How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular

To unlock your phone from US Cellular for free, follow CITA’s unlocking guidelines for phones and tablets. You can obtain an unlock code by dialing 888-944-9400 or by following our free unlocking procedures from this post.

Mobile phone carriers do not want you to switch carriers oftentimes, it is the business model that assisted them with locked phones so users will remain stuck to the carrier long after the end of the trial.

The reason is they don’t tell your contract expiration date unless you have asked. It is similar to all the major carriers of America, but the problem got the solution. In this article, we will discuss how to unlock a phone from US Cellular with different approaches.

When you purchase a phone from a cellular carrier they will come with an installment plan for different periods, and unless the given period is ended you are unable to switch your carrier and nor leave the services. The practice is quite known for the majority of phones sold by carriers in the United States. The suggested way out of such contracts is to complete the contract and then unlock your phone to switch to any network for free.

How To Unlock A Phone From US Cellular For Free

The US Cellular locked phones can be unlocked and connected to other networks when you decide to depart from the installment plan of your carrier. It is the initial step that will allow you to consider the circumstances and conditions applied by your current carrier.

Your locked cell phone will only unlock once you insert the carrier-given code that is bound to your phone’s particular IMEI. Each phone has its IMEI number, it is called the International Mobile Equipment Identification number.

The official statement suggests that US Cellular policy is straightforward and all the prepaid and post-paid cell phones will remain locked for a 120-days period which is around four months.

Once the 120-day locking period has expired, US Cellular will automatically unlock your prepaid device and postpaid devices if it is active on the cellular network for services. There is no action is necessary on your part when you are a prepaid customer.

On another hand, if you are a cellular client on military service and produce deployment documents for a place outside of the U.S. Cellular coverage region, cellular will unlock your prepaid device upon request during the 120-day locking period.

Another consideration is that some mobile phone models may be ineligible for unlocking due to the device’s compatibility. It is only the old flip phones that may not be used on multiple networks; in this instance, your featured phone will not be unlocked from US Cellular.

Unlocking Policies of US Cellular for Postpaid and Prepaid Phones

It’s a common problem that US Cellular phones are locked to the carrier, and can’t be used with other service providers. But if you follow certain conditions and rules set by US Cellular then you can unlock US Cellular phones very easily. US Cellular unlocks both pre-paid and post-paid mobile phones in several different ways. Let’s take a look at policy guidelines.

  • Phones that have been lost, stolen, or purchased fraudulently will not be unlocked by US cellular.
  • It is certain that US Cellular is unable to unlock handsets purchased from other carriers.
  • US Cellular-locked 4G LTE devices were released prior to February 1, 2016.
  • If you upgrade the phone software some of the devices can be unlocked automatically.
  • 3G devices released before February 1, 2016, will be unable to be unlocked upon request, it is due to the termination of 3G services across America.
  • If you have a more recent handset you can contact US Cellular for assistance with your device unlocking procedure.
  • US military, personnel can submit deployment documents for quick unlocking.
  • Before requesting the unlock code prior to 120 days lock period, your postpaid or prepaid account must be in good standing without any debt.
  • If you are a US Cellular client who has paid in full for your device and has a current postpaid account you can contact for unlock code anytime.
  • A similar suggestion for US Cellular postpaid subscriber who has paid off all of their debts to US Cellular can request for unlock code anytime.

Steps to Unlock US Cellular Phone

  • Dial *#06# on your phone’s keypad you will see a 15- or 17 digits IMEI number.
  • Then you can dial 611 or call 888-944-9400 to contact US Cellular service center.
  • Tell the reception to register your request and unlock your phone for other carriers.
  • They will ask for your phone IMEI number that you are known at that point.
  • When your request is confirmed for phone unlocking you will be asked to note down the unlock code.
  • That you can insert when you switch a new SIM card of another carrier to complete the unlocking process.
  • Once done, your phone will be unlocked and all the carriers that you wanted for phone services.

Sometimes carriers will tell you to wait for approximately a week before you will receive your unlock code but mostly it is done within 24 hours period. The unlocked devices will most likely use any prepaid carrier SIM card that you refer to without any contracts or fees.

Final Take

In the United States, there are various companies that will allow you to pay for your contracted phone along with the services and in this instance, they will almost certainly lock the phone to their carrier to keep you working for them.

This is excellent for the corporation, but consumers will have to spend more money to fully own the device and sometimes its cost will be doubled for counting penalties, undisclosed fees, and expensive services.

However, if you want to switch providers or simply sell it for good, unlocking is a necessary step that you can go through. While most carriers provide unlocking services after you have completely paid off your phone and any installments, it does not always happen immediately.

The process can be time-consuming and varied depending on the provider, but for US Cellular you can wait for 120 days and your phone will be unlocked from the carrier, and if your phone is not unlocked you can contact for unlock code.

Unlocking your phone will allow you to use it with any carrier, making it more versatile and less expensive. The process is simple but can vary depending on the type of device that you have, because US Cellular will be unable to unlock phones before February 2016.

If you are unsure if your device is unlocked properly, then make a test and insert another carrier SIM card or put your IMEI number on the IMEI checker tool online for details.

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