How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor – Very Easy

Wireless Internet has become extremely popular all over the world. It is getting more and more popular among people. When you have permission to use the WiFi connection of your neighbors then it is good for you to freely enjoy their wireless, but somehow your connection is weak then it is not strange if you want to know how to increase your WiFi.

Thankfully there are several ways you can follow and make your connection reliable. Here is our guide on how to get better WiFi signals from neighbors with little effort. You can utilize several ways to improve your wireless connection. The most important fact is that you need to find the root cause of the problem.

You need to know about the problem. The problem can be with the wireless router, service error, or something up with the connection itself. You should check all of them then you will be able to continually surf your free internet with strong signals.

How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor

Wireless internet connections are now quite everywhere and we all consume them one way or another, our devices are capable to squeeze them from the air and connect us to the web. The are many practical uses of the internet, we are a global village where we can reach anyone from the comfort of home and it transformed our lifestyles.

In the present day, a weak WiFi signal is a disaster, it can jeopardize important meetings, business conferences, transactions, and other things that we do in modern times for making our lives comfortable. The slow speeds of wireless connections can be a risk to ongoing tasks so solving is the only way to get better connections and boost WiFi signal on phone.

The weak Wifi connectivity is often the cause of frustration and many people in today’s modern living lifestyle have wireless range challenges. There are many obstacles that can make wireless signals weaker and weaker and end up with poor signals. Even people with big houses struggle to acquire long-range WiFi service over all floors.

So using a neighbor’s internet is a thing and you can use it for free, the only problem you have is a drop of wireless signals and to solve the problem you can take some measures to have better and consistent signals from next door.

Now you have connected to your neighbor’s wireless network but the problem is you have very few signals and that is not enough for browsing the internet or uploading the documents for work among other things. Lucky you there are many ways to boost WiFi signal strength in your home even you have connected to your next-door wireless.

Reasons Why you’re Getting Weaker Strength WiFi Signals from Neighbors

  • The distance between your adjacent house and your house is significant that could be the reason wireless signals are weaker in strength.
  • Your neighbors have a hard time filling up family member internet needs that makes the WiFi network busy and your connection gets less priority.
  • There is an occurrence of obstructions, such as walls, cars, trees, and more natural and natural elements that cover up the communications from router positions to your house.
  • They have an old router with a single-band feature and probably running at 2.4 GHz and not the latest standards 5GHz.
  • There is some working machinery that could impact wireless communications.
  • Since the WiFi signal is coming from the next house chance are you are sitting on a dead spot, where the signal couldn’t reach out.
  • Your neighbor’s internet service performance is poor which could be the reason you are having a bad time with WiFi reception

Things you can do to Boost WiFi Signal from Neighbor

Boost WiFi Signal from Neighbor

While it will not be the same as having your own internet, still free internet from good neighbors is great for saving the expanse of internet services. There are ways for improvement that you and your nice neighbor done to make your wireless connection strong. A simple solution to fix the problem is installing a WiFi repeater that can sit between the two houses to boost free WiFi signals. It enhances the signal’s travel time and results will be fascinating if you could ask your neighbors to change the position of the router to make it easy for signals to reach your place.

1. Clear the path of WiFi Signals to easily Travel to your House

WiFi signals and cell phone signals are being weaker to obstructions like concrete walls, trees, and anything hard and materialistic can block the signals. If you have windows on your neighbor’s side then you better open them up for wireless signals to travel the path to your home. You can also look for things at your place and outside the house that potentially affects the wireless communication between your conjoining routers and your device.

2. Relocate your Internet Setup to a more Convenient Location in your House

Sudden drop of wireless connection or no signals may appear as there is an inability of your computer to detect them. If you are in an apartment, the walls may be the problem. They are made of concrete or brick, which makes it very hard for wifi signals to pass through them. The solution is to change the location and sit near the next-door house and it will certainly improve the signals range and your connection may become most powerful than ever.

3. Enhance your Device Setting to grab Long-range WiFi Signals

WiFi is something most of us rely on to get our work done at home but, some devices are designed to focus on strong signals in a nearby range. These devices are software restricted to make less stress on the battery to last longer, it includes smartphones, laptops, and any capable device that run on battery power. Less reliable WiFi signal makes it hard for the users to connect to the internet, to fix that there are some improvements we can do to boost wireless signals in an area with poor connection strength.

a) How to get better WiFi Signal from Neighbor on Android?

In Android, there is a setting that can make your phone reach low WiFi signals from long distances and make it possible to enjoy a stable internet connection for mobile usage. The setting increases the power for mobile antennas to grab WiFi range to boost WiFi signal on phone. It is available in every Android device, phone, and tablet that has wireless capability, you can enable it by following these steps on your Android phone.

Steps to Increase Wireless Range on your Android Phone for Grabbing Neighbors WiFi

  • First, you need to enable ‘Developer options.’
  • Go to your Android settings and tap on ‘About phone.’
  • Then look for the option ‘Build number’, and tap for 10 times until you will see the notification “You are now a developer.”
  • If this option is not available then tap on the Android version, which probably works for Xiaomi devices.
  • Once you have enabled the Developers options the new setting is either found underneath the settings in about phone or the additional settings section.
  • In the Developer options, scroll down and look for the ‘Aggressive WiFi’ feature and enable it.
  • If you have the latest Android operating system device running Android 10 or 11 then you can also enable the option ‘Wi-Fi scan throttling.’
  • Enabling the two settings will certainly boost the connection speed on your Android device for picking the next door signals.

b) How to Boost WiFi Signal Strength on iPhone iPad?

If your iPhone has weak WiFi connections and occasionally fails to connect, there is a solution that will improve wireless signals on iPhones and iPads. It is the iOS update that can address all of your iPhone’s connection troubles and make it operate properly while picking low strength WiFi signals. The iOS-15 update is now available for all iPhones; you should check your phone’s settings for updates. In addition to bringing new features, iOS upgrades boost WiFi signal strength on iPhone and iPads along with other enhancements in OS. Apple has been working to improve the new software and resolve WiFi difficulties, improved cellular coverage on both new and old iPhones.

c) How to Receive WiFi Signal from Long Distance?

If your laptop is having problems connecting to neighbours wireless network, it could be the problem of outdated drivers. To fix that you can go to the start in Windows PC and type ‘Device Manager and click on it. A screen will appear with all the driver’s lists. You can scroll it to find the ‘Network adapter’ and then update each one of the mentioned controller drivers for fast WiFi access. When you done making the updates, restart your computer for effects. Now your laptop can connect to your neighbor’s wireless network very quickly.

4. Install a Range Extender to Pickup Neighbors WiFi

Many people today are looking for ways to improve their wireless connection. The problem is that many wireless routers come with a certain range. This means that you will only be able to get a strong connection in a very limited area. It is possible to pick up neighbors WiFi and use it in order to get a better signal and improve the wireless network in your home. One way to do this is to use a range extender.

A range extender is a device that is placed between the router and the computer. It can pick up the wireless signal from the next-doors router and then amplify it to reach your home. The range extender can be fit anywhere near your adjacent house and it will functions as a signal receiver or antenna for wireless signals from the router. It is the solution that will work If everything else fails, you can use a repeater or a WiFi extender that will enhance the signals and amplify for long-range users.

The process has a cost but can be done for the sake of picking up adjacent house WiFi and creating a stronger signal for your usage. This is a much better option than trying to figure out to get closer to a neighbor’s WiFi. It is because you just need the right tool for fixing the specific problem and in the case of wireless connection, WiFi repeaters are best for every scenario related to weak signals.

5. Requests you can make to your Neighbor’s for Better WiFi Signals

A neighbor’s WiFi signal can be a lifesaver when you need to get things done on your phone and don’t want to go outside. But it’s not always easy to find the best place in their house, sometimes nothing seems to work. If you could ask your neighbors to locate the router in an area where you receive a good signal from your neighbor’s WiFi if you so you can also suggest to install an extender. Normally, they are simply plugged into a power outlet. Connect the extender to the wireless network as directed, and you’re ready to go. You should be able to access the signal throughout your home if a repeater is correctly placed near the WiFi range.

a) The better placement of the router

If a router is placed in the backward area of the house then it is hard for signals to expend to your house. It is better to ask your neighbors to place the router at a suitable spot for a close distance where not many concrete walls are stand as an obstacle. If your next-door are friendly and helpful then it will be not an issue to change the placement of the internet router for your ease. Once you have them move their router to the side of the house closest to yours you can find better signal strength for making the most of your connection.

b) Upgrade to the latest router

It is the request that you better hold for a second, and think about your neighbors mood. If they could afford a new router then suggest them a 5GHz capable dual-band WiFi router for everyone’s benefit. It could transfer signals with blazing speed and get you a solid connection even at long distance. One thing is clear though, an outdated router makes it hard to communicate with the latest technology and very slow for any depending work like streaming, gaming, or even attending online classes is difficult to persue. In comparison, a high-class router will provide faster speeds and consistent WiFi for all the users.

c) Remove any limitations from your connections

Because most routers come with an advanced C-panel for the network settings, such as passwords and controls. There are many settings avaliable for the user’s access restriction, such can block unwanted users, slower the speed and even limit the amount of data for strict usage. If your neighbour have restricted your access somehow then you can politely ask for lifting the limitations. If you need to connect to your neighbor’s WiFi and there is no other option you can follow, the best thing you can do is just ask them about the poor signals and make them fix the issue for your access.


If you are struggling with the WiFi signal from neighbors’ connection, several things can be done to increase the strength of your wireless internet connection. You can boost your Wi-Fi signals and get better coverage in every corner of your home with the installation of WiFi boosters, they are devices that can repeat the wireless signals and expand them to further areas that can solve your problem.

There are also various types of antennas available to boost wireless recpetions but if you are looking for a simple solution then you can move to a different location in your house and check for wireless signals strength, you can try the upper floor area or reach through the house windows.

It will be suitable if you stand in a better line of sight with your neighbor router position for direct signals. Doing so can improve your access to the internet. Hopefully, you have learned many things with our blog How To Get Better WiFi Signal From Neighbor and find what you are looking to solve the weak wireless signal problem from next door WiFi connction.

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