrier coverage available in your area or not. Check the status of signals in your phone, if you’re in an area where coverage is not available, all signals bars must be empty and you won’t be able to make calls and send messages. To ensure that you can also feed your address into the carrier coverage map to check your voice coverage in detail.

5- Data Plan is Restricted of Text Messages

It is not a common issue that data plans have restricted to texting as every other carrier out there is offering unlimited texts with each data plan that users can activate on their phone number for services. Unless your carrier is outdated you need to check the messages services are part of your plan or not. You can make sure for future abidance and read your plan offerings before subscribing to the service to know if it includes messaging services or not. If available then contact customer care for assistance with the matter.

6- Messaging App has Flaws

Sometimes it is neither the carrier issue and nor the user did any mistake. It could be the messaging app that is broken with some malicious settings. The problem occurs when you have multiple text messaging applications on your phone and services may deflect with response to a specific app that is in process. It is common in Android but iPhones are not far from troubling with messaging app issues. You can also make sure of space in your phone, at least 15% of free space is needed for messaging apps to work.

Solutions you can Work on for Fixing the Message Blocking is Active

Now we have discussed the common issues that can cause SMS blockage. So how do we can fix “Free Msg: Unable to send messages – Message Blocking live.” Here are several solutions that are worthy of mentioning to fix this error.

Quick Trouble Shooting Steps for Fixing

  • It is mandatory to once restart your device when facing poor data services.
  • Turn on and off Aeroplane mode from the notification panel to regain the signals.
  • Turn off the WiFi connection to focus on your device network.
  • Check if your phone is active with services or not from the settings.
  • Make sure your plan has messaging service on your account.
  • Correct your dial number and check the country code in case of international conversations.
  • Re-save the same contact in your phone contacts maybe with a different name.
  • Try to send plain text to check whether your messaging content is not the issue.
  • Clear data and Cache of your phone’s messaging apps and then restart your phone.
  • Eject and swap the SIM cards with different ports if you have a dual SIM-supported phone.

Go to Coverage Area for Texting

It is a simple phenomenon for gaining signals, changing the course to an area where your phone carrier is dominant for service. You can identify the signals shown by bars if they are empty then you can have trouble sending and receiving text messages. It means you must be in an area with poor coverage. Cell phone signals are coded streams in bits. In weak signals, some of the bits in packets must have lost that will get you low bandwidth that represents signals bars. But phones can manage to send texts if you just retry again and again.

Fix SMS Shortcode Number

If that is the case you are entering a correct SMS shortcode number then you may need to text “HELP” to a shortcode. It is a hint for marketing software providers for the fixing of service that will reset your wireless carrier-associated phone number for the SMS shortcodes. It will enable your phone to send and receive text message responses. Shortcodes give fast access to user account details, plans, and services for free. know that, if you are a T-mobile user they don’t support non-T-Mobile shortcodes with no credit check plans and service only the personal preference shortcodes numbers that will not effective for overseas users other than the U.S.

Allow Premium Access to your Messaging App

It is the permission that allows premium access feature in your messaging application. You can turn premium SMS permissions on or off whenever you want. The premium SMS refers to the kind of SMS shortcodes that you can send off using a unique number. Permission is needed for some messaging apps to work properly to send and receive messages.

  • Go to your phone settings and follow up.
  • Then head towards the applications settings or applications manager.
  • Look for the messaging application from the list.
  • In the permissions section, tap on special access or special permissions.
  • There it should mention “Premium Access” or “Send a premium text message.”
  • The name can be similar to the above kinds, so look according to your phone.
  • Select this option and check Always allow if other option selected to disabled.

iPhone users are aware of scenarios with solo messages. The premium SMS service is no longer supports iOS single messages and only works with group chats. On the other hand, Android users advantage of both group and singular texts without restrictions.

Unblock the Blocklisted Contacts

The blacklisted numbers could be the reason you are having trouble with messaging and see the error “Free Msg: Unable to send a message – Message Blocking on.” The solution is right in the phrase. You can contact the person who blocked your number and tell him to unblock your number. To ensure your number is unblocked or still blocked you can make a call if it is not blocked by the person then you should be able to talk.

Android Block List

  • To unblock a conversation with another person you can start with the messaging app.
  • Then settings and look for spam and blocked contacts or blacklisted contacts.
  • Tap to expand the options and view the blocked contacts.
  • Unblock the restricted contact from the list so you will be able to send and receive messages.

Apple iPhone Block List

In the Apple iPhone, the process is a bit different but effective for quick response to this issue. Chances are high that you will be able to continue your conversation with this effective method. In iMessage, there is a blocking list that needs to be cleared from the recipient number to receive or send messages. Even after the clearance of the blocklist, you can test these steps for fixing the problem, “Unable to send Message Blocking on iphone.”

  • Open the iPhone settings.
  • Turn off the iMessage application from the settings.
  • Try to send the message again.
  • If it is the problem with iMessage then your text will be sent.
  • Otherwise, you can turn on the iMessage app and try other methods.

Help from Customer Care

By contacting your carrier support you will be able to fix this problem of “Message Blocking” It is easy for customer care to technically solve your problem from their end and guide you through the whole process on our end. This way you will be able to retrieve your texting service on your phone. Contacting is possible through a variety of social media networks and through contact numbers that are mentioned on the help page of your carrier.


It is the problem that can be from either users or carrier services, that makes it a complicated issue for all of us. Text messaging is a part of our communication and they circle important pieces of information across the globe. So troubling with messaging is definitely cause panic. The above-mentioned solutions are our best shot for the fixing of this problem. If you have taken other measures to successfully solve this problem you may contact us with your tested solutions that we may include in our comment section or add up to our article. We hope this article will solve your issues with “Active Message Blocking” and resolve it very quickly. If you find it helpful share this page so that others can stop seeing this error.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix unable to send message blocking is active iPhone?

On an iPhone the process is complicated. It could be a premium messages issue or something else that stops sending you text messages on iPhone. The simplest solution is to turn off the iMessaging app. You can go to settings and block the iMessage app and resend the message from another app. If your text is successfully sent then we assume the iMessage app is faulty.

How do I fix message blocking is active?

The simplest fix is to unblock the blocked numbers so that you can send and receive messages from your contacts. The process goes through your phone, contact app, and messaging. One of them has settings where you find blocked numbers options. It will be listed all your restricted contact numbers that are now unable to send you texts or receive your messages. So unblocking the desired number will continue your conversation when you remove it from the blocklist so that it will be free to text.

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