How to Unlock Amazon Account in 2023[100% Working]

How to unlock Amazon account, my Amazon account is locked. What should I do to unfreeze my account?

It is the question you are asking, and here is our guide for unfreezing amazon blocked accounts. If your account is a lock for security purposes, then this guide will help you with steps to unlock your Amazon account.

Is your Amazon Account locked or blocked for security reasons? Here is our solution on how to unlock Amazon accounts that are temporarily blocked or restricted for invalid verification. Here you will learn different ways to unlock your Amazon accounts easily with simple steps.

In most cases, your information is insufficient for Amazon authorities such as your credit card statements, your ID, your billing address, and your Amazon transactions. Your Amazon account is certainly locked. Here is our suggestion in the straightforward guide that helps you reopen an Amazon account that is blocked.

If you are desperate, you are relying on Amazon as your primary business or working as a provider or a shipper. In such cases, it is an even harder and more annoying business. But worry not to take our suggestions and apply them to results.

How to Unlock Amazon Account

The kind of thing that can easily paralyze your business and leave you unable to access your account is fake details; Yep, it is true Amazon is shredding every bit of information on sellers and drop shippers for being legit businessmen from now on.

It is hard for anyone to cheat Amazon, not after the new policies. If you are thinking of opening a new Amazon account after being suspended, that can do the work, but what about your investment and ranking.

Do not panic. We are here to help, and these are facts that keep us looking into your problem. So what can be done now, and why did it happen to you? But whatever the reason for your account blockage, you are close to finding recovery methods for your Amazon seller account, corporate account, merchant account, or affiliate accounts.

Unlocking temporarily locked Amazon accounts is relatively easy in comparison with a fully sealed block account.

Your genuine information is the key to unlocking your Amazon account, so think about the legit information you have about the account.

If it is right, then Amazon will reinstate your account from Amazon without the credit card and billing information within days.

Here we are sharing several methods tested and fully working. First, you can benefit from the information regarding the provoke reasons you suspend your Amazon account in the first place and learn from your mistakes to fix the blocked account. Then, take a look at our suggested steps to reinstate your account.

Many experts cannot answer the questions about Amazon policies management and account re-access jobs.

The gift we gave you is the resolution for your account bad luck. Fortunately, if your Amazon account information is authentic, You can easily unblock your Amazon account after being banned.

We know that because, over the years, we have helped more than 100 shippers successfully unblock Amazon accounts and get their businesses back on track.

Today we will share how you can do this, including the strategy we use, and the exact script you should say, and then invite our entire Facebook team to guide you through the process.

Quick Recovery of Amazon Locked Account (Fast Steps More Results)

If your Amazon account is temporarily locked or frozen. There are chances that they enable certain recovery features on your account for verification.

Different countries and states have various Amazon specialists, so there are differences in the account verification system.

United States users are allowed to communicate with Amazon specialists when their Account is blocked. But not all users have such features.

When the Amazon account is unlocked and asks for verification, follow these steps to fully activate the account and its activities.

This process is when your Amazon account showed the Add document button for verification. It allows you to upload documents to the Amazon account specialists who handle your account.

  1. Open your dispatch email/ account connected email.
  2. Find your last dispatch order with a confirmation email.
  3. Use this link to get access to your account.
  4. There show all the instructions you should follow to recover your account.
  5. From the product page, try to buy anything.
  6. It shows an error message.
  7. “Your account is on hold and is locked.”
  8. Now you have to click on the Add document button.
  9. And upload all your required documents.

Why do Amazon Accounts get Locked?

Why do Amazon Accounts get Locked

Based on our experience, there are three main reasons why Amazon will lock your account. But also, two widely considered reasons are usually not related to your account being closed. So let’s take a look at these myths first.

  1. Amazon locks accounts of drop shippers for heavy usage of Prime. (Suspicious Activity)
  2. Amazon locks accounts because they disagree with dropshipping. (Unidentified Results)
  3. Insufficient information in your account documents. (Lack of Genuine Information)

Amazon receives millions of dollars in sales (and US dollars) each year due to falling sales. They hand over the packaging of the Amazon brand to new customers and get deals on a competitive platform.

What is not love? The problem with these myths is that they often lead to dishonesty when they talk to Amazon because they worry that they violate the rules, so they enter false information or lie.

Which makes the situation almost impossible to correct, as you will see. That way, Amazon doesn’t want to make it harder for you to get an order.

The real reason for Amazon’s locked accounts is more about protecting customers from fraud and money laundering.

Amazon Payment Declined (Failed Credit Card Verifications)

Amazon Payment Declined (Failed Credit Card Verifications)

If you have previously suspended your Amazon account, you may enter fake billing details or use someone else’s credit card when you open a new account. Although it seems like a smart move, it usually proves to be the exact opposite.

You see, when you add a credit card to your Amazon account, they check to see if the billing address registered with your card provider matches the default address of your Amazon account. If it’s not so ready, Amazon will lock out your report soon.

This is not Amazon’s attempt to become evil; it’s just Amazon trying to prevent potential fraud. Amazon’s annual sales are about $200 billion, so it makes sense to invest in a robust system to prevent customers from being cheated.

Suspicious Gift Card Activity (Unredeemed Amazon Gift Card)

Suspicious Gift Card Activity (Unredeem Amazon Gift Card)

Dropshippers like to buy gift cards to purchase items. But for Amazon, gift cards are equivalent to cash on their platform, so they must be closely regulated. Amazon has the broadest range of products of any retailer in the world.

It has become the primary goal of money launderers (no pun intended) to turn cash into items. This leads to two large triggers that typically remind Amazon to lock the account while processing the gift card.

Heavy usage of gift cards: Buying and unredeemed Amazon gift cards in a large number of gift cards seem unusual, so Amazon will want to verify your reasons.

Opening a new account: If someone enters Amazon and opens a PRIME tab, the first thing they do is to purchase a gift card, which will cause your Amazon account to be locked immediately.

Once again, Amazon does not want to be evil. They only need to comply with various money laundering regulations around the world. They like your money and enjoy your order to buy from them as much as possible.

Different Locations Account Access (Multiple IP Addresses on One Interface)

Different Locations Account Access (Multiple IP Addresses on One Interface)

Opening your Amazon account in one location and then using an IP address to make a large purchase in another place allows Amazon to start thinking, “How is this possible?” and “Your account is hacked?”. So we had a phone conversation with Amazon.

They specifically told us that the account was created in the United States and purchased a gift card thousands of miles away through an IP address in the Netherlands. Therefore, international shippers should be wary of using a local IP address to access and purchase gift cards or using software that logs in from one location when ordering from another site.

Amazon Seller Identity Verification Problems (Amazon Seller Documents Rejected)

Amazon Seller Identity Verification Problems (Amazon Seller Documents Rejected)

When you contact Amazon to unlock your account, they usually ask for the billing address on your credit card statement – show transactions on Amazon (by fax), and sometimes provide ID, bill, or credit card details with A copy of the information.

If the information you originally entered on your Amazon account is correct, there should be nothing to worry about by providing these details, and it will quickly resolve your Amazon issue.

But please note that if you enter false information, there is little chance of unlocking your account. So instead, you should scroll down and read how to prevent future versions from being locked.

Amazon Account Verification Documents

Amazon Account Verification Documents
  1. In case your Amazon account is locked with suspicious activity.
  2. Your documents consist of actual information about your account.
  3. Bank statement of Credit Card or Debit Card with details.
  4. Attach Account Serial Number and Shipping address.
  5. It also requires your house bill, internet bill, or electric bill in case of evidence requirement of location.
  6. For account has an Amazon gift card locked.
  7. It could be the reason for over usage of Gift cards.
  8. You have to attach your Gift Card receipt for details.

How to Contact Amazon and What to Say?

There are two priorities when you want to contact Amazon. Below are the ways you can contact Amazon and unlock your blocked Amazon accounts.

  1. Contact Amazon by Phone
  2. Amazon Email Address

1. Contact Amazon by Phone

Contact Amazon by Phone

Step 1: Amazon account holders can phone 1-888-280-4331 Amazon Customer Service or 1-206-266-2992 for Customer Care Crew.

You can make your way to an agent and describe your issue to resolve. These phone numbers are available seven days a week from 3 AM to 10 PM PST.

Step 2: If the issue is severe then you should ask for a supervisor to have your case, this way you can directly provide the verification details t superiors.

Step 3: Explain that your account was blocked by mistake after you purchased the product and that you need an account specialist to review your details and recover your account.

2. Amazon Customer Service Email Address (Amazon Email Address)

Amazon Customer Service Email Address (Amazon Email Address)

If you have a lock or blocking problem with your Amazon account, such can be resolved with email Amazon at [email protected] If you have complained about any services or inquiries for issues an open general inquiry email address is [email protected].

When you reach the Amazon agent to view your problem, tell him about your condition and why such a thing happens to your business account.

If a dispute doesn’t work out then you can ask for a supervisor and provide all your verification details to come to an agreement.

If you sell on Amazon, you will understand the importance of maintaining account standing. However, the incident did occur, and the Amazon account may be locked from time to time. Amazon accounts may be locked for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Authenticity complaints from customers
  2. Copyright/patent infringement
  3. Suspected account hacking
  4. Violating policies or code of conduct
  5. Review manipulation

How to Open New Amazon Affiliate Account After Busted With Initial One

If you are new to Amazon associates, you must know what it is about basic. It is a program that grants you to generate sales through the social platform by gathering lots of audiences. Which results in a margin of that product profit in your account as a reward.

You can open amazon prime on your laptop. That can be a full-time job or a great way to monetize passion with a real job on the go.

Unblocking Amazon Account Step by Step


Here is a way of recovering a locked Amazon Account that is already suspended and did not show any document verification button. Such an account is only recoverable through Amazon Specialist. There are three ways to contact an Amazon Specialist and request to unlock your Amazon account.

  1. Through Phone
  2. Email
  3. Through Support Chat

Connect with Amazon Specialist through Phone Call

  1. Call +1 (206)-266-2992 to communicate with Amazon Account Specialists for Assistance. At first, your call directly to an answering machine that announces different contact and support options.
  2. Select the option with Support for Prime Members. Then talk with Amazon’s superior, who has the authority to unblock accounts. You have to define your account situation and provide the necessary details.
  3. Convince him by explaining your details with simple language and ask him to review your situation. Tell him that you made a mistake and please him to recover your account.

Connect with Amazon Specialist through Email

You can Email Amazon and communicate with an authority member to unblock your account. There are three prior ways of Email to Amazon.

  1. Your connected Email.
  2. CEO Email
  3. Through Amazon Portal

Explaining Each Step With Guidelines

1. Contact Amazon Account Specialist with Dispatch Email

When Amazon freezes or blocks an account, it will send users an email to mention the reason for account blockage. You can access this email by opening your Account Email.

The message should look like this “Your account has been locked, and you cannot access it for the following reason.”

You can reply to that email and directly communicate with the authorities. If there is a request for verification details, you have to fulfill such a requirement by uploading your documents to unblock your account.

2. Contact to CEO’s Office through Email

Amazon has a direct email address connected with the CEO’s special team that handles high-profile cases. They have high authority for taking situations faster. Email [email protected] to contact the CEO team.

Please include your account details with the proper layout and send them to this email. The information helps them to understand your situation and the reason for locking your account.

3. Use Amazon Portal to Email

Sadly this feature is only available for US users only. You have to contact a third-party user to recover your account. US users can take advantage of this feature and unblock their accounts by following the steps.

FA, you are sending mail directly to Amazon authorities via the Amazon portal. Include legit information about your account that includes your name, email address, and account serial number. You can follow our easy procedure and easy to follow.

  1. First, join the Amazon Portal to communicate.
  2. Then in the Account sign-in form, click on the Help or Need help icon.
  3. It will display some help options for assistance.
  4. Choose other issues and sign in.
  5. In any case, the help doest display other options.
  6. Click the option “cannot sign in to my account.”
  7. It will prompt you to email Amazon directly.
  8. You can write decent mail for your account.
  9. Ask to regain access to your gift card balance.
  10. Or anything that can access your account but does not look suspicious.
  11. Then attach your billing address of the last order and the recipient.
  12. This approach makes it look like legit discussions and restores your account.

Final Take

Account lockouts can occur on seller accounts and regular purchase accounts. You will receive an email notifying you why your account was locked. Here in this blog, you have learned how to unblock Amazon account with very simple steps.

Hopefully, you have satisfied with the results. If a problem with your account verifications then submitting ID documents can resolve the invalid billing address issues. It will resolve the issue quickly without any delays.

For more severe violations, you will need to contact Amazon via email and discuss the problem to recover your account with possible solutions. Also, you’ll need to read Amazon’s Terms of Service and learn how to open an Amazon store properly to help you avoid such problems in the future.

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