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HomeGuard Professional Crack
HomeGuard Professional Crack

HomeGuard Professional Crack

HomeGuard Professional Crack is a lightweight software that allows you to monitor and manage the use of computers.

HomeGuard Professional Crack

The highlight of the app stems from the various elements. It can record, including private chat messages between employees, sending and receiving emails, connected USB devices, bandwidth usage, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each program. In addition, it requires you to view a random snapshot of your desktop in a short amount of time. You should know that the program does not require many configurations, and by default. It stores all of the above types of data. If you want to block content and website usage, you can do so easily by visiting Settings.

The HomeGuard Professional Crack is an easy-to-use activity monitoring tool for tracking and controlling the use of computers than home and office networks. And HomeGuard records network activity and automatically blocks all adult and inappropriate content on the site, as well as customizable site blocks, and allows file type based lists and filtering (eg exe downloads or online Flash games).


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HomeGuard Professional Crack,

It also records detailed reports on program usage. Including activity usage time, run time, bandwidth used. And mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each program. As well as options to block or restrict certain programs or games. Plus screen capture, regular or based on specific activities, chat and email monitoring and filtering, printer and USB device monitoring and blocking, Internet time limits, network connection monitoring and filtering, email notifications, etc.

By default, the HomeGuard will run to hide it, which can not be stored in the hidden light but can be displayed as a warning to the user when it is blocked. In some way, it is impossible to drive, it can not be controlled, it can not be cancelled mediation.

Keeping track of the HomeGuards data collected on monitoring computers (sponsors) can be viewed using the Home Guard category. Which keeps the primary database of monitoring records securely synchronized with the client computer. Supporting 256-bit power blowing and activation of all data through Network Transfer. The server part will run for the Windows service, and it can also be used to change the setting with the document setting.


HomeGuard Professional Crack Helps to monitor computer usage remotely:

Another noteworthy feature of the utility is that you can remotely view records on all computers in your network. So you don’t have to access the employee PC at all. Generally, the application holds the first signature automatically synchronizing the series on other computers.  If you are worried about their size or access to the cycle. And you can see that it is declining and has a 256-bit encryption.

Ultimately, but because the tool is working in hidden mode, it can not stop using the proxy server. Although the user cannot close or uninstall it. And you can set the application to display a warning when trying to access blocked web content or local files.


HomeGuard Professional Crack is a monitoring tool:

If you want to come up with effective strategies to improve your computer,s performance. But you can’t determine the reasons for low productivity. Then HomeGuard Pro may be the tool you need to identify the sources you need to improve or eliminate.


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HomeGuard Professional Crack Features,

HomeGuard Professional Crack
HomeGuard Professional Crack
  1. Web activity chart
  2. Website monitoring and blocking report
  3. Program usage report
  4. Program usage report, details
  5. Remote Machines
  6. Monitoring Settings



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