Guide on How to approve iPhone from PC 2020 Easy Step by Step Guide

How to approve iphone from PC
How to approve iphone from PC all methods

To approve iPhone from PC visit settings on your iPhone click against the “Apple ID”. Then find the options. Here is the full method of How to approve the iPhone from PC.

How to approve the iPhone from the PC is very easy. Here we show you a couple of methods you can try to support the iPhone.  There may have errors that you haven’t noticed. Continue the reading, and you will find out.

You don’t have to worry about it while logging in to other iPhone devices. Here you will get three different solutions for the same problem.

You can approve your iPhone device by following the methods mentioned below. If not all, one of the three ways will work for you. You can try these different methods to approve your iPhone device one by one.

How to approve iPhone from PC

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1. Approve iPhone by Turning Off Authentication

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The first thing you can do is turn off two-factor authentication. To do this, you must follow some of the steps given below.

1. Click on the option

Initially, you have to skip the screen approve this iPhone by clicking on the option Cancel

2. Visit settings

After that, access the settings on your iPhone and access the Apple ID. Select the Two-Factor Authentication option from the Password and Security tab.

3. Reset your ID

You must now turn off the two-factor authentication option. At the same time, you must reset the password for your iCloud and iTunes accounts.

You don’t have to worry about this because your data won’t change. You will receive an email about authentication. Now you must click the link to close it.

4. Switch it off

After completing this process, you will need to retry the option and approve the iPhone with the red flag in your phone settings. Your Device will be automatically approved and does not require any of the following.


2. Approve iPhone by Turning Off iCloud Keychain

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You can try the second method to combat the error and approve this iPhone if the first method fails. In this method, you must close the iCloud keychain. You can turn it off by following the steps mentioned below.

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1. Click on the button Cancel

First, you must abandon the window that approves this iPhone by selecting the Cancel option.

2. Visit settings

After that, access the settings on your Device and click the Apple ID tab. Now you must close the iCloud keychain.

3. Start over

Now you have to start the iPhone device again by turning it off.

4. Switch it off

Then, reaccess the settings on your device. Click the options Apple ID and then click iCloud. Here it would help if you closed the iCloud Keychain option also.

Now, try the window approve this iPhone. It would not appear any longer.

3. Approve iPhone Through Verification Code

Another option to approve iPhone devices is the verification code. This is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem. With a few simple steps, you can successfully support your old iPhone.

How to approve iphone from PC

1. Get the code

First, you must open your iCloud account on another iOS device, such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Access the settings on this Device and click Apple ID.

Now press the “Password and Security” option and then click the “Get Verification Code” button. A verification code will pop up on the displayed screen. Click the button to confirm How to approve the iPhone from the laptop.

2. Go back to your Device

Now you have to go back to your iPhone device. The window that approved this iPhone will no longer appear. Your Device will be automatically approved in this way.

So, you can approve your iPhone in the way mentioned above to prevent the iPhone from being approved incorrectly.

One way, it will work for you. You can try all of these methods one by one to get rid of the window that approves this iPhone. Try these simple ways to recover your Device.

However, if your iPhone device is experiencing any other issues, you can fix it with dr.fone and iOS fixes. It can help you solve problems with using iOS devices or using the Apple logo in recovery mode.

This will restore your iOS Device to its factory state. You can use this application in a variety of situations, such as.

  1. iPhone stuck in the recovery mode.
  2. When it cannot come out of the mode DFU.
  3. iOS devices stuck on the white screen or Apple logo
  4. When the screen turns blue, red, or black.
  5. It gets on starting endlessly.
  6. When devices do not respond at all and seem to be frozen.
  7. When you cannot slide or power off your Device.

Other situations like these.

Approve Device on iCloud from Other Device Easily

This is a prevailing situation when we are asked to use an approved device on iCloud. When we buy a new iPhone or iPad, we will log in to iCloud, and we will also encounter this problem.

To this end, Apple only wants to make sure our data is secure. But in these cases, the virus problem will change to how to approve the Device on the user’s iCloud.

To approve devices on iCloud, we can approve devices on iCloud on a Mac or other iOS devices. In this tip, we will focus on how to support devices on iCloud from iOS devices.

1. How to Approve Mac on iCloud from iOS Device

When we upgrade our Mac OS, or get a new Mac OS and need to approve it on iCloud, we can fix it by following these steps.

Step 1 – Click System Preferences on Mac > Choose iCloud > Enter your iCloud ID and password.

Step 2 –After entering your iCloud ID and password, it will alert you that you need six digits to approve this Mac from other devices.

At this point, you open an iPhone that has already logged in to iCloud. The iPhone will tell you that there is another device that uses iCloud and asks if it is allowed.

You will need to click Allow and then will display six digits – Apple ID verification code.

Step 3 –You can successfully approve your Mac on iCloud by entering your Apple ID verification code.

2. How to Approve iOS Device on iCloud from Another iOS Device

How to approve an iOS device on iCloud is similar to supporting a Mac in many ways; you only need to know a bit.

Step 1 – Click Setting on iOS device > Choose iCloud > Enter iCloud ID and password.

Step 2 –Get the Apple ID verification code from another iPhone and enter six digits.

Step 3 –The only difference from approving a Mac on iCloud is that after you enter your Apple ID verification code, you will be asked to enter your iPhone password. After that, you complete the approval of the iOS Device on iCloud. 

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