How to Switch Phone Carriers and Keep your Number

All major US mobile service providers are obligated to recognize your switching request and preserve your number when you join a different network without being entangled in long-term contract agreements.

On the other hand, when you decide to transfer to a better network, you can request your old carrier to provide you with the PAC code for porting your number to a new phone company. You may do it easily by following our instructions on how to switch phone carriers and keep your number with your phone.

How to Switch Phone Carriers and Keep your Number

When you’re fed up with your current cell phone carrier and looking for a better deal with others, then you might want to consider switching carriers.

You can switch to wireless carriers in several ways, but it mainly involves giving up your old contact number and starting with a new SIM on a new carrier plan. But certainly, there is a way that lets you switch without losing your number already associated with your beloved family, businesses, and other entities.

The fascinating reason you want to keep your cell phone number is to avoid losing contact with people who are familiar with your number.

It’s a great choice if a lot of people know your cell phone number and you’ve kept to your role as a reliable source of communication in case you need to communicate and don’t want to be handed off the line as an unknown caller when making contact from a new SIM card.

The procedure of keeping your number can be done by doing one thing, port your number to a new company and use it on an unlocked cell phone.

It’s great news for people who want to keep their present phone number. You may be able to accomplish your choice by going to a carrier that supports you (bring your number). Almost all the carriers ask for (BYOD) to get your device and keep your number upon signup.

When you want to keep your old number, it is a must choose to keep my number option during signup, it is because sometimes numbers get blocked after the termination of service from the current carrier.

So it is better to initiate porting numbers before the due date and check your number eligibility for transformation to another company. You can contact the new network to begin porting your number and give them your 10-digit phone number and PAC code for completing the request.

How to Port My Number?

You can contact your new service provider and ask to join the network and keep your phone number. But before that, you need to request your carrier for porting authorization code (PAC code), not PUC code. A PAC code is a nine-digit code that is a combination of three letters and six numbers.

When switching your carrier, it will permit your phone number to transfer to a different mobile network but not look to lose your number.

Upon receiving the number, you can now share it with your new carrier for initiating your number porting for new services. You can text your carrier to ask for a PAC code or make a call that we describe later.

Now that you’ve got information on PAC code and your personal information needed for completing the number porting. The process of transferring your number takes one working day, so do not panic and have informed.

But first, it is necessary to go through a phone number portability check on your new carrier website. Specific mobile phone service providers are not bound to switch clients because of the different set of policies that will not allow the completion of phone number porting requests. Your phone number will not port to that particular carrier.

Request PAC Code from your Carrier via Message or Call

Request PAC Code from your Carrier via Message or Call

One way of requesting your phone number PAC code is by texting 85075 or 65075. You can text for PAC code in two ways either provide the additional information like birth date or only mention ‘PAC,’ but trying both is fine.

You can write your birth date by DDMMYY order, which will make an example like this, “PAC 24071997.” However, if you cannot receive your text with a PAC code, contacting your current carrier via phone call is the only way to receive your PAC code directly.

T-Mobile Contact Number for Requesting your PAC Code

You can call at 1-800-937-8997 or 1-877-778-2106 to request your PAC code.

Verizon Number for your PAC Code

You can call at 1 (800) 922-0204 to request your PAC code.

AT&T Customer Service for Requesting your PAC Number

You can call at 1-833-849-6001 to request your PAC code.

Boost Mobile Contact Number for PAC Code

You can call at 1 (866) 402-7366 to request your PAC code.

Mint Mobile Customer Care Number for PAC Lock Code

You can call at 1 (800) 683-7392 to request your PAC code.

Straight Talk Contact to Recieve your PAC Number

You can call at 1-877-430-2355 to request your PAC code.

Metro by T-Mobile Customer Care Contact for Phone PAC Code

You can call at 1 (888) 863-8768 to request your PAC code.

Cricket Contact Number for Requesting your PAC Code

You can call at 1 (800) 274-2538 to request your PAC code.

How to Contact your New network Provider and Give them your PAC Code?

When you receive your PAC code, it will be valid for 30 days period, and during that time, you have to send it over to your new carrier for the porting procedure. You can hand over your PAC code to the new carrier online through the network’s website by your new account, by chatting with a service agent, or by calling.

It will be good to prepare your information in hand, and when they ask for anything other than phone number information, you will be able to provide it in a moment and begin the process of switching to the new network with your old phone number.

Until you’ve ported your phone number to a new mobile phone provider, your service will remain with your old carrier. It means you can have mobile services on your phone and not entirely go blind. Once the port is complete, you can ensure smooth service while receiving new service authorization on your new account.

Don’t worry about the reception during porting. You will be able to call and text but feel minimal distortion. Not every operator but some phone companies will charge a switching fee, so be aware of such charges and clear your contract with the old carrier.

If you have dues or there are more phone numbers linked to your accounts, such as family and friends, you need to take some precautions for the service, and when there is all set, you can leave your contract without any hassle.

Benefits of Switching to a New Carrier

If you are thinking of switching to a new carrier, most likely, you are aware of the benefits of switching. You can get a better deal, save money, get the latest devices, faster speeds, better coverage, and so on. If that is what you want, then the right decision may lead you to try out a new service for something new.

Many left their carrier for the money-saving features on different plans, get great deals on new smartphones, and find free or discounted phones advantage when you switch to a new carrier. Other than that, some carriers can offer you faster internet speeds, unlimited data, and more.

Porting a number means carrying your existing number to a new network. While porting doesn’t raise many issues if it’s your private number, doing it for your business requires some consideration. Porting ensures that customers have access to the best telecom providers without having to change their numbers.

Better Communication

Certainly, better communication for your needs, and if you are a business person, you can secure all of your communications with customers and business partners. You won’t have to notify them if you port your company phone number.

There is No Need for Fresh Collateral

If you change your primary phone number, you’ll need to notify your office, family, friends, and others, but now you have chosen to keep it yourself then there is no need to do so. it is also unnecessary to change your online accounts for verification phone numbers.

The Procedure is Straightforward

The process of porting a phone number is simple, and it is the telecom provider’s obligation stated by FCC regulations. All you have to do is contact your current provider and request a Porting code PAC. Then you can share your PAC with your new provider once you receive it, and your port will be completed in a day or two.

Helps you Save Time

You’ll spend a significant amount of time telling your phone number is changed, and it is a hurdle for even your family and friends, in addition, to losing all your contacts. So keeping your phone number will save time, money and prevent unnecessary hassle when you port.

Drawbacks of Changing your Contact Number and Not Port it to the New Network

Your Old Contact will be Lost

When you leave our service for 90 days, the corresponding service will own your number and rebrand it for other customers in the same area. it is the strategy that follows by many carriers in the U.S. If you live in a highly-populated area or where service demand is high chance sare you will lose your contact number before the 90 days of the empty service period.

Messed Up with New Services

Although the porting process is straightforward, if your new service provider is not good then you have to pain it again and port your number to further career that is hopefully the correct service provider for all the good deals. Situations like that take some time and effort for fixing.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays switching phone companies is a painless process, and a bit time-consuming. You can switch your cell phone provider even if you want to keep the same number. If you have ever considered switching your cell phone carrier, you should know that you are not alone.

The opportunity to have better deals, coverage and features are related to switching to a better carrier. The steps to take to switch to a new carrier are all we have covered in this article so you will need to contact the new carrier and tell them you want to switch before canceling your service with your old carrier unless your number is ported to the new carrier.

Your new carrier will connect your number with the services and link for cellular wireless services. We hope you found the information for switching carriers without losing the number.

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