How to Block Hulu Ads (Get Rid of Ads on Hulu)

Block Hulu video ads are not the job of a regular Ads Blocker how to block Hulu ads. If you are a streamer or movie buff watching tv shows and movies on Hulu Live, you know ads are annoying and did not skip easily.

It is a paid service, but still, they annoy users with random ads. You can use our guide to block or skip Hulu ads very quickly.

Block Hulu Ads

How to Block Hulu Ads

The internet is full of streaming sites and has many aspects of entertainment. Hulu is the second-best source for watching your favorite TV show on almost every device.  Many sites provide online video content, and Hulu is among the top three.

It is based on web streaming services that provide streaming to watch your favorite channels, movies, etc. But it is only for the US and Japan. Its popularity is the UHD quality stream and the cost per month is less than other similar sites.

While being a premium service of $5.99/month, Hulu is still showing ads. But here is a thing that you probably miss; we offer you in detail below. However, no one likes Hulu ads or popups, which is the topic of our guide to help you out of this annoyingness.

Hulu is quite a famous streaming site, popular among Americans and Japanese. Yes, it provides paid services but still runs ads, and they won’t let you watch anything peacefully without interrupting. It is the advertisement that breaks the whole motion of the scene with pop-ups.

The good thing is there are different solutions to Ads removed from Hulu on various platforms. We are going to touch each venue and show you the way of skipping ads on Hulu Live.

Five Best Ways to Skip/ Remove/Block Hulu Ads

For interrupt-free streaming, there are several ways to block Hulu ads. To get rid of commercials on Hulu through Disney plus is possible once you watch a tv show from its unique selection at UHD, you are not going back.

But there are drawbacks which some of you might notice as a disturbing act. That is ads even on premiums paid subscription service.

Thanks to many individuals who test different methods and find us working tricks that can skip ads. There are many ways to bypass or remove Hulu ads for a disturb-free streaming experience. Here we manage to show you some of the best working tricks that can help you block annoying advertisements.

Using Ad Blockers Block Specific Ads on Hulu

Using Adblockers is a typical approach, and it is an easy way of skipping any advertisement from a webpage. It is considered the most distinctive and effective way to ignore or block Hulu ads without any hurdle.

But now, some ad detectors sense any ad blocker and don’t allow you to bypass their ads with ease. Here are some powerful ad blockers that can get you through Hulu Ads, and you’ll be able to block ads on other media sites like Youtube and any other website that contains advertisements.

 Is Ublock Origin Better than Adblock

The best new adblocker on the list is ublock origin, and it is beneficial for all sorts of annoying ads. It is an open-source project which gets immense popularity recently for its effectiveness. Fully functional, efficient blocker for your browser with low memory and CPU consumption.

Many adblockers are highly influential in scrips and filters that help them recognize advertisements, but they are not much efficient on system resources as block origin.  You can easily configure it on your Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, or any other browser through extensions or addons settings.

How to Get Rid of Commercials on Hulu through Disney Plus

It has all kinds of ad filters, and they both are the same things but have different names for the platform they have been serving. You can install it in your browser and use it as a smart filter for Hulu adblocking. You can use this free cross-platform browser extension for Hulu adblocking.

  • Easy on CPU and memory for reliable and highly effective adblocking.
  • Filter content with built-in and third-party filters.
  • Give users to choose their own filtering choices.
  • Custom creates rules to override filter lists.
  • Lists ad on features for different ads.
  • Provide privacy and tracking blocker.
  • It has an Ad server list for ads and tracking scripts.
  • Provide online protection from malicious URLs with a blocklist.
  • Point to block JavaScript tracking with the blacklist.

Hulu Adblocker Block Hulu Ads iPhone

Hulu Adblocker Block Hulu Ads iPhone

It is the latest stand-alone extension as it suggests the name it is for blocking Hulu ads. It is not a perfect adblocker for all of your sites, but it is a convenient Hulu tool. If you are aware of adblockers, then know that one of the top rank blockers, the ad blocker, stops working on Hulu.

It is why it is our second pic of choice for easy adblocking and skipping ads on Hulu. The adblocker doesn’t work to advance the Hulu ad engine, which recognizes ad blockers and bypasses its coding scripts.

You can say that Hulu identifies traditional ad blockers and restrict their activities. That’s why the average Adblocker doesn’t disable ads on chrome. It is the reason we share a specific adblocker name, “Hulu Ad Blocker.” It is the solution for outsmarting the Hulu ad engine. This extension does it as it injects code into the script.

A perfect ad blocker for nearly confronting any Hulu pop-up and commercials. It is available for all major browsers as an extension like Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Brave, and Edge. The method it uses is the best and most effective and does the work.

  1. Readily available on famous browsers as an extension.
  2. Works well on blocking all Hulu ads.
  3. It does not block the entire video player.
  4. It performs advanced methods of Hulu adblocking.
  5. Not suitable for all sies.

AdBlock Plus Stop Hulu Ads on TV

A well-known ad blocker with a long list of users from various platforms. It is a power blocker for all sorts of ads and commercials. You can install it as an extension of your favorite browser and forget about ads. Because it is a leading adblocker with most filters for every site you visit daily.

You can use many features for custom listing and blacklisting any site or add your script of choice. It can block Hulu ads and pop-ups easily and effectively. You can trust this one because it is a well-known blocker on the internet and is doing its work very well.

  • Best of skipping Hulu ads and block video pop-ups.
  • Readily available for all platform browsers.
  • Custom features for users, whitelisting, and blacklisting.
  • Block youtube ads and banners easily.
  • It has anti-malware coding for privacy and protection.
  • Anti tracing for privacy.

How to Block Ads with Blokada Adblocker

Android and iOS users can block Hulu Ads with Blokada. It is the best Adblocker that works across all the mobile apps and browsers and blocks all ads and pop-ups seamlessly. It is an open-source blocker for all mobile devices and tablets that uses Android and iOS operating systems.

It is an efficient way of skipping Hulu ads from mobile device browsers. You can use it as a malware fighter for blocking trackers and protecting your privacy. It has the power to block youtube ads with blokada and saves your data plan, and speeds up your internet by blocking random malicious advertisements.

The newer version 5 and 6 is highly optimized for the latest operating systems like Android 12 and iOS 16 with lots of improvements and makes your phones and tablets run smoothly without ads. You watch videos through a phone browser or any app with the choice to block the ads.

Method of Changing Browser Tabs to Remove Ads from Hulu

The method of changing your tabs is for internet browsers. If you see ads frequently when streaming Hulu, then you can use this method to skip ads. It is a trick that works without the interference of any adblocker or any other app assistance.

  1. On the browser, go to Hulu streaming, and select any video you want to watch.
  2. Now right click on the current tab and click on the options duplicate tab.
  3. Or make a second tab and then open Hulu again for the same video.
  4. Mark the track and forward it to the same position in both tabs.
  5. When commercials hit your video on the first tab, mute the video.
  6. Then jump to the second one and continue watching the video there.
  7. If you see an ad on the second one, go back to the first one and watch it there.
  8. Do this until the ad finishes on either of them without any adblocker.
  9. If you have strong internet, you can do that by jumping along with the tabs.
  10. It is an effective method that requires you to move between tabs always.
  11. By doing that, you can watch an entire show without advertisements.

Use Enounce MySpeed Extension in Browser

It is another effective way of skipping Hulu ads smartly. You can use this software as an ad skipper for your Hulu streaming. It is designed to increase the playback speed of online streaming videos like Hulu streaming without audio or visual loss. It also gives an option to slow down the video for minor details and understandings.

You can use it to speed up your video ads and commercials when it happens up to 5 times speed. It will quickly skip 30 seconds of ads in no time with perfect clarity. It also gives the options for flash player video skipping and HTML5 video skipping online videos.

Enounce MySpeed saves a lot of time from wasting on annoying ads and commercials that Hulu force on users. Users can fast-forward Hulu ads without any adblocker for ads that are hard to remove.

Upgrade to Hulu Plus (No Commercial Ads)

The thing you don’t know is Hulu had different types of subscription plans with and without ads. Choosing an ad-free subscription plan is the official way of getting rid of annoying commercials. You need to upgrade your regular schedule to a premium plan with an additional $4.99.

A monthly 11.99 ad-free plan (Hulu plus) will also add up thousands of on-demand shows and movies without interruption. You can enjoy a lot more in a slightly higher tier plus plan than the usual basic plan. It enables the user to get rid of commercials on Hulu through Disney plus.

If you have asked how this helps you remove all the annoying commercials, contact Hulu and ask for guidance. You can also ask them how you can get rid of commercials with an $11.99 monthly plan?

They will set you up with an appropriate scramble option with a sticky prohibit advertisement for you. For a valid reason, this is the best way of removing ads without much effort.

Speaking of cost, it is not much expensive for the hurdle you bear watching those commercials in every single episode for 24/7 days. If you want to save some money, then try the different methods we share here with you.

You will be happy when you find a good working trick in the end. However, a subscription is commonly a substantial chance for blocking Hulu advertisements.

Reload Hulu Page Frequently for Certain Ads to Stop

It is the least scenario trick when you find everything not working. It is a simple trick to help you shorten the ad commercials on the video you stream on Hulu.

Short research claims that Hulu provides ads service depending on the time you spend interacting with the streaming service—doing that, the sequence time interval commercials at your program.

The trick is when you see a commercial longer than 30 seconds or equal, you can refresh the page. It will reload the stream you play and also reset the advertisement counter with a much short length.

It is something practical that you can consider for a test. It is a practical, easy way to get rid of Hulu ads if you are willing to forward the playback position repeatedly to watch a show.

This method needs little effort to eliminate Hulu ads, but this does not remove ads altogether; it just skips them. In an exemplary case with this method, you can only see a quarter half of a commercial.


These are the currently best working tricks and methods you can use to skip Hulu ads. All you need to do is read thoroughly and follow the guidelines as they show you how to utilize these tricks in the easy way possible.

An important thing you have to know is that Hulu is making its revenue with a mixup of advertisements and different paid subscriptions.

The methods and tricks we deliver are all working, 100%. Suppose you find our tricks too hard to follow or fail in blocking ads. Then instead of attempting to stop or skip ads, you can upgrade your plan for an ad-free experience.

It will save your time and effort in utilizing different methods and help you watch Hulu without ads. You can go for a simple difference for Netflix; it provides an ad-free experience on premium plans. Thanks.

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