Best 8 iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tools 2022

Best 8 iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tools 2022

There are many iCloud tools but only 8 are the best iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tools that O trust so far. These tools make your life easier once you’re stuck with Apple products and find broken iCloud service blocking your device for some reason.

It happens more frequently when you buy a used iPhone and the iCloud Activation Lock screen appears on the screen when it is turned on. It’s shown that the previous owner’s iCloud account is locked with this phone, so what should you do to get it off your iPhone and get access to the features you need?

This may be concerning but if you need a solution, I have more than eight of them, and I tell you that you will find these working solutions to help you successfully remove iCloud Activation Lock for free using legitimate procedures and skilled tools.

Even though the iCloud security lock feature was introduced as an anti-theft measure, but there are several legitimate reasons to unlock the iPhone.

  1. You may have purchased an iCloud-locked device by accident.
  2. Someone attempts to access your phone by entering too many incorrect passwords.
  3. The previous owner erased iPhone for selling without disabling ‘Find My Phone.

Before going forward here let’s have an introduction to the term “Activation Lock” and its purpose for iDevices security.

What Is iCloud Activation Lock, And How Does It Work?

What Is iCloud Activation Lock, And How Does It Work
What is iCloud Activation Lock, and How does it Work?

Apple has been working tirelessly to provide strong security in almost all of their smart devices for user’s data security. It acts automatically when a user sets up the “Find My” on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. The Activation Lock is part of the Find My feature that uses Apple Silicon and works on all the iDevices to help recover lost or stolen and erase data remotely.

Even if you erase your device remotely, Activation Lock can continue to deter and provide no access to others to reactivate your device without your permission. For this, you need to keep the “Find My” feature turned on and remember your Apple ID and password.

2 Ways For iCloud Activation Lock Removal From Your Apple Device

Method 1: iCloud Activation Lock Removal With Previous Owner Permissions

One way of removing the iCloud lock is by contacting the person from whom you have purchased the used iPhone and asking for the iCloud Activation Lock bypass code. It will be easy when your purchase is legit and the owner remembers the logged iCloud ID and passwords. It is, by the way, previous owner permissions, that you are reaching out to remove iCloud Activation lock removal free from your device. Although it is a bit lengthy process for second-hand-used iPhones. You can still ask for an activation lock to continue your usage on your purchased phone and gets no trouble along the way.

Method 2: Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner Apple ID Using Tools

This is the second way to work around your iDevice lock when you couldn’t find the previous owner to reach out to, ‘OR’ the person who sold the iPhone to you didn’t remember the previously used iCloud ID or password. It is then you can rely on tools and software solutions to remove Find My iPhone Activation Lock without previous owner Apple IDs.

Helping Tips For Your Welfare:

“Before purchasing an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iPod touch from anyone, check the device first to ensure that it has been erased and is no longer linked to the previous owner’s account for trouble-free when transferred to your ownership.

To quickly judge the security-related terms, turn on the device, and on the lock screen if you see “iPhone Locked to Owner,” then you will know it is protected by the Apple Activation Lock that prevents you from using it. So do not purchase it and look for authorized resellers and dealers for new or used Apple devices.”

Best 8 iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tools

Many of us have bought used gadgets at some point to save some bucks, this is not a shame if have purchased a good condition latest iPhone device for its versatility and uniqueness from other smartphones. But worries arise when you discover that your purchased device is protected by the owner’s lock and needs iCloud to access the unlock code.

Then you should either follow one of my solutions to guide you through iCloud activation lock removal free tools. If you have contact with the previous owner from whom you have got your device then demand the Access code to unlock the “iPhone Locked to Owner” screen and move along with the phone. Another way if you haven’t been able to contact the person who sold you the phone you should use one of these tools to fix the Activation Locks.

In the following methods you are going to see different online services and tool-based solutions that work as an iCloud lock removal service to remove even the latest iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and later versions when the lock screen is stuck at the Owner’s Activation Lock.

Option 1: iCloud IMEI Unlock Online iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service

iCloud IMEI Unlock Online iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service
Online Activation Lock Removal Services for Direct Unlocking

Although there are a whole lot of software-based tools for iCloud recovery and removal. You have the freedom to choose between the best iCloud activation lock removal free online or iCloud unlock tool free of cost and rely on a computer to complete the procedures by following the source instructions.

On the other side, online tools have the advantage of not requiring you to spend time and money on downloads, as the installation of any third-party program is not needed to use your computer for unlocking. It is your decision that initiates the search for a credible source but makes sure you have investigated the service’s illegitimacy.

If you are not feeling secure with the third-party online services then you should try out the official iPhone unlock by contacting the service center that will remove Activation Locks from iPhones. But when you want to use this service, just supply the IMEI serial number, and they will handle the rest.

Steps To Remove iCloud Activation Lock With iCloud IMEI Unlock Tool:

  1. Get to the website page by clicking the button here.
  2. From the Home Screen, you will find the section Apple iCloud Removal Services.
  3. Down there you need to select your device model and variant.
  4. For each device model, you will see a fee amount next to the type.
  5. Scroll the list and select your device for unlocking remotely.
  6. Then provide your IMEI number in the next section.
  7. Click on Unlock Now button to begin the process.
  8. Wait for the congratulation message upon completing the process.

Option 2: Unlock iPhone Online Using Unlock iCloud Activation Lock by IMEI

Unlock iPhone Online Using Unlock iCloud Activation Lock by IMEI
iPhone Approved Unlock Online

Your phone IMEI can be the way for unlocking your Apple device from online services. The iPhone Approved Unlock is another online tool for the removal of the Apple iCloud activation screen from your device. You log into the service website and check for your concern. If you feel right then you can handle the challenge of online unlocking your device.

The mentioned service is for unlocking iOS devices without a computer. Works to remove iCloud lock from your device permanently and allow you to sign into a new account and use your iDevice without having effort. It provides services to iPhones, iPad, and Apple Watches displaying iCloud lock.

IMEI Unlock iCloud Activation Lock Steps:

  1. Get to the website.
  2. Have noticed your iPhone or iPad device IMEI.
  3. From the Unlock iCloud Activation Lock by IMEI section.
  4. Fill your device model either by typing or selecting from the list.
  5. Then for the services provide the IMEI address.
  6. In the last click on Unlock Now button.

Option 3: iCloudin iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tool

iCloudin iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tool
iCloudin iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tool

It is an advanced level unlocking tool that works from computers to take permit your ownership of your purchased iOS device that has been locked with iCloud.
You can get it free of cost and use it to disable the iCloud Activation screen lock from your iOS device.

The developer has offered it free of charge to overcome the iCloud activation lock, which even works on the latest iOS 16. Many users have suggested iCloudin as an effective method to remove an iCloud lock when the device is restored or erased without disabling the ‘Find My’ feature which bound the phone to the last used account.

However, the use is pretty simple and the tool is compatible with all iOS devices, even the latest iOS 16, not to mention that it includes many more features and assists with a straightforward user interface.

  1. Download the latest version of the iCloudin tool
  2. Install it on your PC or Windows computer.
  3. Connect the iOS device; iPhone iPad, or iPod touch.
  4. It will recognize your device with a model number.
  5. Press start to begin the operation.
  6. It takes time to scan your and bypass iCloud Activation Lock.
  7. On pass message, you can restart the device.

Option 4: Professional Apple iPhone Unlock Service Online

Professional Apple iPhone Unlock Service Online
Professional Apple iPhone Unlock Service Online

It is one of the most trusted services that you can access online to remove the Apple Activation Lock from your iOS device without a computer. Their service is reliable and quickly settles the activation screen with IMEI unlocking. You can permanently unblock your iCloud from all across the world with online access even if you update the iOS to the latest iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.

It is an IMEI-based unlocking utility that performs the following activities:

  1. Removes the device from the previous owner’s iCloud account permanently.
  2. Allows you to activate an iDevice whose password you have forgotten.
  3. Works with all iPhone models, as well as all iPads and iWatches running iOS 16 or later.

Option 5: AnyUnlock iCloud Activation Unlocker Software

It is a professionally calibrated Apple ID remover tool that works on all teh devices running iOS. The software has an excellent set of features for your ease and manages quickly with easy categorized (UI) user interface. The tool circumvents the iCloud Activation Lock screen with automatic procedures that are embedded into the software.

Following are the procedure guidelines:

  1. To Unlock iCloud without the Activation key download the software.
  2. Run the software and connect your iDevice to it.
  3. Click Unlock iCloud or Unlock Apple ID.
  4. Then it will take you to the screen and provide you with the instructions.
  5. Follow the instructions and have your iDevice unlocked from iCloud.

Option 6: Professional iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool iBypasser

Professional iCloud activation lock removal iBypasser is a reliable and trustworthy software for the removal of Apple ID. It supports a wide range of devices and offers a high success rate with excellent compatibility for all the iOS versions including iOS 16.

  1. You can turn off ‘Find My iPhone’ without entering a password.
  2. Removes previous Apple ID tracks.
  3. Bypass the iCloud activation screen lock.
  4. Gain access to your smartphone with no restrictions.

Option 7: Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool
Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Doulci iCloud Unlocking tool is another simple and effective method for bypassing iCloud lock on a new iOS device that is running iOS 16 and later versions. It features many useful options for unlocking Apple ID and more. You can have it free of cost and download teh setup on your PC to bypass Apple Activation Lock from your device.

  1. You can use it to bypass the iCloud activation screen without Apple ID or password
  2. Remove screen lock when forgot your passcode.
  3. Remove restrictions of the ‘Find My’ service without a password.

Option 8: OpenMyiCloud Unlocker Tool Free iCloud Removal

OpenMyiCloud Unlocker Tool Free iCloud Removal
OpenMyiCloud Unlocker Tool Free iCloud Removal

If you have limited experience with unlocking tools, look no further than the Open My iCloud tool, which does not require any specialist knowledge. The Open My iCloud software is one of the best professional-grade tools available with several years of service, making it the most well-known software for removing iOS locks.

It has been a wonderful software that most of us remember from the seventh-gen iPhone unlocking and still serves the way up to the most recent iOS devices. It is one of the greatest iCloud unlock tool download-free options for anyone looking to remove a previous owner’s Apple ID lock.

Guidelines For OpenMyiCloud Unlocker Tool Free iCloud Removal:

  1. First, go to the website and download the OpenMyIcloud Unlocker tool.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer with Windows or Mac
  3. Run Unlock iCloud software and let it connect to the iCloud server activator.
  4. Choose your phone from the list for permanent unlocking iCloud services.
  5. Then let it bypass iCloud lock from your phone.


Apple has improved the ‘Find My’ and make it harder to bypass the “iCloud Activation Lock” other than the owner himself. It is good news for owners to continuously rely on iCloud security and a good thing for people who trusted the company for the safety and convenience of features. But what if you buy a used iPhone with an iCloud lock from the previous owner? You can either look for the previous owner and ask for the Activation code or look for ways to bypass the security. I can tell it is the reason you are here and now you have found the solution with iCloud Activation Lock Removal Free Tools, you can permanently fix the forgotten Apple ID and disappear the screen Activation Lock forever.

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