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How to Change NAT Type PC
How to Change NAT Type Open onPC

How to Change NAT Type PC

First, let me explain to you what NAT is (Network Address Translation) or (NAT) is the process where a network device. And today we learn how to Change NAT Type PC.
Usually, a firewall, assigning a public address to a computer (or group of computers) within the private network. The main purpose of NAT is to limit the number of public IP addresses.

If you play “Call of Duty” or “Modern Warfare 3” or any other P2P multiplayer game. You should have considered setting up a port forward for it to improve your online gaming experience.There are several advantages to setting up a port forward for online gaming

  1. For not getting dropped out from games.
  2. To have better Quality voice chat in the game.
  3. minor Lag
  4. Overall enhanced connection.
  5. Easier to play online with friends.
  6. To get overall enhanced online gaming experience.


How to Change NAT Type PC

NAT allows one IP address as the identification address for several computers and other devices currently using on a local network. In case you need to set up the server, you need to set up the NAT type as “OPEN” and allow connectivity from various ports.

Another common reason to open your NAT type is for online gaming on game consoles such as the Play Station 3 or Xbox 360. When your PC NAT is set to strict, you will not be able to play online, or use voice chat in some cases play at all. If you have an Internet phone service, you are not able to make or take calls with a strict-rule NAT.

7 Steps to Change NAT Type From Strict to Open

Step 1

Type [ CMD ] in the Windows Search box. Open the Command Prompt window.


Step 2

Now type [ ipconfig /all ] and press Enter to Proceed the command.

Step 3

How to Change NAT Type PC

View the list of names until you see [ Default Gateway ] or [ IPV4 Gateway ] and write down the numbers next to those names. The numbers will look similar to “”


Step 4

Now open the Internet Explorer, type the Gateway IP address in your search bar and press Enter to open your router’s configuration page.


Step 5

Enter your router password. If you don’t know the password, you may need to contact the manufacturer. However, for many devices, the default password and username is [ admin ].


Step 6

Click the [ Administration ] link on your router. Change the [ UPnP ] setting from [Disabled to Enabled ].

Step 7

Now save the Settings or button at the bottom of the page. Exit your router configuration tool.

For Online Gaming Change NAT Type PC

In this guide, I will show you 2 methods to get an Open NAT type. The first method is easier, faster (takes just 2-3 minutes but it is temporary. Every time you restart your router or modem everything is reset.
But as I stated above, even with that it will take you just 2-3 min. How to Change NAT Type PC second method requires a bit more experience but it’s a permanent solution to your problem. You have to edit your router’s CFG file.


Before Proceeding

Follow the above Steps.


1. 1st Method

After you have rebooted your router or modem, you need to follow these instructions.
  1.  Double click your icon [ My computer ]. The window will pop up. On the left, you will see an option called network. click it. Then the Page will Load. How to Change NAT Type PC
  2.  Right click on Network Infrastructure and click properties.
  3. The window will pop up again. Then click on “Settings”. You have to wait a few seconds.
  4.  And a new window will appear. Click add at the bottom of the window.
  5. Then do the following in the first tab (name of service put IW) in the second tab put your IPV4 address (To find these go to cmd then type ipconfig.).
  6. Now in the third tab put 28950 and don’t forget to put UDP, and in the last tab, you put again 28950. Then click OK.
  7.  And one more time click add. In the first tab, you put MW3 OPEN NAT(or whatever you want I just prefer MW3 OPEN NAT), on the second tab you put your IPV4 address, in the third tab 3074 and don’t forget to put UDP and in the last tab you put again 3074.
  8.  You click OK, then again OK, then again OK.
  9. DoneI remind you again that you must perform the above steps each time you restart your router or restart each active connection and how to Change NAT Type pc.

2. 2nd Method

This method will fix the problem permanently.
  1.  Log in to your router’s page using any browser you like.
  2.  Now go to your router’s configuration page.
  3.  Somewhere in the setting, there must be an option called “Save or Restore Configuration”. Click on it.
  4.  A new page will open up. Use the option “back up configuration now”
  5.  Wait a couple of minutes and a window will pop up. Then click, save file, and then OK.
  6.  Make 2 copies of this file so if something goes wrong you will have a backup.
  7.  Now open the file.
  8.  Hit down Ctrl + F and write [ connection.ini]
  9.  When you will find that, look for the last bind.
  10.  Under the last bind paste this: “bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3074-3075” then under the last one paste this “bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3478-3479” then under the last one for one more time paste this “bind application=CONE(UDP) port=3658”
  11.  After that save the file and the file is opened with a notebook.
  12.  Then go back to your router’s page at the configuration tab where you have been before.
  13.  Use the Option to browse your new configuration file.
  14.  After that click “Restore Configuration Now”. Be patient and wait.
  15.  Close your router’s page and reboot your router. Done How to Change NAT Type PC

Still, need help watch this video

How to Change NAT Type PC Methods work on following

  • 1st Method on How to Change NAT Type PC for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 10
  • 2nd Method on How to Change NAT Type PC works with the ones written above plus with the XP and OS.

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