How To Block Unwanted Calls On Landline Free

One of the most frustrating things about being a cell phone user is getting unwanted calls. Whether they’re from telemarketers or scam artists, these callers are relentless in their pursuit to reach your office or home. In situations like that, a landline’s call blocking features can be used to eliminate telemarketing and robocalls for sure, and here we teach you how to block unwanted calls on landline free.

Sometimes you can try ignoring the unknown calls, but this strategy often backfires as the caller will continue to leave voicemails and even text messages with harassing comments on your voicemail if they don’t get what they want. If you do decide to answer one of these calls, you must ask for ID before providing any personal information or agreeing to anything that might be outrageous or fraudulent.

On smartphones and mobile phones, the situation can be quick, there are many apps available for download especially on Apple iPhones and Android devices that are easy to blocklist any known or an unknown number from your side, and it is also possible of blocking spammers through your wireless carrier. If you have a landline phone at home things are a bit different but not entirely different.

How to Block Unwanted Calls On Landline Free

When telemarketers and spam calls can reach your landlines, many landline phones are often overlooked as a way to block unwanted phone calls. However, there are a few techniques that can eliminate your exhaustion from strange calls. Landline’s call blocking features can be used to eliminate telemarketing and robocalls very easily once you set up the feature. Blocking a number on your landline phone is an easy way to avoid unwanted calls and it is often featured for free of cost.

The solution to spam calls is necessary for the safety of vulnerable scams and frauds from unnecessary calls. The landline call blocker features are now available from AT&T and Verizon, as well as other household phone companies that you can use to work around and block unwanted calls. Some land phones include call blocking capabilities and are featured with spam call filtering while others can take help from dedicated “call blocker devices for landline phones,” which can block robocalls and all kinds of spam calls with pinpoint accuracy.

Methods to Block Unwanted Calls on Landline Phones

If you’re being pressed by unwanted telemarketers calls below are the possible solution to your problem. You will learn how to block someone from a landline phone at home or office and when you’ve blocked someone, you won’t get any more calls from that number. There are several ways to limit spam calls and robocalls you receive on your landline and here in this article almost all of them are described for your help.

Down there are Four different methods to block calls on landline and home phone for free.

Method1: Contact Phone Service Providers to Activate Call Blocking Features

Contact Phone Service Providers to Activate Call Blocking Features

To know the feature is available on your landline you must contact your service provider and make sure the call blocking feature is available on your monthly plan and request activation. In normal scenarios, it is listed as a feature that service providers mention on different landline plans and if you have already known about the feature then use it to block unwanted calls on your number.

If you haven’t found the feature on your phone then you need to consult the service operator for the feature availability and that it is for free or need a paid subscription for blocking unwanted calls. Although, I find most service providers advertised call blocking as a safety feature for monthly plans. However, some providers charge a small monthly subscription for using the call blocking option.

The following are a few techniques for activating and deactivating the call blocking feature of popular landline service provider lines.

AT&T Landline Calls Blocking

To enable the AT&T landline calls blocking and call screening function on your AT&T landline phone, dial *60 code and then press 3 after a prompt to select the feature on. By default, this feature will allow you to block calls from up to 10 phone numbers and mostly depends on the service plan offers.

Blocking Calls on a Verizon Landline

To turn off call blocking on Verizon landline enter you need to dial *77 to activate Anonymous Call Block feature that allows silent call blocking. You can also be done it by dialing 1177 on rotary or pulse-dialing phones, for confirmation tone. For deactivating the call blocker feature you can dial up *87 to deactivate Anonymous Call Block feature. The same process is also done with 1187 on rotary or pulse-dialing phones with a confirmation tone.

Spectrum Landline Number Blocking

Spectrum phone users can block up to 30 numbers with the “Anonymous Call Block” feature on their Spectrum landline phones. The process needs you to dial *77 code and it will allow you to stop unsolicited telemarketing and robocalls explicitly and if you want to deactivate the service, it is possible by dialing *87 to deactivate the feature.

Block Cox Landline Unwanted Calls

On your Cox landline dial *60 code to activate the call blocking feature and when a prompt appears press 3 to select the “Call Rejection” option and make sure it is turned on. Then you can press # to add numbers to the block list on your landline and these numbers will be blocked for contacting you. After applying all the changes put the phone down to save the changes.

CenturyLink Landline Call Blocking Features

Call blocking features on CenturyLink landline is prompt when you press *78 code. Then you will be asked for a security code for the first time and add a temporary security code (1-2-3-4) for access. There is also another method that you can use to access CenturyLink’s call blocker and that goes through calling 888-(your area code)-8052.

Frontier Landline Number Blocker

You can block telemarketing calls with Frontier landline number blocker by contacting the service helpline “1.800.921.8101” and asking for the activation of “Anonymous Call Rejection,” “Selective Call Rejection and Call Blocking,” and “Selective Call Acceptance” functions. On other hand, you can always you the “Nomorobo” service that can block phone calls from telemarketers for free when you’re a subscriber.

Method2: Utilize National Do Not Call Registry Services

The federal government has pushed the button and provided us with the source “National Do Not Call Registry List” that gives customers a platform to block telemarketers and phone solicitors from calling them. The National “Do Not Call Registry,” run by the federal government, is a free and simple option to minimize the number of telemarketing calls and robocalls at your home landline phone or office work phones.

You can add your phone number to the “Do Not Call” list to block unsolicited calls to your home landline phone. It’s a free service, and telemarketers should stop calling you after being on the list for 31 days. If they don’t, you have the option of filing a complaint to particular telemarketers. For service, you can list a number on the National “Do Not Call Registry” by visiting the webpage “” to register online or call the registry at 1-888-382-1222 to add your phone number directly.

Method3: Activating Nomorobo Call Blocking Feature

To stop unsolicited robocalls and telemarketer’s spam calls you can take help from “Nomorobo Call Blocking Service,” which is completely free of cost for home landline phones. Robocalls are an unavoidable aspect of owning a phone, but by taking action, you can drastically minimize or perhaps eliminate unwanted calls by visiting for a subscription.

It will take you to the Nomorobo homepage where you can have a subscription that makes you feel secure and worry less with complete free protection for all of your VoIP landlines. When you signup you will see several recognized landline operators in the list, you can choose your landline carrier and enter your email address in and then select the option “Start Blocking Robocalls Now”.

It will require activation from your email, and you will receive a link from Nomorobo to activate your account for Nomorobo call-blocking services for free. Once verified your account then you ahead to the features and add your phone number to monitor for unknown calls, robocalls and unwanted telemarketer calls without paying any monthly charges.

Method4: Take Help from User-Friendly Call Blocker Devices

All of the recommended Call Blocker Devices are compatible with major US landline carriers and come with an activated block list of known robocalls and telemarketers numbers, which makes them easier for the user to add and remove additional numbers with a press of a button. The compatible landline phone manufacturers include AT&T, Panasonic, Uniden, Motorola, VTech, Swissvoice, Gigaset, Philips, and others.

1. Panasonic Call Blocker for Landline Phones

Panasonic Call Blocker for Landline Phones

Panasonic’s call blocker device can be used with your landline to stop spam telemarketers and robocalls. The gadget is pre-loaded with many options and already recognized spammed numbers in the block list. It is capable of blocking unknown international numbers with 00-prefix numbers types in addition to robocalls and un-identified numbers. The device can block numbers without any restriction as an external solution to your landline.

Its design is simple and you can manually enter 2,000 numbers into the block list with a pre-programmed database. When you receive an unfamiliar call and suspect it is suspicious, press the red button to immediately block the number. While on other hand the device blinks a green LED to indicate that the incoming call is from a number on the white list and announces the caller’s name.

2. CPR Call Blocker V5000

The V5000 Call Blocker is designed with a small footprint to fit perfectly beside your cordless phone at home or in the office. It is one of the greatest call blocking devices for landline phones. The device is useful for preventing spam and robocalls and comes with a pre-loaded list containing 5000 known robocalls and spam numbers such as political calls, election calls, and others.

You can block up to 1500 additional phone numbers with the ‘Block Now’ button found on the unit’s top. When you receive a call that you want to block, the red button can do the trick and vanish the undesired caller’s number from disturbing your home and will be stored into the unit’s memory for a block list. Your ID information will be safe when using the CPR V5000 Call Blocker with your landline for call blocking.

3. SENTRY 3.1 Call Blocker & Screener

Sentry 3.1 is a multi-purposed spoof call blocker and call screener for unwanted calls. When you have set up the device it can automatically validate the blocked numbers and rejects the calls from the first ring. Its capacity is against robocalls, telemarketers, spam, and solicitation calls. It comes with exciting features for call scanning and picking up clean calls and blocking unwanted numbers. The button interface controls the entire operation and makes use of a blacklist against any sort of scam calls. It also has a whitelist for friends and family numbers to stay on the positive side while freely blocking bad calls.

4. MCHEETA Landline Call Blocker

Mcheeta Landline Call Blocker is a simple device with a relatively large memory capacity for storing massive sets of spam number details for blocking your landline. It can ban robocalls, political calls, spam calls, and other marketing calls, with a single push on the block button. The process is simple and all it takes to set up the blacklist to block calls. Although it has both white and blacklist categories, that can store up to 4000 sets of numbers for practical call blocking for landlines. It can automatically filter out numbers Caller ID, area code, and more.

5. Digitone ProSeries Call Blocker

The Digitone land phone call blocker device is a very useful blocker equipped with an illuminated backlit display and features ProSeries call blocking functions. It can filter spam calls, and store 1000 numbers in its internal storage for recognition. You may utilize the last call remote feature that scans the entry on your phone to use the remote blocking. Compatible with DSL, Verizon FIOS, Cable Internet calling, and other services. It also works with a line splitter and can use the call blocker features in the background.

6. CPR V10000 Call Blocker with Dual Mode Protection

CPR V10000 Call Blocker with Dual Mode Protection

The upgraded CPR V10000 call blocker is preloaded with 10,000 recognized scam numbers. You can block up to 2000 nuisance calls in addition to the preloaded ones. It can be configured with multiple lists for spam numbers. It can be a blacklist, a while list, and allowed numbers for return to your home with tranquility and peace of mind. CPR’s V10000 is a premium-level call blocker that puts you back in control of your privacy and prevents all the political calls and bad calls to free your landline phone your quality conversations between family and friends.

Final Verdicts

Blocking a number on your landline phone is an easy way to avoid unwanted calls. The easiest way is to get in touch with your phone service carrier and ask them to block the number. Make sure all the numbers you want to be blocked are saved in “block” mode. Hopefully, you have known how to block unwanted calls on landline free of cost and free up your telephone for business and family communications. Your phone number on a house phone that is connected to the landline will lighten once you start using blocking the unwanted numbers on your landline phone with our mentioned easy ways to avoid unwanted calls. Even though we have described the solution still some people choose to disconnect their landline service because they receive so many spoof calls, robocalls, or scam calls.

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