How To Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength

Do you find yourself always struggling with your cell phone signal and often get frustrated when trying to make a call or send a text message on your cellular device? If this sounds like you, then it may be time to boost the signal strength of your wireless carrier with our guide on how to boost cell phone signal strength for free. Many things can affect the strength of the signal coming from your cell phone tower so it is important to try different techniques to see which one will work best for you.

Thanks to the modern signal boosting technology you can enhance your cell phone signal if you’re experiencing weak signals, lost calls, or slow speeds internet connection when surfing the web on the wireless network. Anyone can tell, in today’s society, consistent and reliable communication is essential to living, whether for leisure or work there can be no compromise on internet and phone connectivity.

How To Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength

This article includes some tips and tricks along with proper solutions for boosting cell signals in your home that may help improve the performance of your wireless network, but ultimately no single solution will work for everyone. You have to find your cell phone signal problem and when you do know what causes it, then one thing is certain you can fix it with a possible solution to that particular problem.

But, before we get to the solution, let’s take a look at the most common causes of cell phone signal loss. There are a number of them, and we’ve listed a few of them for DIY work to recover cellular signals in your home or office and improve cell phone signal strength while others with little spending on good signal boosters.

What can interfere with cell phone signals?

Dropped calls are the most common cause of weak cell phone signals, and it has some external factors such as cell tower distance, mother nature, and concrete buildings can also contribute to a weak signal and stand as a barrier between the wireless towers and your phones. If you travel in the subway, there’s a good chance you won’t see full bars of signal on your phone. This is due to the underground infrastructure blocking signals to your phone’s communications. It is also a result of the growing number of internet-enabled physical devices your mobile internet bottleneck has emerged.

10 Factors of Interfere with Cell Phone Signals

  • Huge traffic on cellular towers (your network) causes poor cell phone reception.
  • The distance between cellular towers has a significant impact on the wireless network’s ability on your phone.
  • Natural disaster or occurrence that comes between your phone signals can weaker the mobile communications.
  • Manmade material obstructions standing in your communication such as buildings, statues, Steel frame or multi-mast steel billboards, etc.
  • Heavy clouds and bad weather could drop your cell phone signals and impact wireless communications.
  • Electromagnetic waves interference can be the reason for no phone signals on your phone.
  • Possible that your phone comes into contact with conductive metal material, which decreases network signal strength and weakens your communication.
  • There are bad network settings (APN) that resulted in poor strength phone signals.
  • It could be an issue with your phone antenna, which has stopped working or has external blockage with a cover or anything else.
  • You are living in a dead zone where your cellular carrier does not oblige to provide services.

How Effective is Boosting Cell Phone Signal Strength?

I like to think of myself as a modern-day MacGyver. I love solving problems and figuring out how things work, with and without the use of advanced technology. Recently I’ve been faced with an issue that’s got me scratching my head: how do you boost mobile signal strength? It seems like every time I turn on my phone it just wants to hang up on me! If you’re in the same boat then this article is for you.

The only way to solve your problem is by boosting your cell phone signal strength so that it can maintain a stable connection to the network. Although there are several methods for doing this, some involve DIY projects and removal of certain elements in the way and others involve the installation of some kind of antennae device, cell phone signal boosters, signal repeaters, and other modern devices that do have a cost for making your reception good at your living area.

Bad cell phone reception is a widespread issue in the United States, and what causes more is Localized poor coverage of cheap cell phone carriers, as well as their traffic priorities for big bundle users over basic plan monthly subscribers. This is why their policy puts a cap on the service quality for non-prioritized hefty plan clients.

Although it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money to resolve your cell phone signal issues. From terrible conversations and slow data to a much better phone experience. But sometimes it eases the communication when you have installed a good strength signal booster at your house or office.

A signal loss might be exceedingly annoying when your IoT device is out of signals strength to communicate due to a lack of signal density. The situation can blame the majority of signal problems in the area and could be long-distance cell towers, wrong APN settings, and more. However, for the direct solution here are the 9 greatest techniques we’ve found to enhance your cell phone signal strength right away.

9 Simple Ways to Improve Mobile Signal Strength

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1. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on your Phone (Quick Fix)

There are no other options for making a quick restart of all the wireless communication services of your phone than “Airplane Mode.” Whenever feel your phone signals are getting weaker and you are in need to make some calls, feel free to toggle Airplane Mode and turn it on for least 6 seconds and then turn it off for the reboot of wireless communication services that will be aggressive to catch better signals than the last time.

It works for both the Android and Apple iPhones to make a strong connection with a nearby cell tower without making a physical movement. You can toggle it from the phone’s settings it icon symbolizes a plane, which makes identification easy. iPhone users will get it from the control center and Android users will have it from the quick settings panel. You might say that turning on and off Airplane Mode is a free signal booster that helps you get better reception from your carrier.

2. Switch Mobile Network Frequencies (6G, 5G, 4GLTE, 3G, & 2G)

The G’s on our smartphones and other modern gadgets feature more than a couple of communication frequencies that indicated with their generations (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and 6G are all different, but serve the same mission and that is network communication on cell phones. Knowing that 5G and 6G’s are the fastest and much better than older generations of networking siblings but they do have a lack of coverage which could be the reason your cell phone signals strength is weakening. When you access the settings you should change the higher network to a lower one to boost signals because of less populated network bands.

Switching the mobile network generation to a different one from the setting will get you on track for prior voice and data usage. On iPhones you can visit Settings, then Cellular, and choose choose “Cellular Data Options” and after that tap on “Voice & Data” to finally change the networking generations. While on Androids, you can go to Connections from phone Settings and select Mobile Networks, then Network Mode or Type, and after that, you will be able to change your preferred network gen from the given options. Selecting the 3G option is good for making less shaky voice calls or 4G LTE for consistent data usage.

3. Check your Network Settings for Wrong APNs and Reset Settings

APNs are Access Point Names that are used to connect your phone or other cellular capacity devices to a mobile network for wireless services. With proper settings and address codes, your device establishes a connection to a carrier’s gateway and each carrier uses a different APN network to have different channels for communications than others. When you buy a carrier-specific phone you will get pre-installed APN on the phone but is not the same for factory unlocked phones.

You need to contact your carrier by SMS or call to send you the required APN settings after inserting the SIM card into your phone. Even though it is relative for first-time usage, but if you tinker with your APN settings, you may have poor network reception or no signals at all, which likely alter your mobile network operator connection with your phone. So two things are possible for fixing APN settings, one is changing back the network’s details manually, and the other is resetting the network settings of your device for fresh connection.

4. Check your Phone for Physical Damages (Antenna Health and SIM card)

Examining your phone for damage is one way to ensure that nothing is wrong or that something is wrong with your phone. Even the evidence of weak exterior damage, could cause the compression of the internal antenna or affect the communication chipboards or damage the battery which may not deliver the necessary juice to the network adapters for powering the communications. When you realize your phone has a drop on a hard surface that may have a substantial decrease on the quality of the cellular services you receive on your phone.

To make sure you stay connected the simplest answer is to get yourself a new device if something physical causes the negative of cell phone functions and don’t forget to look into device protection plans for insurance. But non the less double-check that the SIM card isn’t damaged before making any assumption. It is probably the reason you may have a lack of cell phone signals. Often times it is the dirt that comes between the SIM card transistors and it is fixable once cleaned with a piece of cloth but on the other hand, physically damaged SIM cards are hard to repair.

5. Switch to a Different Wireless Carrier in your Area

There are many Wireless carriers out there but not all of them are great at cell phone signals in all the surrounding areas. You may need to make a choice for mobile phone network carrier selection when you are living in a remote area or place where cellular signals strength is weak and you are unable to justify the purpose of having a phone. Times like that switching to another cell phone carrier that has better coverage in your area is the way of getting better service.

A different carrier in the area offers excellent cell phone coverage that you may need greater reception than others. The background reason is that network carriers are gradually adopting more and more cellular bands for better traffic distribution, and having them on your phone is only possible if you have a capable phone, If you have a recent phone that supports newer bands of cellular networks for extended coverage.

6. Move Away from Obstructions and Natural Interference Areas (Crowds)

When we are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of people in conventions, live shows, shopping malls, and other public events, our cell phone signal strength is drastically reduced. So how to boost cell phone signal strength is simple, just avoid densely populated areas least you could do is move from conjunction when you need to communicate. Because mobile towers can only handle a fixed number of simultaneous connections in a particular area and this happens, when too many people use their smartphones and tablets at the same time in an area.

7. Could be your MVNO (Cellular Network) Deprioritized Services

Cellular networks are wise at this point and they have applied the “Deprioritization Strategy” which is very common with MVNOs to limit the signals on wireless communication-enabled devices in times when the tower becomes overburdened. Doing so often balances the number of signals when there is a crowd or something similar situation, which can hold some services for prioritized communications, such that you will notice a drop of calls, sluggish upload and download speeds, terrible call quality, slow and inconsistent internet, and the inability to send text message.

8. Move to Higher Ground (Upper Floor or Hill but Avoid Trees)

The network will be substantially sluggish, but you may be able to connect in the worst-case situation by going to a higher ground than your position. A higher ground or upper floor or hills will be a perfect choice when are an utter need of phone communications. It is often suggested the best strategy is to avoid the congested location so that your phone will have less competition for service. By making an effort to move to a floor or two will likely get you the clear full signal bars on your phone. Non-the-less trees and other obstructions can often block signals so if you are in the forest chances are you might unable to get any cell phone reception due to the absorption of waves into nature. Here also moving to the higher ground makes you more likely to connect with a cell tower and receive stronger signals.

9. Install yourself a Cell Signal Booster (Home Cellular Boosters and Repeaters)

When you are living in a remote area or having a basement office phone reception is hard to catch up with, and the only solution to make your life easier is the use of a cellular booster in your apartment. It does have a cost but what it is worth is you can have a better cell phone signal strength for all your communications and the best to fill whole family wireless requirements. A cell phone booster will enhance your home, workplace, or vehicle, with an increase of Wireless cellular signals for all your gadgets and mobile devices. The installation of recommended cell booster will allow you to have boosted communication to all the surroundings for the comfort of living.

SureCall Fusion4

SureCall Fusion4

It is a modern cell phone signal amplifier that boosts weak signals up to 2, 000 square feet in the low coverage areas. This results in improved battery life and faster data and streaming with the compatibility with all North American carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, and other U.S. Cellular MVNO’s. It is an FCC-approved cell phone signal booster with the strength to expand signs to multiple rooms for multiple users and can be adjusted to single or multiple floor coverages to cover multiple devices across all major frequencies indoor areas.

SureCall Fusion Professional

SureCall Fusion Professional

SureCall Fusion Fusion Professional is indeed a professional-level multi-purpose cell phone booster for both the home and commercial buildings to amplify the wireless signals and cellular radio waves. It is a capable powerhouse booster that improves signal for multiple users and in an area up to 8,000 square feet for all the capable devices to take advantage of increased internet speed, clear voice calling, and non-stop texting due to compatibility of all major cellular carriers, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It comes with an easy DIY Kit that includes SC-400 cable for 50 feet and another SC-240 cable for 20 feet for a patented 2XP double power uplink for a reliable connection in the most challenging locations.

WeBoost Connect 4G Plus

WeBoost Connect 4G Plus

It is one of the simple-to-install signal boosters from WeBoost that amplifies all of the 4G frequencies that serve as a standard for all large and small cell phone providers in the United States, resulting in a more reliable network connection with all the carriers. The coverage capacity for domestic homes and offices is about 5,000 square foot area, and it is has been professionally inspected, tested for all the 4G LTE bands and 3G signals up to 32X higher quality and faster internet and calls. It also has a battery of its own which is particular to performance improvement from WeBoost signal boosters with increased signal strength in your entire coverage area.

SureCall Five-Band RF Meter

SureCall Five-Band RF Meter

The compact cell phone signal strength meter is needed when you are planning to invest in a signal booster for home or office places. It will make you a map of your area for signals strength that you can either utilize a discrete cellular booster or a professional setup Kit for indoor communications. The SureCall Five-Band RF Signal Meter runs on four AAA rechargeable batteries to power the compatible long-range five cellular bands (1930-1995 PCS, 869-894 Cellular, 2110-2155 AWS, 746-757 LTE, and 728-746 LTE). This makes SureCall Five-Band RF quickly measure the signal strength and provide you with a detailed map of all the high and low-frequency levels for a handy installation. That requires Identification of dead zones in real-time to determine the ideal location for booster antenna placements.

Portable Phone Signal Strength Antenna

Portable Phone Signal Strength Antenna

If your phone still got a 3.5mm headphone jack then a Portable Phone Signal Strength Antenna will be a helpful addition to your weak signal problems and immediately amplifies the signals for all sorts of activities from wireless communications for downloads and uploads, making tearless calls, long-range Bluetooth and much faster WiFi. This is all possible with a convenient small package very portable antenna that fits on your phone or computer’s headphone jack for signals. The specification includes 5dbi grains that transmit through a 4 inches antenna that has a gold-plated connector for better signal transfer of both digital and analog signal strength.

WeBoost Low-Profile Car Antenna

WeBoost Low-Profile Car Antenna

Vehicles are an important means of transportation and when we drive there are certain regulations that we need to follow but it does not abandon the use of cell phones at all. For important conversations, we can communicate through Bluetooth or engage the Auto app on our phones that will take voice control to make calls and receive calls without touching. But it is the reality that cars and trucks are are hard to catch up with wireless cellular services because of movement. This requires a strong signal amplifier that can provide assistance to cell phones inside cars and trucks to have comfortable communications. With such functionality, the WeBoost 314401 4G slim and low-profile antenna is a suitable candidate for high-efficiency cellular signals for voice and 4G data in-vehicles.

Other Quick Fixes for Weaken Cell Phone Signals

  • In your phone settings manually re-select the network operator which can make signals flourish on your phone.
  • Check the news, most likely your cell phone carrier has got into natural or unnatural network coverage issues, and consult your neighbors for signals.
  • Open up your house window and check if your phone is getting any signals, it mostly works for me on my visit to the countryside.
  • Have your house surrounded by trees and bushes, they might cause interference and blocks cell signals, if possible trim down to have your path clear for signals.
  • If you are getting lags and other issues with the network perform a software update on your phone for the latest operating system and fixes.
  • Turn off any unused services such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC which can cause battery consumption that makes signals weaker.
  • If your phone has been covered, you must remove the cover or case that might be blocking the antenna of the smartphone.
  • Use “WiFi Calling” when you have in possession of a reliable WiFi internet connection.
  • Remove objects that interfere with better cellular reception such as wooden statues, walls, tall buildings, and metal doors.
  • Hold your cell phone differently than usual for antenna to catch signals as hands could cover the signals antennas of call phones.
  • Give a restart or reboot to your phone for a fresh start to receive signals for closet towers.
  • Check for inconvenient objects in your room that can cause interference and remove such obstructions so your smartphone and cell tower can connect freely.
  • If you have changed a lot of settings and have misplaced a few or more options to unknown factors then completely reset all the settings for a new beginning.
  • When living in a house or building move around to find out which part of the residence has the best reception and make its mark for consideration.
  • Avoid narrow places and alleys to be safe on the safe side and stay connected with your cellular network.
  • Manually change your phone networking bands that are likely set by manufacturers to have continuous receptions.
  • If none of the above works for you, it’s time to buy yourself a brand new phone, you can consider online shopping from here.

Final Verdicts

If you’re a cell phone user, you already understand how valuable it is to communicate and connect with the world, given the thought of static landlines, the modern phone is compact, sleek, and comfortable for all of the modern necessities for everyday work, but having only one or two signal bars isn’t ideal for clear voice calls because it may drop your phone calls like boiling potatoes.

Mostly in remote areas, the major drawback of having a cell phone is weak signal strength and when you find yourself in a dead zone with no phone signals, it isn’t always because your phone is broken; it could be due to an increase in the number of phone users, which puts a strain on wireless towers, resulting in signal loss. Situations like that handle with exceptional sensitivity that is carriers strategy to balance the network loads and prioritize some services while others are put on hold for clearance.

It’s is why many carriers have a large number of MVNOs on their network, making it even more difficult for consumers on a specific network who have to wait for access. To be honest we have guided you to possible solutions that may get to through the process to have enhanced cell phone signal strength in your home, office, or vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve mobile signal strength at home?

There are numerous options for improving mobile service in your home. You can begin by looking around the territory for the sweet spot for signals, then walk up floors to catch cellular signals since the higher ground has better clarity to receive connection with towers. However, if you are a lazy person who is unable to move around every time you need to make calls or access your data services, it is preferable to install a repeater (cell phone signal booster device), which is usually recommended if you want to improve cellular service in your house as a permanent solution.

What causes poor signal strength?

Well, it could be the cause of various entities; we live in a world that evolves with each decade, and we have surrounded ourselves with concrete buildings that obstruct our wireless signals. Cell phone usage is increasing, which could explain why cellular reception is difficult to obtain on crowded grounds. Not only has nature been on state, trees, mountains, and hills, as well as poor weather, are formidable natural barriers that are difficult to overcome.

How can I increase my mobile signal strength?

Mobile signal strength is an expression of how much power your phone’s radio signals emit and receive the waves. You can improve cellular signal strength with a cell signal booster or repeater. A perfect signal is displayed above three bars, if you have got one bar it means your phone has the lowest point of communication. In such a case, your phone constantly looks for cell towers for more signals which makes it consume more battery than usual.

Do cell phone boosters actually work?

Poor signals can be a major headache for many people especially those who rely on their cell phones every day. When we’re met with poor service, we usually do what it takes to find a better signal which is great news for cell phone towers providers. In circumstances, the RF waves that cause cellular transmissions to bounce among objects vary in some cases depending on different factors like building materials which come into play when installing wireless network equipment and significant changes between one room to another provides can create dead zones. To fix that cell phone boosters do actually work and route back signals to our phone for enhanced communications.

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