2 Options:How To Enable USB Debugging On Android With Black Screen?

2 Options:How To Enable USB Debugging On Android With Black Screen?

USB debugging is important to connect Android phones to computers for storage backup and other purposes like software logs to help developers fix issues with the Android OS. In this guide, we will help you with how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen. Although it is not a simple procedure to turn on USB debugging on a broken phone, there are some ways to access phone storage on a PC.

The situation is not straight when your phone screen is broken and you want to access your data on the computer with data recovery. USB debugging is a standard feature of Android that allows people to transfer files from a computer to an Android phone. It is most useful for storage backup on computer hard drives rather than phone memory cards.

What is USB debugging? (Briefings)

USB debugging is one of the most useful and widely used features of Android OS. It allows for connecting your device to a PC or laptop to manage it via ADB. It can also be used for troubleshooting, backup & restoring, and installing custom ROMs. However, USB Debugging is not enabled by default, you need to access it from the settings of your Android device to communicate with another developer tool such as the one on your computer.

Now you have heard of USB debugging, let’s know what it does and what it is actually for? The basic function of USB debugging is to allow connection between your mobile phone and your computer to transfer files, access the mobile phone storage, or install mobile applications. You can say that it eliminates the need for Android SDK or rooting your device.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android with Black Screen

We know that USB debugging is supported by Android Debug Bridge (ADB), which is a command-line tool that allows you to manage the state of the device over a USB connection. It let us manage the Android device from Windows computers. The process is straightforward but when you have a phone with a black screen that is not working at all makes it difficult to process.

So, we can enable USB debugging on Android with black screen ADB. This technique with the help of recovery software to enable USB debugging on Android from the computer without unlocking the phone. It works even if the screen is shattered or dead to perform any action you can still access your data by enabling USB debugging on your Android phone.

we can enable USB debugging on Android with black screen ADB
How to enable USB debugging on Android with a black screen?

However, some software is bound by processor architecture support for scripts to perform recovery. Such software allows common known processors to enable UDB debugging without touching the device. (Mediatek and Qualcomm Snapdragon). If your phone has Qualcomm CPU you need to follow the Qualcomm device’s supported way to enable debugging mode and similarly, Mediatek users will have their technique for enabling USB debugging features on broken screen phones.

Option 1: Enable USB Debugging On Android Using OTG

If your Android phone has visuals and not a complete blackout display, then you have a higher chance to enable USB debugging on your Android with a partial black screen and no touch sensitivity to pressing buttons. You can make use of a USB OTG device to connect either your PC mouse with a wire or game controller such as PS3, PS4, PS5, or Xbox controller.

Because of the scenarios where your phone is already in the badlands and unresponsive to touch, it’s difficult to set up a wireless mouse or controller while you’re stuck with everything else. An OTG mouse could be a solution to easily navigate your phone to its settings and turn on the USB debugging features for the PC to recognize your phone and enable storage access.

USB OTG To Connect A Wired Mouse

Using USB OTG To Connect A Wired Mouse
Using USB OTG to connect a wired mouse (Works for OTG-supported devices)

When your Android phone’s touch screen is shattered but it’s still on and visually displayed. There is hope to enable USB debugging without any software involved by using an OTG connector. It is a device that enables USB devices to connect with your Android phone with a cable, such as in our case help us to attach a mouse to operate the phone and activate USB debugging.

Steps To Recover Broken Phone With Black Screen:

  1. Connect a USB OTG (On the Go) to your broken Android mobile phone USB connection port either Type Micro or Type C.
  2. Then attach your wired mouse to the other end of the OTG cable that has a female USB port.
  3. Once your mouse is attached you can move your mouse to control your phone without any touch or software installations.
  4. You can easily unlock your phone passcode with the click of mouse buttons and enter the device.
  5. There you can open settings and navigate to the USB debugging option from the Developers options.
  6. It can access from the About phone section where the Build Number is mentioned.
  7. You can click multiple times on your phone’s Built Number to activate Developers options.
  8. Then go to the options and enable USB debugging on Android with black screen without ADB.
  9. Now simply connects your phone to the computer and access all the files and documents on your PC with an activated USB debugging feature.

Option 2: Android Data Recovery For Complete Black Screen Devices

You can use your broken Android by enabling USB debugging with software. Wondershare Dr.Fone is one of these programs that can assist Android users with a black screen to recover data and more. However, for software, you can choose from Dr.Fone and others like PhonePaw. There are plenty of tools from large companies for the job. However, for our recovery method, we chose the simplest software available for all phone models.

Wondershare Dr.Fone Android Data Recovery (Works For All Devices)

Wondershare Dr.Fone Android data recovery
Wondershare Dr.Fone Android data recovery

The software Dr.Fone is an Android data recovery tool that delivers transparent features and modes to recover photos, videos, texts, contacts, and many more data directly from your phone storage. It works for all phones with partial or completely broken screens and is also suitable for locked phones and broken with either cracked screens or full black screens.

Steps to Recover your broken phone with black screen bypassing USB debugging authorizations

  1. Before stepping into the procedure, you need to download and install this software on your PC to connect to your phone.
  2. When you have installed it properly then you can launch the program to begin the process of USB debugging.
  3. Connect your Android phone with a suitable USB cable to your computer and when the connection is settled you will see a notification on your screen.
  4. You can choose the option “Recover Phone Data” from the software’s left side menu, which has different things for selection.
  5. Then you can choose the number of items you want to recover from your black screen phone.
  6. It can be many things such as documents, call history, and messages, but the more items you select the more time it took for recovery to complete.
  7. Now that you have selected the necessary items you want to recover, it will ask for your phone’s faulty condition and model name.
  8. A screen will assist you to choose the right phone model for your Android device and then its condition, that is a broken screen with unstable touch controls or a black screen.
  9. The next step is to enter your Android phone to “Download Mode” by following these instructions.
  10. Turn off your phone.
  11. Hold down the power button at the same time you press the volume down key. (If your phone has a home button) you should press it too.
  12. Now only press the volume up button to enter the download mode.
  13. After entering Download Mode, Dr.Fone will start analyzing your Android phone for possible data and place it for preview before recovery.
  14. You can see all the files you wanted to copy from your broken Android phone and then continue to receive all the files on your PC.


Smartphones are nowadays very crucial devices for everyday life from online payments to accessing web applications on the go. But when you have a broken phone with irresponsive touch and a black screen that is not working at all, the worry begins and it seems like nothing is possible to recover your data. The situation will revert at the moment you land on our blog, how to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen to recover data without wasting your phone.

While it is pretty easy to access USB debug mode on an Android phone that is working fine, but not as easy for a phone with no screen controls or a completely black screen without any visuals. Even if it is hard to do the recovery we have described easy ways to copy data from your phone with the help of trusted software. As most people didn’t know about ADB protocols and rooting, we have taken the direct approach to access the data stored on your broken device.

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