How to approve iPhone from PC

How to approve iPhone from PC? There are several methods to approve iPhone from PC with Windows or Mac. The best and easiest way to approve your iPhone from your computer is using iCloud. It means you have to approve iPhone from another Apple iOS device with an iCloud account. In this method, the iCloud service Apple needs to be working for the approval process.

How to approve iPhone from PC

After you log in to your new iPhone, iPod, or iPad and say, “approve this iPhone.” The message appears to upgrade to the most recent iOS version, with the same message asking you to approve this iPhone from your computer.

The problem for iPhone approval or any Apple device approval is the iCloud data. It is all because of the data that is stored in iCloud. It is for security either you approve your iPhone or lose the data. You can do it through any other device. It is also the marketing factor of Apple forcing people to have more than one Apple device in possession.

The warning you see on screen is iCloud, which is something you want to mess up. So how to approve my iPhone from my PC? Well, The whole process might take a few minutes but is worthy of approval.

Here you have more than (Five) different solutions for your iPhone waiting for approval. All the methods are easy to follow that we mentioned below. If not all, one of the three methods will work for you. You can try these different methods to approve your iPhone on a PC.

Solution 1: How do I Approve iPhone on iCloud on PC?

Apple has strict rules for your data safety. If you have an issue with an old iPhone, iPod or iPad, or even Mac, then there is a quick solution for approval. It takes only a few steps while log in to your iCloud on Mac. The reason is that all of your Apple devices are linked in the Apple ecosystem and associated with your iCloud account.

To simply approve, you have to go to:, where you log in to your Apple ID and choose to manage your account option. Then look at the current devices and see if you see your old device in the list. Simply remove the device.

Steps for approving iPhone from PC:

  1. Log in your Apple ID from another iOS device (probably your old Apple device)
  2. Use this device to allow access to the new iPhone.
  3. Verify the new device by entering the six-digit code.
  4. Now finish the operation with the completion of signing your ID.

Solution 2: How do I Approve My iPhone from my Windows Computer?

How do I Approve My iPhone from my Windows Computer
  1. Go to your Windows PC and download the iCloud application for Windows.
  2. After the download installs it on your Windows.
  3. Restart your PC and let iCloud startup with the bootup.
  4. Now login with the same Apple account to the iCloud you just installed on your Windows PC.
  5. When signing in to iCloud, choose features and content you want to keep for your devices.

Solution 3: How to Approve iPhone without another Device?

When you see the error screen approve this iPhone, do these steps to approve iPhone by turning off authentications. It is two-factor authentication that needs approval that you must check by following the given below.

  1. First, cancel the approval screen by clicking the option cancel.
  2. Then visit settings and access the iCloud on your iPhone.
  3. Here select the two-factor authentication option from the “Password and Security”.
  4. There reset your “Apple ID” by turning off the two-factor authentication option.
  5. It is also needed to reset your password for your iCloud and iTunes account.
  6. This won’t change your data in iCloud.
  7. It will send you an email confirming the Turnoff.
  8. You have to confirm it for approval.
  9. Then go to “approve this phone,” it will approve instantly.
  10. After that, switch it off to complete the process,
  11. If not approved instantly, then retry after a restart.

Solution 4: Approve iPhone by Turning Off iCloud Keychain

You can try this method to combat the error and approve this iPhone waiting approval. In case other methods fail, try this method and close the iCloud keychain. Then, you can turn it off by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. First, you must abandon the window that approves this iPhone by selecting the cancel option.
  2. After canceling the Approve screen, follow up.
  3. Visit the settings of your device and click the Apple ID.
  4. Now you must close the iCloud keychain.
  5. Then turn off and on your iPhone.
  6. The approval of this iPhone will not appear any longer.

Solution 5: Approve iPhone Through Verification Code using another Device

Approve iPhone Through Verification Code using another Device

Another option to approve iPhone devices is the verification code. It is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. With a few simple steps, you can successfully support your old iPhone. The method is valid for all iOS devices, such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. To get the code, you must have authority on the iCloud account logged in your approve this iPhone stuck message.

With the help of this method, most iPhones will approve. You can apply these steps to approve your iPhone in the way mentioned above. But be careful with the recovery options of your device. These are stricken to trash all of your data if permitted incorrectly. To prevent the iPhone from being approved wrongly. The working ways are given.

  1. Access the settings to approve an iPhone from a PC.
  2. Go to Password and Security tab.
  3. Then the “Get Verification Code” button.
  4. There a verification code will pop up on display.
  5. Click the button to confirm how to approve iPhone from PC/computer/laptop.
  6. Now you have to go back to your iPhone device.
  7. The window that approved this iPhone will no longer appear.
  8. Your device will be automatically approved this way.

However, if your iPhone is experiencing a problem with these methods, you can apply the recovery mode Apple logo. It may freak you out, but there is always a solution to every problem. You can fix it with the help of recovery to its factory state. There is a variety of situations and such issues.

  1. iPhone is stuck in recovery mode.
  2. When it cannot come out of the mode DFU.
  3. iOS devices stuck on the white screen or Apple logo
  4. When the screen turns blue, red, or black.
  5. It gets on starting endlessly.
  6. When devices do not respond at all and seem to be frozen.
  7. When you cannot slide or power off your device.

Solution 6: Approve iPhone on iCloud from another Device

It is a prevailing situation when we say you have another Apple device to use to approve an iPhone on iCloud. It is normal when we buy a new iPhone or iPad, it will log in to iCloud, and we will encounter this problem. To this end, Apple only wants to make sure our data is secure. The step is to focus on how to support devices on iCloud from iOS devices.

  1. We can log our iCloud on a Mac or any other iOS device.
  2. First, go to System Preferences on Mac > Choose iCloud > Enter your iCloud ID and password.
  3. After entering your iCloud ID and password, it will alert you that you need six digits to approve this Mac from other devices.
  4. At this point, you can open an iPhone that has already logged in to iCloud.
  5. The account is another device vice that uses iCloud and asks if it is allowed.
  6. You will need to click “Allow” and then get the six digits for approving your Apple ID.

How to approve iPhone from Mac PC

Those who have Apple Macbook or Mac PC can use the mac system to approve their iPhone by turning off the iCloud Keychain. Usually, the first method works for you; there is no need to go through these steps.

1. By Turning Off Authentication

First, you have to go to your iPhone settings and find two-step authentication and turn it off. The option is for extra security nothing harms to approve the iPhone given below.

2. Find the Option Tab

The very first step for you is to cancel the “approve this iPhone” option. To skip the approval notification screen, press the cancel option.

3. From Settings

By skipping the approval notification, you will be able to access the settings. In the settings of your iPhone and find Apple ID. Then go to the Password and Security tab and see Two-Factor Authentication.

4. Reset your ID Authentication

In the option, you have to turn off the two-factor authentication. Know that at the same time, you must reset the iCloud and iTunes accounts passwords for your approval. No worries about data loss. You receive an email about authentication. You must click on the link to close the process.

5. Switch Off Method

After this process, from your iPhone’s settings, retry the approval option showing a red flag. It will work, and your device will automatically approve with your iCloud.


The approved iPhone solutions are different. It is up to your selection which method to prefer and which to leave. One of the six approving methods one surely going to work for you, if not all. It is a common term for Apple users to have this message when they logged iCloud on multiple devices or update the iPhone and other iOS devices. Hopefully, our described solution will certainly remove the pain and help you approve your iPhone from your PC.

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