How to Get Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee 2022

We can find a lot of different ways to make people’s life easier. How to get free cell phone no deposit no activation fee with almost zero cost is one way that helps most people especially those who have low income and are living at the poverty level. Thankfully, certain Wireless carriers and Government programs like Lifeline wireless services are available to get free cell phones to people for communications.

Assuming that we all know what the terms ‘free’ and ‘no deposit’ mean, we also understand that if there is no activation fee, then it means that the company will not charge us any money to use their phones unless it is their services. How does this translate into obtaining our very own free cell phone? For such we will get lots of benefits from free phones and can choose from well-known companies brands.

In the past few years, more and more free cell phone providers have been introduced to the market to raise competition among big carriers. To compete with each other, they are offering more and more generous promotions, and sometimes collaborations expect to offer free upgrades to existed customers without deposit and no activation fees charges.

However, when comparing with prepaid phones we find some phones damn expensive than others and it makes affordability impossible due to budget constraints along with cellular services. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have one. Many MVNOs carrier’s promotion phones are good alternatives that exist free cell phones alongside the Government entities.

How to get a free cell phone is not impossible. Here in this article, we will focus on how does free deals work and how you can have a completely free-of-cost smartphone? These are the questions many people have in their minds, interested to apply for free cell phones with no deposits or hidden fees.

We will answer all those questions and more to help you understand how it works, what is available for you, and how you can take advantage of these offers from carriers including Verizon Wireless, Straight Talk, MetroPCS T-Mobile US, Sprint, AT&T Mobility, and Government programs that offer service for free phones.

How To Get Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee?

Cell phone carriers are always looking for ways to get new customers as the demand for cell phone use continues to increase, they are coming up with more creative ways to attract customers. One of the most common methods is to offer a no-contract plan with free cell phones.

With so many companies waving for your attention, it may be hard to decide which one offers the best deal on their services. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite providers below and highlighted what they offer to help you make an informed decision about which company might work best for you to provide a free phone with services.

Top Telecom Providers Offers for Free Cell Phones with No Credit and no Deposit

Verizon Deals for Free Cell Phones Without Deposit and No Activation Fee

As a leading wireless service provider, Verizon offers numerous deals for free cell phones from top mobile phone manufacturing brands. They offer the best options for both iPhone and Android devices to lure more customers. If you are looking for a great service along with a free cell phone, Verizon is available for order. These free phones require you to sign up for a monthly plan that costs around $45/month or higher.

Considering regular phones are pretty expensive and when added to an expensive carrier for cellular services you are getting an expensive deal. While Verizon targeted free smartphones and some low-cost phone deals are saviors for your money that also advantage latest handsets featuring 5G connectivity. Also, there’s no need to pay the activation fee when signing up for your free Verizon smartphone, and there is also zero deposit needed.

List of Verizon Free Phones

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

The biggest lead in Apple is the iPhone 13 Pro storage that is up to a Terabyte. You can get it free with Verizon monthly payments with $0 down, 0% APR and a $33.33/month agreement for 30 months. It is currently the most demanded phone on the planet if you ask.

Verizon being Verizon with an awesome deal and offered $599.99 worth of Apple iPhone 12 mini for free. Activate a new line and the phone is yours. It has 64GB memory and eligibility requires an unlimited monthly plan with $0 down and $0.00/month credit.

One of the upgrades found in the Apple iPhone 12 is the Apple A14 Bionic chip that is one generation ahead of the Apple iPhone 11. But Apple iPhone 11 is no less than its best version. With an eligible unlimited plan, Verizon offers iPhone 11 free at $0 down and $0.00/month credit for 30 months.

The Apple iPhone XR with 64GB is offered to eligible customers who had acceptance for the unlimited plan on a new line. The compact fit iPhone is offered without any down payment nor monthly scheduled credit cost, it is free with $0.00 satisfactory for 30 months agreement plans.

The old is gold offered present for customers looking for an Apple iPhone SE which has resemblance with iPhone 8’s dimensions and curvature of iPhone X. On a new line, you will get $0 down and $0.00/monthly fee complete package Apple iPhone Special Edition.

When Apple realize customers look for bigger screen smartphones with better battery life, they have designed Apple iPhone 8 Plus that comes into the world as a well-suited phone for plus members who are after bigger displays. You’ll get it free with Verizon $0 down and $0 monthly payments.

The chase of Samsung after more customers brings the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G phone that is designed for the success of the S20 series. It got incredible hardware and you will get it free with a new line. It requires no monthly payments and no $0 down rates.

Looking for a big battery bundle phone meet Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with 5000 mAh capacity along with quad-camera setup features 48 MP setup for photography. It is from Samsung Galaxy A-series and offered by Verizon for free with no down and no monthly payments.

The affordable Samsung Galaxy A02S is another big bank phone that comes with a 5000 mAh power battery. Here at Verizon, it is given free of credit to new and existing customers when activating a monthly plan. It is a requirement that is based on free phones from Verizon to all customers.

T-Mobile Deals Free 5G Cell Phones Without Deposit and No Credit Check

Being the second-best in service T-Mobile is a broadly recognized Wireless carrier in the United States, offering numerous deals and promotions for customers to join and win free phones. If you are one of the loyal customers of T-mobile chances are you can win 5G handsets without any cost-free as an award for regular with service. It also allows trade-in for better phones for old ones to enjoy even faster internet services when shifting on 5G with 5G phones.

Other than that anyone can hands on the latest smartphones and tablets with discounts to save some money. And if that is the case with a long history of service, you are eligible for the “Smartphone Equality” program to get either a free phone or to have a big discount on the latest flagships. It is also eligible when switching to T-Mobile while optionally trading in your old device to get a new one. The resulting deal will reward qualified customers to either choose an Android phone or Apple iPhone from T-Mobile service without a credit check.

List of MetroPCS T-Mobile Free Phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Another interesting development of Samsung brings us the Galaxy Fold 3 5G, which is a modern hardware phone that comes with 5G ultra-fast specifications that boost its flexible display that extend to wide dimensions. It is available at T-Mobile store with a deal of new line.

Flip phones are known for simplicity and easy-to-use features, but it is changing now Samsung develop a flexible display phone that is the innovation of flip phones with modern hardware. The Galaxy Z Flip3 is 5G capable offers to every new line on the T-Mobile network.

The ultra-powerful Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a beast of a camera phone for photographers and business persons who need maximum power for uncompromised capability. T-Mobile’s deal makes it possible for anyone to grab it with a 24-month agreement.

Not very powerful but capable of 5G connectivity the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is a phone any customer of T-Mobile can hands-on with an upgrade. It has a capable Dimensity 720 chip and 5000 mAh battery to keep up the day. You can survive heavy usage with Galaxy A32 without a compromise.

The favored Apple iPhone 13 Pro is a great smartphone for anyone to consider a great deal for specs, design, and security. The phone is offered to new lines customers for free. It is mentioned for an agreement will go through 24 monthly billing credits with a plan.

Maximum entertainment and maximum power are something everyone looking for in this busy life. The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is offered by T-Mobile for maximum customers to grab the deal and have a worthy smartphone with 24 monthly bill credits.

When you make a switch to T-Mobile there is an interesting offer for customers who have joined the network with a new line. The Nebula REVVL 5G smartphone is presented to customers with a 24-month agreement for a credit plan. It is a deal if you need a free phone for a new line.

The ultra-powerful Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a beast of a camera phone for photographers and business persons who need maximum power for uncompromised capability. T-Mobile’s deal makes it possible for anyone to grab it with a 24-month agreement.

The pro series of OnePlus is quite the smartphone for spectacular hardware and software combinations. The OnePlus 9 Pro 5G delivers long-term performance and has regular updates that might surprise you when you have other manufacturers’ phones.

Nord is the eye-catching gem from OnePlus, it is the series that bring down the flagship killer specs at an affordable range. The Nord N200 5G is offered from T-mobile to those who need a free phone with a monthly plan that is agreed upon finance for 24 monthly.

AT&T Mobility Free Cell Phones Without Deposit and No Activation Fee

When searching for the biggest telecommunication network in the United States, AT&T comes first in the list but unfortunately, Verizon jumps and takes the first spot and it seems T-Mobile is on the run to expand the horizon and wins the race when talking about dealing with customer services for overall satisfaction. The new change of plans makes AT&T shut down the 3G service once for all and because of the involvement of 5G which is hot to toast all generations of mobile networks.

Lifeline and AT&T merge to offer affordable internet plans to people with limited income. It is something that inspires At&T company to offer free cell phones that is an impressive strategy for gaining more customers. But the thing is while they are free phones you also get a contract to stick to the carrier for three years is at least 30 months cycle to make a switch. If you tease to latest phones then AT&T is good, but not great to consider for service and because of long duration obligatory contract.

List of AT&T Free Phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Saving a big amount of big smartphones is satisfaction and the AT&T deal for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is similar kind to having yourself a phone free of credit with an agreement of monthly plan for 36 months. If you were willing to make a deal the best thing to do is enjoy 5G on a blazing-fast phone.

The affordable Samsung Galaxy A12 gets more affordable with a $0 down deal of AT&T. Customers will get 36-month agreement services with the phone along with the $1 per month credit charge. It seems not much but it is there if you consider buying the phone from At&T.

Impression got a bit more depth with the new iPhone 13 Pro, a smooth smartphone with a smooth screen that has 120Hz ProMotion pixels. AT&T currently offering a deal to customers willing to join the network with 0% APR and have a monthly plan for 36 months to have a phone for free.

Apple’s new 120Hz ProMotion is includable for social media page scrolling and that also makes it countable for much better gaming compared to its predecessors. AT&T offering it free of cost along with 40% off on Apple accessories with a code (SAVE40).

Straight Talk Wireless No-Contract Phones and Plans

Straight Talk Wireless is great for offering very affordable cell phones with the cheapest services that advantage every individual and family looking to grab a phone without being tangled to yearly contracts. The no-contract Straight Talk phones are very straightforward and come without any hidden fees. Walmart is currently the biggest seller of Straight Talk phones and generously offers a huge number of pleasant phones at half the cost.

All the phones are prepaid cell phones just like the Straight Talk prepaid service at Walmart. The choice is yours you can grab the best Straight Talk phones with plans or without plans and besides the good values. Straight Talk promotions offer participants to enjoy a handset for free.

List of Straight Talk Phones For Prepaids Services

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Factory Unlocked

It is a well-known beast of a smartphone from Samsung. The excellent zoom capability has come of its charms and perks that give you possibilities of 8K video recording with 108 MP high-resolution camera system. The phone comes factory unlocked for seamless Straight Talk coverage.

S Pen fans take notices Samsung Note series for handwritten notes and sketchy drawings. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G is a note for digital books with intelligent real pen adaptive power pressure for depth sketching. you’ll have it for Straight Talk bundles for monthly payments without contracts.

The 6.7-inch AMOLED screen Samsung Galaxy A71 5G is an outstanding smartphone with power and performance. It comes with quad cameras with a main 64 MP recorder and 32 MP for face ID. You will get this phone for the Straight Talk prepaid service plan for a reasonable price.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G is a factory unlocked smartphone for Straight Talk services. Customers will get it for excellent productivity performance out of other interesting features. It got a water-resistant design with a 64MP main camera unit and having 128GB of storage.

The Motorola One 5G Ace is an unlocked phone with ultra-fast 5G coverage. The carrier is compatible with Straight Talk networks. It got 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM under the 6.7 inches wide display powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon, 750G processors.

It is the stylus edition of the Moto G series that comes to competition with the Galaxy Note series at an affordable price point. Its built-in stylus can edit photos and make notes using its screen. The unlocked Moto G Stylus is made for US carriers with freedom for service selection like Straight Talk.

The new OnePlus 9 Pro 5G comes unlocked with incredible Hasselblad cameras for mobile photography and computing powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip. It has a 48 MP and 50 MP combination that offer great picture quality. If you are interested you can have it for Straight Talk and gain access to Straight Talk services.

Free Government Phones with No Contract Required

Free Government Phones with No Contract Required

On other hand, Federal Communications Commission is trying to help out lower-income families get affordable phone service. There are programs in place aimed at helping individuals without a credit history, but with verifiable income. Anyone can get cell phones and can connect to jobs and housing opportunities. It qualifies both the families with school-aged children and also individuals with no credit history.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who cannot afford their mobile phone, you’re not alone. A good number of Americans use government programs to get free cell phones with no monthly bills or contracts involved. You can get a free government phone by applying to one of the given government programs they all share the same goal but from different institutes.

4 Locations to Get Free Cell Phones from Governments

If you’re on government assistance (such as SNAP), then you can get one of these free phone services without paying any deposit or monthly fee. You need to fill out some applications and provide some personal information (to make sure that your income is low enough) before being accepted into one of these programs which give away free phones every year with no cost attached. They offered various cells phones carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, and others.

1: Safelink Wireless (Federal Lifeline Assistance)

Safelink Wireless is a free cell phone provider that requires an eligibility interview and a $20 deposit. For every person who gets enrolled in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) of Safelink Tribal, they will receive one month of free service. You’ll need to buy your phone for about $30 and note that there are certain restrictions regarding the types of phones you can get under this plan.

This company is associated with Tracfone and you’ll need to apply if interested (you can also visit them at the official site. They only require you to have an income of $17,820 or less per year for you to qualify for one of their free cell phones (there may be additional requirements such as participating in SNAP or other programs). You can add minutes onto your phone regularly (if needed) and any unused ones will roll over when the next month starts.

2: Assurance Wireless (Federal Lifeline Assistance)

Assurance wireless is another great choice if you want a free cell phone without an activation fee or contract fee required. Anyone who has an income lower than $23,540 per year is eligible, though you’ll need to note that there are no deposits required for this company, but they do require an eligibility interview before giving out their service. They give out free phones to anyone in need who has an income below the poverty level.

You can file with one person in the family along with proof of enrollment into SNAP or other government assistance programs. They also require people to be active participants of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and their state Medicaid programs before considering an applicant for acceptance. To sign up visit the service provider.

3: Lifelines Support (Federal Communication Service Lifeline Assistance)

Lifeline is a government-funded program that is developed to provide citizens affordable communication services, those who are on low incomes. The FCC’s program provides a discount on qualifying members to have free cell phones and also get the monthly services for broadband Internet, voice packages from chosen wireless providers.

The Lifelines Support services help ensure that low-income consumers can afford 21st-century broadband that eases their jobs, healthcare, and educational needs with a subsidy of at least $9.25 each month. It counts only for free Android smartphones and not iPhones to reduce the cost of cell phones for people who qualify. You can contact services available in your area for qualifications.

4: Qlink Wireless (Federal Lifeline Assistance)

The Qlink Wireless is working under free government cell phone service and offers both telecom services and phones and tablets to needy persons. Their Lifeline program provides millions of Americans free Tablets and wireless service that includes Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and Unlimited Data only to eligible Americans.

Unemployed and those who participated in government benefit programs like SNAP, Medicaid, U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, USA Social Security Administration, and Veterans Pension are also eligible to qualify.

Qlink Wireless free cell phone service is possible with Qlink sim with government benefits California citizens and all other states. Their other offers include bringing your phone number and enjoying emergency broadband benefits that can be 4G LTE and 5G faster speeds on the nation’s largest networks.

Qualifications: You must meet all of the following criteria to qualify for government programs:

  1. Have an annual household income that is no greater than 135 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (for example, if your annual household income is $27,075 or less, you qualify).
  2. Be experiencing financial hardship (or the head of household must be currently serving in an AmeriCorps VISTA position).
  3. Not already have an account with a major cell phone service provider.
  4. Not have had an active account within the past 90 days that is not in good standing at any major cell phone service provider.
  5. You must also be willing and able to make and receive calls using the phone on the service provider’s network (in other words, you cannot have an inactive phone number with another carrier).
  6. Must own or lease a car or truck that is less than seven years old.

The Conclusion

When searching for a free cell phone with no deposit no activation fee, you can be sure of our given deals with top mobile operators and service providers in the United States. The official government programs are also working to facilitate low-income families and individuals to have a cell phone with full wireless service, talk, text, and data. A handful of companies participate in the campaign that delivers service with no contract and no monthly bills.

Other than that telecom companies are a good option to get the best deals for a new phone. As many attempts to move their consumers from the 4G network to a much faster 5G, like T-Mobile, Verizon offered free 5G phones to populate the 5G lines with 5G services. You can also go with the Lifeline cell phone programs that will get you more benefits like unlimited data and talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why government offers free phones with no contract required?

The Lifeline Support Program is one of the government-sponsored initiatives to help those residence peoples who can not afford mobile phones or mobile wireless service. Doing that government subsidizes the cost of cell phones for household members with families, and also the individuals to stay connected while they meet the criteria of qualifying the program and fill up all the eligibility requirements to get free government phone and cell phones wireless service for usage.

How can I qualify for free government phones with no contract required?

To find out if you qualify for a free government phone, you’ll need to make sure that your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You’ll need to prove your household income with pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in. To get to the point we have concluded a list that will allow you to explore free cell phones without activation fee or free cell phone plans with no deposit. This free cell phone list will provide you with free phones no contracts and free activation fees.

Does Assurance Wireless give free phones?

Yes, Assurance Wireless gives away free phones on behalf of the federal Lifeline Assistance program that is part of the government assistance program for low-income residents. You can apply for Assurance Wireless in California and from all other States with a Service Request Form that allows you to fill up all the necessary documents to qualify for the program. The interested persons must be eligible for low-income criteria to avail the free hone with monthly data, and texting service, and talks. You can get the request form at and can contact (toll-free) 800-395-2171.

What provider is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless is part of the T-Mobile family with all the network experience coverage. But before it was linked with Sprint and as the merge happens between T-mobile and Sprint all the alliances now become part of the T-mobile umbrella branding. Assurance Wireless service is working with the government Lifeline Assistance program that is supported by the federal Universal Service Fund to offer discount service to residents in public assistance programs like Medicaid, SNAP, to get a free phone and service with the qualification of low-income households.

How long does it take to get an Assurance Wireless phone?

To receive a government phone from Assurance Wireless requires approval of your application that will be an acceptance for eligible criteria set by authorities. Once the process is done you can expect to receive your Assurance Wireless phone through the Lifeline service within the 3 business days. If any delay happens it would be a maximum of 10 business days. Other than that if anything happens like the phone is stolen or broken you can call 1-888-321-5880 for assistance.

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