How To Unlock A Cricket LG Phone

As a customer of Cricket Wireless prepaid wireless services, it is your right to unlock your phone when you require switching carriers for good reason. The situation has many turns but what we discuss here is, How to unlock a Cricket LG phone for free? Which is the reason you land here to know the process of unlocking your phone from carrier lock.

Many Cricket Wireless cell phones have been programmed and locked to the carrier to not attend to other SIM cards until the particular period of the service agreement is in process. But unlike services with contracted cell phones, the prepaid service providers are available for the better of both worlds. It means prepaid carriers are less formal with locked phones and don’t strictly bound a customer to the toes.

How to Unlock a Cricket LG Phone for Free?

First, discuss the reasoning, the thing is both the postpaid and prepaid service providers have offered various phones at discounted rates to steal the customers of other networks. It seems good for customers to benefit from rivalry but business is not suitable for service providers when anyone can leave the service anytime without being asked.

This brings the phone lock system that sticks users to one carrier at a time so that no one can easily escape the service, at least not before a particular period set by the service operator policies. This means no one is going anywhere until bills are paid and the service limit is ended.

Doing that now we have carrier phones, locked with a single network service which means you will be able to call, text, and use data on that particular network and no way else works with their services until the limit passes. It is said that you will be able to unlock a cricket phone, not before 6 months of mobile service usage.

On second prospectives, locked phones have developed another branch of phones those are unlocked and can be used for any type of service at own settlements, which is accountable for (BYOP) bring our device, kind of services those are offered by every carrier out there for keeping service at your favorite phone without locking it to the carrier simply because you have owned it.

So, come back to our main topic, we have concluded some particular methods to have you unlock your Cricket LG phone with simple steps. To begin, we have rounded all the possible solutions that might help your issue of locking the LG device and bringing it back to working condition.

Process: How Do Cricket Network Unlock your LG Phone from Home?

The unlocking process is stiff and legit with the guidelines of Cricket Wireless for all the devices currently on network lock. If you’re an active Cricket customer then unlocking your Cricket Wireless phone is easy. But before jumping to our solution for unlocking a Cricket LG phone, there is a criterion that passes through the Cricket Wireless unlock requirements for any other brand phone sold by Cricket.

Below down are the requirements that are compulsory for unlocking a cricket phone for other networks. In our case, it is an LG phone and we all knew LG manufactures Android phones so we follow up on Android steps. If so you can go straight with the requirements when you’re an active Cricket customer and prove eligibility to Cricket to have your phone unlocked with a couple of steps.

Requirements to Unlock Your Cricket Phone:

  • Your phone must be active for the last six months and used with Cricket mobile paid services.
  • Your phone must not be flagged stolen to be secured for authorities to take action.
  • The number that is activated for the corresponding phone is working and does not report lost applications.
  • The account you used doesn’t have suspicious activities that might suspend unlocking requests.
  • Also, military personnel can have special treatment with priority and can have direct support from contact numbers or 611 helplines.
  • If the phone is purchased with the Cricket store before the timeline of (Jan 4, 2018) the paid service requirement is not applied to it and will be unlocked before 6 months of testimony.

Get Cricket Wireless Unlock Code from Cricket Wireless

When you meet the eligibility requirements we have listed for your information, it is time to unlock your LG device with the code. The process is simple and requires you to open your Cricket account and send a request for Cricket Wireless to unlock a code that will provide freedom of choice for your phone’s next carrier. It can be done as follows.

  • Sign in to your “Cricket Account” and from Account Settings select the option “Get Code.”
  • Or go through customer service and contact at 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538) to reach out to a support member for instructions.

Steps to Unlock Cricket LG Phone for all Carriers with Cricket Wireless Unlock Code:

  1. Log in to “My Account” and head to Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down the settings and select the option “Get Code.”
  3. After that, a prompt will appear on the screen that you can follow up.
  4. Choose the number that is collaborated with your phone and select “Request Unlock” to receive a unlock code.
  5. Then an unlock code will be received on your number that you can use to unlock your phone.
  6. Android can immediately display code with pop-up notifications and also in text.
  7. While iPhones only receive a text message containing an unlock code.

By doing these steps you will unlock a Cricket LG Phone for free and retrieve your phone without breaking it with unnecessary apps and tools that might damage the whole operating system and it may not function as required to get you a prior connection with other networks.

Unlock any Cricket Phone through MyCricket App

Unlock any Cricket Phone through MyCricket App

Having a locked Cricket Wireless phone is a headache when you are on an international trip and need to use another Sim Card from the local network. Here unlocking helps and gives any Cricket phone the freedom to be able to communicate overseas without any problem. Below is the process mentioned for unlocking any Cricket device for any carrier of choice with full freedom.

Steps to Unlock any Cricket Phone Free for Freedoms:

  1. On your Cricket phone open the MyCricket Application.
  2. Go to options and sign out of the app if you already signed in.
  3. Then again open the sign-in options in the app and select “Unlock Device.”
  4. Tap on the “Unlock” button and continue the prompt to unlock your device from the screen.
  5. After that, you need to restart your phone to successfully unlock it from the Cricket Wireless network.

Why Would Anyone Network Unlock Cricket LG Phone?

Cricket holds locked phones for customers to remain in their network and only use their services to communicate. They have installed a specific lock code for each handset to use for only Cricket network services. This way they have insured customers remains active for at least six months of paid service time, which is their policy as a prepaid network. You can have a look at possible reasons why would anyone want to unlock their Cricket devices.

Reasons for Unlocking Cricket Wireless Phones:

Cricket has been wise with device unlock codes and they are aware of the situation and may need a person to change its mobile network carrier for a specific time or permanently. The reasons we have common for phone unlock are international traveling, finding a better service provider at comparative less rates, wanting to sell your phone as unlocked, or may have restrictions that cause communication interference.

An unlocked phone allows you to use the local wireless service when you trip overseas countries and look forward to relying on a SIM card from a local company while staying. The benefits are switching back your personal carrier and Cricket Sim Card in your pocket to have your service back to track when you request to continue by contacting customer services.

Unlock Cricket iPhone

Even though you have a cricket LG phone the process is described for all the cricket phones, so anyone can get help for unlocking their Cricket locked phones and discontinue the services. The iPhone users can have slightly different procedures for unlocking codes and we have stepped up all the procedures for help.

Steps to Apply Cricket Wireless Unlock Code in Cricket iPhone for any Carrier:

  1. After receiving your Cricket Wireless unlock code you can write it down on paper and turn off your iPhone.
  2. Then remove your Cricket Wireless Sim Card from the iPhone.
  3. Insert any other carrier Sim Card in your iPhone.
  4. Turn back on your iPhone and it will ask for unlock code on the lock screen.
  5. You can enter the unlock code in the corresponding prompt and continue.
  6. Complete the process and restart the iPhone and your phone is unlocked.

How Do Cricket Phones Come Locked?

Wireless network carriers like Cricket Wireless phones come locked for a reason, they have bought phones directly from major brands and then resell them to customers for discounts along with the monthly mobile network services. This process gives them an intentional advantage to stick users on their network until a specific period.

Depending on the mobile brand and model, Cricket Wireless embedded a secret number that is different for device IMEI. Once you request for Cricket unlock code for the locked device it should enable the phone to have any other carrier services with a Sim Card.

If you are not sure about the other carriers’ compatibility, then you can head to the carrier website and confirm with the company support person for compatibility. It will be a wise decision when you reach them before purchasing the Sim Card for services.


The reason many network providers SIM lock their phones is to keep customers on their network for a long time and in doing so they have planned many smartphones offer for this purpose. Some may have $0 costs and some have half the real price discounts to new and existing customers in exchange for a contract that is an agreement for a specific period of services. To unlock a Cricket phone, especially LG phones to work on another network, you will require a network unlock code that is set by the carrier which can release your phone from restrictions and allow freedom of choice to have any carrier services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you unlock Cricket iPhone?

To unlock the Cricket iPhone you have to contact the customer care center for unlock code. It will then requires privileges to have your Apple iPhone unlocked with an unlock code. Cricket unlock code reasonably obtain on some requirements: The iPhone is been active for at least six months on service, Not been reported lost or stolen, and the account has not have flagged for fraudulent activities. Once fulfilled an agent will keep your request and have uu the code with a method.

Why does my iPhone say carrier lock SIM locked?

Apple iPhones and all other devices that are purchased from the carrier store come with a carrier lock that makes users stay on the network for a specific time. When you have replaced the carrier SIM card with another one your phone got teh message something similar to “SIM is not supported Your iPhone is locked to Carrier.”

Do you need to unlock Cricket Wireless phone when traveling to Mexico or Canada?

If you have activated the nationwide plan then Mexico and Canada are included for coverage and you haven’t hurdle to unlock your device for traveling in these regions. Cricket offered a $50 per month plan for all international calling to Mexico and Canada so you can have relaxed service during your stay without spending extra on other networks.

What is the purpose of unlocking your phone?

Usually, international travels are the reason many customers left their carrier for the local communication at visiting country or state. Doing so makes the phone unlocked for the other carriers which means you have to buy a local SIM card to communicate from that region.

Is it OK to unlock a phone?

Its fine t have unlocked ohone or do unlock your carrier phone for the freedom of choice among the best carriers services without being bound to long term plans. When you have restrictions it is Ok to unlock your phone and have your choice for rival cellular networks with no purchase on other phones models or brands.

Why do network providers lock their phones?

It is the strict business model that throws on US citizens for decades and not going away for the next two or three decades at least no knowledge on our sides. Each carrier who has provided customers a free ohone or discounted ohone and even standard purchase order are all comes with carrier signature lock for only their SIM cards to work so if you have broken the plan your phone is not going to work with other carriers out there unless it is unlocked.

What is the reason for unlocking a phone?

Simple reasons can change the mood to go from a carrier phone to an unlock freedom phone for personal choices. It can be the reason other carriers offered great deals, you’re done with your phone and want to sell, switch to another wireless service provider to avoid traveling expend=ses when going abroad it cost roaming fees when making calls with a current locked phone.

How long does it take to unlock a Cricket phone?

Usually, it takes two business days to unlock a prepaid device associated with any carrier. in the time your phone must be free from any hard activities and powered on to recieb=ve teh code. You can simply contact customer care and ask for unlock key. After receiving the unlock request, Cricket will provide an unlock code that will have you unlocked from carrier restrictions.

How do you reset a Cricket phone when it’s locked?

You can power off your Cricket phone and then press and hold the power button and volume down button at the same time. It will take you to the boot menu where options are placed for all sorts of software rest settings. You can navigate the menu through your volume keys and press the up button to enter the reset this phone option and it will reset soon after.

How can you tell if your phone is locked to a carrier?

Grab your phone and remove the SIM card then insert another carrier SI card and use it for communication, if it is working then hurry, your phone is unlocked and you can have freedom of cellular networks. On the other hand, if it says, your phone is locked to the carrier then you are using contract-based services with a locked phone.

How to unlock a cricket phone before 6 months?

If Cricket unlocking procedure fails and denies unlocking requests before six months, you can try out for a quick unlock code. It can be any other trusted site that has a good following of successful unlock codes attempts then you can have your phone free from carriers lock in no time.

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