How To Spot Fake AirPods Box? Real Vs Fake Examples

How To Spot Fake AirPods Box? Real Vs Fake Examples

If you have been keeping an eye on the AirPods craze, you would have noticed that there are so many fakes being sold which is why you are here to learn, How To Spot Fake AirPods Box?. This is because Apple AirPods are getting expensive with the expansion of each new generation. This raises worry for people to comprehend the identification of knockoff items so that they are not duped by aftermarket sellers. That’s why you’ve come to discover how to spot fake AirPods boxes with a serial number, among other things.

This is a wise decision to recognize fake and real AirPods from the cover. It’s been time, knockoff Apple products are a reality due to the expensive costs of legitimate items. The bad thing is counterfeits are equally mean for some people to hands-on brands new devices such can be found on third market stores. You can check more details down below and learn about the fake earbuds.

How To Spot Fake AirPods Box

In the list of premium devices, Apple products are known to be counterfeits from each category, especially fake iPhones and fake AirPods are frequent items that grab the most attention. While others are rare but don’t mean authenticity is pure from market research. Thankfully there are some techniques that we guide you for AirPods identifications when you are in need.

Real Vs Fake Packaging

It is the first step toward spotting the fake AirPods by examining the box for inconsistencies and missing prints on the outside and inside the box packaging. If you have both the real and fake headphones then you can identify the changes between the two products which may appear minor but you can recognize them without opening the boxes.

Apple is good at placing those small details that are products crown when you are surrounded by counterfeits. It is why those small nuances are one of the things that make consumers trust Apple products and also the product quality and features that are phenomenal at some points. You can have to look at retail boxes if possible and grab both the original and copy for comparison.

8 Ways To Spot Fake AirPods Box With Real Vs Fake Examples

The AirPods Pros are one of the most sought-after gadgets now. But unfortunately, there is an increase in fake AirPods around the market due to higher costs. But it’s easy to spot fakes if you know where to look and how to identify them.

A simple formula for spotting knockoff Apple AirPods from the looks of the box. It is easy on close sights you will see small details that you can use to compare with real box.

It is simple once when you know the details for identifications, then you can simply look at the box and recognize the fake and real headphones and secure yourself from scammers selling fake AirPods Pro.

Option 1: Clean Box Vs Poorly Wrapped Plastic

Clean Box Vs Poorly Wrapped Plastic
Clean Box vs Poorly Wrapped Plastic

First, have a look at the plastic cover. The original one comes with perfect and clean packaging covered with a secured plastic loop while on the left side with a hasp to pull and remove the whole cover instead of cutting with scissors, which is the sign of the original packaging. Wheras the fake one has no hasp for pulling the cover and only cutting and tearing make sense to remove the cover.

The poorly wrapped plastic also got a cut hole on the plastic cover which is not present on the legitimate boxes. Mostly Apple clones products are quickly wrapped without caution and absolutely no quality control except for a few matched signs and shapes similarities.

You can easily identify a fake one when you hold it in your hands. The plastic wrap of the fake box feels hard while the real one is coated with smooth materials for premium feelings.

On the knockoff Apple products box there you will find bulges with unclear plastic wraps. They even have unequal sides visible from the angles that the fake box has curvy edges, while Apple’s legitimate box got sharp edges and no bulges. This is a clear indication that the original box has clean aesthetics with plane sides and smooth packing.

Option 2: Apple Logo, Fonts Colors and Style’s

Apple Logo, Fonts Colors and Style's
Apple Logo, Fonts Colors and Style’s

It is the foremost identification tactic that you look at the Apple logo and writing fonts. The fake once mostly used hard ink with darker shades that are easily noticeable with bare eyes, while the real once has a fine-drawn logo with light black ink and no shiny effects at all, not even the logo and nor fonts are bright.

The fonts are other aspects that clearly identify the fake once and separate the real once. On the authentic box, you can find closely printed AirPods branding that has a thickness and lighter shades. On the false box, this is the opposite and fonts are thinner and have more than usual space.

Option 3: Authentic AirPod Box Serial Number Appears more Noticeable than the False One

Authentic AirPod Box Serial Number Appears more Noticeable than the False One
Authentic AirPod Box Serial Number Appears more Noticeable than the False One

It is no denying that average fake copies of Apple earbuds have brighter inks prints with shiny effects while the real brandings are more printed on the cover with a clean appearance and no effects at all.

The authentic serial number however has a different tale, the real serial code has a brighter appearance alongside the barcodes for notices and is separately stickered on the box backsides. If you have a super copy AirPods then you can only identify with unboxing and matching with the charging case serial code.

Option 4: Box and UnBox Differences for Comparison Real Vs Fake AirPods

When you unwrapped the box, the AirPods box has a lot to tell and many things to show for exploration. There you will find certain things that you can identify as genuine and counterfeit Apple AirPods. These include an internal printed serial number on AirPods cups, inconsistency in Apple’s leaflets, accessories placement, loose packaging of ear tips, cable packaging, and many more things that could help your eyes determine the cloned AirPods Pros and standard versions.

Although we are certain to identify normal clones, the situation is different with super clones of AirPods, as forger gets wise and copied the real serial number from one of the real products and placed them on forgery boxes that missed up the identification of cloned Airpods from Apples, even if you check with Apple coverage service.

Serial Number From the Box

So far the most reliable technique for spotting fake AirPods is to verify the serial number on Apple’s official websites. It is possible that forgers have misplaced a real sticker on the box and made you swindle for a bargain.

Fortunately, there is one possible way to find out about real serial code that goes through unboxing. You need to compare and match the AirPods hidden serial code from the charging case lid and the boxed mentioned Serial code for authenticity. If they are matched then you are good to say it’s a real product.

Option 5: Real Box Serial Number Matches The Charging Case Serial Code

Real Box Serial Number Matches The Charging Case Serial Code
Compare Box Serial Number with Hidden Charging Case Serial Code

The spot where you can find the hidden serial numbers for identifications is inside the charging case where the left earcup sits. You can take out the left earpiece from the charging case and it will be visible to your eyes. Now you can match the box outside the serial code and the one you found on the charging case.

For checking you can visit Apple’s official site that can identify real and fake serials and approve your purchase at check -It is important for eligibility that you visit the official page and submit your serial number for identification.

Your AirPods unique serial number will tell about the warranty, authorized purchase, and additional coverage information for the genuine products. If your entry fails from the search result it will give an error message, that tells you to have a fake serial code.

Option 6: Real Vs Fake AirPods Charging Case Comparisons

You have inspected several things before but the charging case of AirPods is on a different level of clone’s skills. What I am trying to say, there is a category of false charging cases. The local copies are oversized in comparison which makes them easily identifiable, in comparison with the slightly higher clones you may be impressed with almost identical shapes to the real case, but has different placements of reset button. While the super clones are hard to tell by their looks and are more advanced in later versions.

1. Hinge Difference Between Real And Fake Airpods Charging Case

Hinge Difference Between Real And Fake Airpods Charging Case
Hinge Difference of Fake Airpods Charging Case

Another distinguishing feature of the charging case is the hinge and placement of the reset button. When comparing the charging cases, the real case hinge appears to be made of two equal components, however, the fake ones appear to have one part shorter than the other.

But the situation differs when you got the super clone AirPods case, it has perfect dimensions and very few identifications that are not easily discoverable to most people.
You can rarely tell that the top lid closes magnetically with a satisfying snap, and the back has a metallic hinge.

2. Fake AirPods Looks Glossy

The genuine Apple AirPods case is constructed of plastic with no glossy effects and feels high quality in your hands and to your eyes, but knockoff Apple products cases are frequently spotted with a glossy effect from the outside that even come to eye contact from a distance. It means that you can identify a forged AirPods case that is white and has identical dimensions, from its low cost and when you noted the glossy effects.

3. Weight of Fake Airpods Pro Case

Real AirPods have their weight which is one of the specifications for the genuine product. You can also measure the weight by little weight scale at home, that could be the simplest way to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit AirPods.

It is because the majority of counterfeit AirPods are made of lower-quality materials than the original Apple AirPods which makes them less heavy than the originals. Comparing the fake and real earbuds with cases will make your identification easy.

Option 7: Real Vs Fake AirPods Charging Case Light’s Indication

Real Vs Fake AirPods Charging Case Light's Indication
Fake AirPods Charging Case Light

When you closely examine the charging case there you will notice some key differences, such can be fonts, misplaced status light, colors of light indicator, and brightness of LED signal light. All that you notice just by holding the case in your hand and closely looking at its details.

It is a fact that both the fake and real ones enable wireless charging but the differences spotted in the pictures are that the legitimate charging case status light should look darker and its hole covered with a transparent lid for a smooth finish outside.

Whereas in the fake charging case the LED hole is bare and not smooth. You can also spot the biggest difference in light colors when you open the Airpods case lid. The real one glows white and the fake one glows green light that is brighter than the original case.

Option 8: Test All the Features In Hands

When finally you have examined everything from the outside it’s time to test the features and settings by yourselves and find out the audio quality differences. This can be another means of checking your AirPods authenticity.

  1. Fully charge your AirPods with the case.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone.
  3. Open the case lid but not remove the earbuds.
  4. Place the case near your iPhone.
  5. Your device will certainly notify with a pairing screen.
  6. Connect your AirPods and set up.
  7. Now test every single feature that your Music settings could offer.
  8. Turn on the noise cancellation feature and play some music with the AirPods.
  9. Notice the battery screen on your device and count the estimated usage time.
  10. When it passes all then your AirPods are legitimate products and not fakes.

Reasons Why Fake Airpods Exists?

There are many sensible reasons that tell us why there are counterfeit Apple products in the markets.

1. One Reason is the Price that Keeps Going High

If you compare the price of AirPods since the first generation, you will notice that it has risen steadily. The pricing of the second generation wireless headphones is $119, while the third generation is roughly $169 USD, which is more than other manufacturers’ products.

When it comes to the Pro and Max series, you should know that they sold third-generation Pro earphones for $239 and charge more than twice as much for the Max headphones, which cost $550 USD. It’s fine if you’re looking for high-end headphones and don’t want to sacrifice sound quality.

However, the fascination that the Apple brand has among the youth is immense, and this will provide hope to counterfeits to stand in the marketplace for cheap pricing. As there were many individuals trying to obtain premium headphones at the lowest costs. As a result, many people are also going to the used market to try to find a pair that is from premium brands but costs less.


As you can see, even the most technologically informed person may be misled by highly counterfeit Apple AirPods, which are difficult to distinguish with exact characteristics like originals. But we can guarantee you that you can locate that one as well with the assistance of our guide on how to spot fake AirPods box package, which will make your life easier when shopping for a genuine pair of Apple earbuds. On the other hand, if you discovered a forged box of earbuds, you should surely request refunds and that’s it. Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about counterfeit Apple products, you may return at any time for more information and share it with your friends and family.

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