How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

Can you find the WiFi password on iPhone? When you forget, cancel the rejoin permission from the network or want to share with friends and family. Whatever the reasons, here you will learn how to find WiFi password on your iPhone with simplified steps that will help you get back your WiFi password.

All the smartphones including Apple iPhone’s remember all the Wi-Fi networks with their passwords and store them in the management and mobile security logs. Where they are kept safe and allow phones to automatically join or rejoin that network whenever it’s in the range.

There are many ways to recall the password of already connected WiFi to your iPhone or forgotten WiFi network from your iPhone. Each one takes a different approach to finding the WiFi password. In this article we are discussing exactly how to discover WiFi passwords from iPhone and understand possible solutions, so stick to the end and you will find your answers.

How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone

If you have ever connected your iPhone to a WiFi network, the password will be saved on your device. It just seems like an odd thing but smartphones catch every bit of data and keep it in the memory for later usage. So if you have done a connection then it is easy to retrieve a saved password that you can use for the connection.

Losing a WiFi password is not a big deal, it is pretty common among the generation of smartphones. Sometimes users forget the password to their personal WiFi network. However, to see WiFi passwords on iPhones you have to determine effective techniques to help you out with the correct passcode of a specific WiFi network using your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

1: Simple Sharing of WiFi Password via another Apple Device

Sharing of WiFi Password via another Apple Device

The sharing of passwords will be an indirect approach to access a WiFi password on iPhone. But the process is simple and easy to concern a WiFi password on Apple’s iPhone.

It takes two Apple iPhones or iPads, one is yours and another could be a friend or family member device that has a connection with the WiFi which password you need for your iPhone connection. For the sharing of passwords, both devices must be in range with particular WiFi.

Requirements for WiFi Sharing:

  • Both devices (iPhone/iPad) must be on the latest operating system version’s, which will be iOS11 or later
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections must be enabled on both devices.
  • The Apple ID that shares the WiFi password must have receiver iPhone Apple ID in its contacts.
  • No need to turn on your personal hotspot, there is no need for that.

Process Guidelines

When all the requirements are set, make sure both devices are in close range to send and receive the information. It will be close enough where WiFi is in range. The iPhone with a WiFi connection must be unlocked to share the password with another iPhone that is placed nearby.

Now try to connect WiFi on the device that needed the password for the connection. As you do so, a pop-up notification will appear on the screen of the secondary device already on the Wi-Fi network. It will appear;

Wi-Fi Password:
Do you want to share the Wi-Fi password for “WiFi” with the Corresponding ID Name?
“Share Password” (Tap to share)
Successfully shared your Wi-Fi password.

2: Recover WiFi Passwords with Apple iCloud Keychains

Apple iCloud Keychains

Keychain is the Apple devices password keeper that manages all the system logins and passwords for safekeeping across multiple devices. It is introduced with Mac OS and has been doing a great job of safe and secure password keeping on all Apple devices.

It kept all the emails active on Apple devices, including the WiFi passwords of Wi-Fi networks.

When you have set up iCloud Keychain on your iPhone. This means you can find WiFi passwords on your iPhone with the syncing of iCloud Keychain.

It takes multiple steps to configure the whole process. But you will be happy with the results.

Step1: Sync WiFi passwords with iCloud Keychains on iPhone

  • In your iPhone Setting tap on your iCloud ID.
  • Find the Keychain by scrolling through settings.
  • Tap on Keychain to turn it on.
  • Wait for iPhone to sync all Wi-Fi passwords.
  • Try connecting to the WiFi network it will auto pic password from Keychain.
  • If it not doing so, continue to the process.

Step2: View WiFi Passwords on Mac:

  • In your iMac computer or Macbook go to the Apple menu and open up System Preferences.
  • Here open the iCloud Keychain from the same Apple ID on the Mac system.
  • Sync the iCloud Keychain from the iPhone.
  • Now, find the Keychain Access app on Mac.
  • Look for the required WiFi network from the list and select to reveal its password.
  • A pop-up notification will ask for a macOS login and password.
  • It will show you the requested WiFi password on the screen.

3: Find Correct Password from Router Settings

Correct Password from Router Settings

This process is in fact most simple and easy for finding the correct password of your WiFi on iPhone. When you are known to admin login of WiFi router it makes things easier to for the process.

You can immediately be logging into your router’s panel that is also called the router console or interface of the WiFi router.

In the understanding of the process, you need the IP address of your WiFi router to get access to the control panel settings where you also need a login and password for entry. After that, you will be free to view your WiFi password for your iPhone connection.

4: Get Access to WiFi Router IP Address from iPhone

In iPhone, there is an option to check for the Wi-Fi router address that is the router’s IP. It goes through the WiFi settings on iPhone with an active connection. remember that it is effective when you are connected to the WiFi network on an iPhone.

Otherwise, skip this part and look for the router in your place and see the backside for the corresponding IP address to get access to the router’s settings. And when you have an active connection you can follow these steps to get the IP address of the router from your iPhone.

  • Go to the iPhone settings and head to WiFi connection.
  • Press the “i” icon that is next to the active Wi-Fi network,
  • There you will see “Router” with an IP address such as (
  • Copy that IP address and place it in the Safari browser search box.
  • It will take you to the router control panel.
  • Now feed the requested section with admin login and password for entry to router settings.
  • Once you log in to the router’s admin interface head towards the settings.
  • Look for the section password and security.
  • Here you will see a section with WiFi SSID and its password.
  • Check it out it is your forgotten WiFi password.

Why did it happen? What are the reasons for forgetting your WiFi password?

It is natural to forget things and a password is one of those things that eventually missed out of the way when you don’t feel the need of remembering it and using WiFi with an automatic connection.

It is not the only reason there are numerous other cases that let us not remember the WiFi passcode.

The most common reason to forget a password is having a difficult Wi-Fi password that is not easy to remember.

Such a password with mixed letters in capital and small with the inclusion of numbers and symbols are hard to memorize. But it is what makes it a strong password for security.

Can you directly check the saved passwords on your iPhone?

The fact is simple, believe it or not, Apple doesn’t let you directly check on passwords. It is a risk for security to reveal WiFi passwords. Although it let down your expectation to see the WiFi password directly from the iPhone settings.

Apple doesn’t allow it and that is the reason there is no official feature in the iOS to see saved passwords.

We know passwords are important keepers of precious things in our digital world. And for security reason’s Apple won’t allow any password to be seen unless the person has authority to do so.

You can advantage of our explained techniques for looking up WiFi passwords on your iPhone. They are easy to follow with simple and easy words.

Our Conclusion

We have to admit finding out the WiFi password on iPhone with our effective methods is pretty slick. No wandering just a straight path to the answers. The methods we have detailed down are accessible for Apple OS platforms.

Once you understand the steps then navigating through settings is easy. Though our techniques are simplified to retrieve the password you will be fine to explore other settings. In the end, you will be happy to enjoy a safe and secure wifi connection on your iPhone.

Hopefully, you will find what you looking for in a rave of steps. It’s important for us to deliver easy-to-understand technical solutions to people in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the keychain save Apple ID password?

Yes, it does. Apple iCloud Keychain is a great keeper of all your passwords and login accounts. It can sync through all of your Apple devices and collect all the accounts in one place for easy retrieval and security. The good thing is it updates across all your devices. It can automatically catch your Wi-Fi network information including the passwords. So keeping iCloud Keychain around is safe for storing WiFi passwords.

Can you see the WiFi password on phone?

In a matter of fact, you can see the WiFi password on Android 10. It needs you to go to the WiFi connection and tap on the available network. Then tap on the QR code from the bottom of your screen. A QR code will appear on full screen, take a screenshot and then decode it with a bar code scanner. You will have your WiFi password on your phone. On iPhone, the process is different and goes through iCloud Keychain that stores all passwords.

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