How to Change IMEI number without Root [4 Methos]

There are several methods on how to Change IMEI Numbers. How to change the IMEI number of your smart device is up to you. In Android, you can either choose to root or, without root, change the IMEI of your smartphone. While in iOS, it is tough to shift IMEI without jailbreaking the device.

How to Change IMEI Number

  1. IMEI is Internation Mobile Equipment Identity Number, tempering it considers illegal in significant countries and prohibited on the Governmental level.
  2. If it is not available in your country where the law does not permit change or alteration with the IMEI number, it is advised not to change your IMEI number.
  3. Changing the IMEI can hide your true device identity, and it tricks all embedded services into a new phone or device. But because of safety reasons and property and trading rights. Many countries make rules and regulations against altering this number.
  4. Theft is the main reason for promulgating restrictions on this part of personal property. As it is a unique device number, and it is traceable.
  5. Law enforcement authorities can find thefts and robbers who loot your device and recover electronic property quickly.
  6. That’s why it is an extreme law for general peoples not to change their IMEI. But it is allowed to change it for repairing purposes.
  7. Here I share different methods of changing this international mobile equipment identity number with some good and some bad results.

How to Change IMEI Number without Root Permanently

The IMEI number has 15 unique digits, and they are unique for every device. It stores necessary information about your device and stored in a database called the EIR, which stands for  Equipment Identity Register.

It is digitally assigned to every communication device with GSM, CDMA, and the capability to connect with the internet. Anyone can take advantage of MEID, IMEI number, and find the lost phone in a Phone lost situation.

It is also accessible by your carrier, and you can block it for security reasons. It is possible by the EIR database, which stores necessary information and knows every device.

The EIR is responsible for ensuring all the mobile network devices are eligible and have a unique assigned IMEI number. Which can use to identify specific tools on a network and can trace the location?

How to Change IMEI Number Permanently of an Android

IMEI is a traceable number embedded on every smartphone board, and every device has a different number. Dual sim card phones have two IMEI numbers because each sim card represents the other network connection.

Changing the Equipment Identity number is not much difficult. Android operating system flexibility on customization makes changes easy for everyone to alter anything.

It is now easy to change the IMEI number of an Android device without a root. Androids are the most manageable operating systems with a lot more functionality and flexibility than any other OS.

The International Equipment Identity is a series of numbers used to identify devices that utilize cellular networks. It is considered the backbone of a cellular device.

Like humans have their own unique fingerprint IMEI is the device’s special and unique identity. Without an identity, your device could not be registered to any cellular network or make any calls or texts.

This number has so much power and needs to be kept hidden. If anybody knows, it could be used for either reporting in locating the stolen mobile or could be used to hack your accounts.

There is a simple way of changing the IMEI Address of Android smartphones without rooting.

  • First, dial this code in your phone dialer and note the numbers. (*#06#)
  • Type this code to enter the Engineering Modes/Tools. (dial *#*#3646633#*#*)
  • In case the first one is not working, try this. (*#7465625#)
  • Then go to the CDS information section in the Connectivity tab.
  • Choose tab Radio Information.
  • If you have dual sim slots, it will show two IMEI numbers.
  • Select the first IMEI tab for the first IMEI to change
  • Here at the top, AT+ code is written.
  • Type this AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI 1″
  • A successful message appears at the end of this command.
  • Now reboot your cell phone.
  • For the second IMEI, select the second one.
  • Type AT+EGMR=1,10,”IMEI 2″
  • Then reboot the cell phone.
  • It will change the IMEI number.

Good Results and Bad Results of Changing IMEI Number

Good Results:

  • You will get a new ID for your device.
  • Your old IMEI is now gone, and it will be untraceable.
  • Mobile Apps with IMEI tracking ID can now register you as a new person.
  • Your Network Carrier will register you as New device, which will give you special promotions, etcetera.
  • Sites that blocked your old IMEI now give you access to your new ID.
  • If your device IMEI is accidentally blacklisted now, you can fix that.

Bad Results:

  • It is illegal in some states so that it could get you in trouble.
  • It voids your cell phone warranty completely.
  • You can not report a missing phone in case your phone or device is stolen.
  • It will come back on you, and the manufacturer or insurance will not claim responsibility.
  • You could damage your phone with the wrong settings; some devices may not boot after IMEI altering.

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