How To Track A Verizon Phone Remotely Locate Your Device

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a moment or two of panic when realizing your phone is missing. But hey, technology has solutions for technology-based tools.

Google’s Find My Device is one of the best ways to find your lost phone, however, if Verizon is your operator and you are using the Verizon wireless services on your phone you might have multiple options to track a Verizon phone that is lost or stolen.

Users of Verizon cell phones who want to track their phone’s location via GPS online have a variety of choices based on the phone’s operating system. If it is an Android phone you might have more options for tracking compared to Apple iPhones which are restricted with limited apps to track down the exact location of a stolen phone.

How To Track A Verizon Phone

There are various choices available to you, both paid and free, but here you will find the simple and easy-to-use techniques that give you quick access to your phone. All the modern phones are GPS-enabled so that your Verizon phone.

You can contact Verizon and ask for tracking your cell phone’s position by your phone number that is registered customer contact. Verizon has a helpful tool that allows users to track their phones and locate them with ease.

Cell phone users of Verizon want to track the location of their Verizon cell phone using GPS features. But there are different apps for Basic Phones (featured phones), Android devices, and iOS Apple iPhones.

Requirements and Precautions of Finding Verizon Lost Phone

Track a Verizon phone process only applies when the corresponding phone is enabled with the “Find My Device” in Androids or “Find My” services in iPhones to let the use of remote access via GPS and allow access to the remote feature with a verified email address. It is suggested to use your existing Gmail with the “Find My Device” online from your computer or any phone or internet IoT device for a quick approach.

  • Your phone must be turned on for location tracking.
  • Your Google Account Gmail or Apple ID in iCloud must be signed in to the phone.
  • Be connected to mobile data or WiFi for signals.
  • GPS location must be turned on to transmit location details.
  • Find My Device app or Find My iPhone must be turned on to make possible remote access to your phone.
  • If your own device is lost, you can locate it from another phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.

Verizon Find My Phone Android Device

Verizon Find My Phone Android

Android offers a variety of GPS-enabled cell phone tracking apps. The first is the official Google Find My Device app, which allows you to track your Verizon Android phone using other Android devices or a web browser on a computer or laptop.

As an Android safety policy, this app comes pre-installed, and the phones and is mostly merged in the settings. If your Verizon phone is Android and it doesn’t have the “Find My Device” app then you can freely download it from Google’s Play store and set it up with your Gmail for remote access that allows you to find it remotely with a web browser.

Besides the “Find My Device” there are many location apps that use GPS to track the location of devices that are available for use on Android phones.

You can track your Verizon wireless phone using any of them but all of them require installation and set up before use, it means you can only track your Verizon phone once you have enabled the location features and set up the location tracking app on your phone.

When you’re sure of the settings then your phone can be found and you’ll enable to delete all the storage remotely and change the lock code for security.

Features of Find My Device

  • Locate your stolen phone location on Google’s Map.
  • You can lock your phone with Find My Device remotely.
  • Permanently erase all of the data from your lost phone with a click.
  • Make it play sound at full volume for 5 minutes even if it is on silent mode.

Verizon Find My iPhone

Verizon Find My iPhone

If your Verizon wireless Apple iPhone is missing then you can find it with the help of the Find My iPhone tracking app. It comes pre-installed n every Apple iPhone for security.

The Apple solution for tracking is Find My iPhone and it is the only legit way of finding the misplaced phone or stolen one. You can find it in the setting of your iOS device, where it is linked to your iCloud.

You can track your iPhone’s current position from any other iOS device or on any computer after the app is activated.

The use of Find My iPhone is accessible from iCloud find and it is a handy tool for locating missing iPhones and allows complete cleaning of stolen iPhone and deleting all of its contents, locking it, and playing loud sounds even if the phone is on silent mode.

The process is useable for all Apple devices including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBooks. When location is enabled on a stolen phone you can track it from another iPhone or computer and can set up an alert to notify you when your iPhone is discovered.

Features of Find My iPhone

  • Locate your missing iPhone location on Map.
  • Erase your data and remove clean storage permanently with one click.
  • Can lock your phone remotely for extra security.
  • Play high volume sound when the nearby location for pointing the direction even if it is on silent mode.

The Verizon Wireless Family Locator is a family-friendly cell phone tracker that can remotely locate lost or misplaced phones. It can also be used for tracking basic phones that aren’t running Android or iOS-based operating systems.

To make it work you must first sign up for the add-on service, then download and install the Family Locator app on the devices you want to track. It will be easy if you install the Verizon Family Locator app but using the computer’s web browser is also a way for tracking your phone.

With the Verizon Family Locator add-on, you can track Verizon cell phones of all varieties but the add-on has a cost.

You can not have it for free just like Find My Device or Find my iPhone services, those are free-form platforms. The subscription to the Family Locator app starts from $9.99 per month and works with up to ten lines on a single Verizon account.

Installing the Family Locator app on the device allows you to track the current location of the cell phone from your computer’s web browser.

Final Take

If you’ve ever had a missing Verizon phone, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and locate the lost phone.

It’s even more difficult when having important information on your cell number, but with our guide on how to track a Verizon phone, so you can now trace back your stolen phone to its last location with GPS tracking.

Given the thought, you can erase our device remotely and make it inaccessible for others to hands-on to your important data even though someone can unlock your stolen phone.

While for parents who want to track their children’s phones, Verizon Family Locator will vanish all your worries and allow you to track the location of any family member with an activated device with alerting systems.

But it is not the only service that can do the tracking there are many paid services that can perform parental control such as KidsGuard Pro, Bark.US, and Qustodio.

These apps allow device tracking along with other activities and monitor all the usage for families who rely on Verizon Wireless or any other service providers to stay informed including the ability to limit text message and data usage.

Making it a suitable choice for parents who wish to monitor or limit their child’s phone usage. You can say that phone locator apps are the best way to keep your Verizon wireless phone safe and ensure a strong password that can’t be cracked easily.

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