How To Connect AirPods Without Case? EASY Guide for You

Many iPhone users have been struggling to connect their AirPods without a case, but with this quick and easy tutorial on how to connect Airpods without case, you will be able to get up and running in no time. This blog post is meant for music listeners who want to enjoy their favorite tunes while on the go or working out at the gym. For those of us that are constantly on the go, it can be difficult at times to find the case to set up with our devices when we need them most. But it is no more hassle to get your AirPods to connect without the case, the explanation is below.

How To Connect AirPods Without Case

One of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding Apple’s Airpods is whether you can connect the Airpods without a case. The connection between your Airpods and your device will be necessary for initial setup, however, if you have previously paired your Airpods to your device, the connection will continue to exist until they are unpaired.

If you’re one of the many people who want to enjoy their new AirPods without a case, then this blog post is for you. We all know that it’s important to keep your AirPods in some form of protective casing, but unfortunately, they don’t stick to the case unless we wanted them, so here are some tips on how to protect them while not having a charging case nearby.

The Procedure to Connect Apple Airpods without the Charging Case

“If your Apple AirPods have previously been paired with your device and you haven’t unlinked it, they will connect to your phone automatically. The procedure is simple just open up your Bluetooth search and they will pair upright as you close them to your iPhone to have a wireless Bluetooth connection.

When your Apple AirPods have already been paired with your mobile device and you haven’t unpaired the connection then there will be no problem with the connection after all. Your connected Airpods works fine without the case and connect without a fail and doing so you ain’t need the charging case for continuous pairing.”

However, things are different at the first paring, which requires a case to begin the initial connection with your iPhone to acknowledge ownership. But is not important later on because your phone is now a recognized device and Airpods has gestures to connect with the already paired devices via Bluetooth.

In a situation, you have a new phone and you need to pair your Apple Airpods with your new device then it will certainly require a case to begin the initial connection with a new device. The procedure will be similar to a first-time connection when you begin using your Airpods right after the unboxing.

How Apple Airpods Connect without Case

The Apple AirPods can be linked wirelessly to the iPhone via Bluetooth. They’re simple to use, and they include a tiny and stylish charging case that allows you to recharge the batteries while they’re not in use.

The Airpods case is designed for charging the Airpods and provides a power backup like a phone power bank. The reason is the case is intended for charging and initial connection and has a reset button that can reset the connections between Airpods and paired devices.

It is accomplished by pressing a button located in the rear of the Airpods case. The button on the back of the Airpods case is in charge of resetting your Airpods, purposed reconnecting to a new Apple device for wireless listening and that’s it.

The case has no official ratings for standalone Bluetooth hardware or such like anything to do with the pairing process. It’s just a case that holds down the Airpods to keep them secure and provide the necessary juice to keep doing the job.

However, the case has suspiciously occurred to be the leading unit of initial connection. That’s maybe the Airpods are programmed in a way to make firest pairing with a case while still docked to the case for assurance of legit ownership.

Importance of Airpods Case for Connection’s

AirPods are great because they can easily be paired with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities such as an iPhone, iPads, and even Androids. However, if you’re using AirPods without a charging case to pair with another device, it is certainly possible. You can do that pretty much without all of your owned devices.

Many individuals have a misconception about their AirPods case’s and they think it is the reason they have a loose connection with their devices. But actually, it is the interference from Bluetooth, the technology is evolving and yet it is not much perfect comparison to WiFi, which is probably you can’t argue about the long-range connection strength.

“The Apple AirPods case, as stated by Apple’s official support page, is only meant to charge the AirPods. There is no Bluetooth technology integrated into the case itself, and nothing is connected to it except a battery and charging port to make use of wall charger for the current supply.”

When compared to the older generation AirPods, the newer models are typically more powerful and capable of long-range transmissions without having lots of problems with connectivity. And such capable models are the latest-gen Apple top-of-line Airpods Pro with top of line specs to experience long-lasting and long-range listening.

How to Pair Your Airpods with Device for the First Time

Connect AirPods Without Case

To connect your Airpods to your iPhone, you will need to connect them with a case on. It is the tradition for Apple Airpods to make friendship with your device for the primary mode of connection without the need for a case for later time pairing. You will be fine without the case for a maximum of 4 hours of music listening from your phone as a Wireless means of transmission.

They have numerous gestures built-in for maximum control over audio playback at minimal hassle. This ability gives an upper hand connection to your iPhone and simply processes the connection between your Airpods and smartphone device via Bluetooth. You can have a look at the steps if you prefer.

Steps to Connect Airpods with a Device

  1. Simply unlock your iPhone and enable the Bluetooth connection and then hold on to the home screen for a little.
  2. Grab your Airpods with the case and open up the lid and press and hold the setup button from the back of the charging case.
  3. You need to hold it down until the status light flashes white to begin the pairing process, but do not squeeze them out until a proper connection is made up between your iPhone and Airpods.
  4. Make sure you keep the case near to the phone, doing so an automatic notification will pop up on the screen suggesting, connect to Airpods.
  5. As soon it appears on your device screen you can press the prompt button “connect” and it will certainly connect your Airpods to your device.
  6. Then afterward you will see a congratulations message if Apple doesn’t remove it from the information contained system of iOS.
  7. You can then signed into your iCloud and let your Airpods be a part of devices that are all linked to your Apple ID.


The main purpose of the charging case is to charge the AirPods, which is why so many individuals carry them with them everywhere they go. They are unsure if their phone will connect to their AirPods without the case. So, in conclusion, the only function of the accessory is to charge your AirPods. It functions as a power bank not a Bluetooth bridge between your device and Airpods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the AirPods case have Bluetooth?

You do not need an AirPods case to Bluetooth your device every time you need to pair up. According to Apple, charging is the only service provided by the case. The case itself does not have Bluetooth, so if your AirPods are in a casing, they are technically turned off and either charging from the case internal battery or resting in place until the next session.

Do I need an Airpod case to connect to Bluetooth?

A case is required for the initial connection between your Airpods and your device, but if you’ve previously linked your Airpods to your device, the link will remain live until you unlink them and thus won’t require a case to pair with your device.

Can you connect the AirPods case without AirPods?

Is it possible to charge the AirPods case without the Airpods? The basic purpose of the case is to store charging so that it can deliver the charge to Airpods when the AirPods are stored inside. You can plug a charging cable into the AirPods charging case and it will charge the battery within and not the Airpods directly. Doing so allows safe charging to the AirPods when you later use the case.

How to connect AirPods to a different case?

Yes, you may connect your Airpods to any case and the procedure is quite straightforward. While inserting your Airpods into the case, press down on the setup button until it resets them. You’re ready to go after that by connecting them with your device.

Why are AirPods so expensive?

The Airpods are rather pricey due to several reasons. The first is that they’re an Apple product, and the company does not produce low-cost goods. Each product developed has a lot of overhead associated with it, including design, material, and manufacturing.

Can you use AirPods without Bluetooth?

It is possible to connect your AirPods without Bluetooth and you can take help from the EUASOO Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. It is a tiny device capable of transmitting Wireless signals to your Airpods without using your Bluetooth. The EUASOO receiver can connect multiple wireless devices at once and also includes a 3.5mm audio jack and an RCA, which sounds incredible.

Can you connect AirPods when the charging case is dead?

You can and can not connect the AirPods to your device when the charging case is dead. If your AirPods have battery juice and are fully charged also that you have previously paired them with your device, then “Yes”, you can have them paired with your device without a doubt. But if you want to connect them to a new device or a different gadget then “No”, because a new device requires a charging case to initiate the first pairing.

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