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GTA 6 Map and launch date, GTA VI Release date, GTA 6 is VR supported, GTA 6 release date and leaks, GTA VI rumours,

GTA 6 VR supported 4K (OpenWorld) Game, Map and release date | pc9x

We know Rockstar makes best out class games like GTA V, history best selling game but there is always chance for upgrading to much better. We know not much officially about GTA VI, but there are lots of rumours around the globe. Officially Rockstar claims that GTA 6 is in production and it is coming in 2021 with VR supports.

Recently, a large number of leaks indicated that GTA 6 having heroine character. As Grand Theft Auto is one of the largest franchisees in the world. Although we still get a lot of happenings from GTA V Online, we have been getting tricky since it’s launch.

Rockstar Games working hard to bring Red Dead Redemption 2 to fans, but that doesn’t stop here. Therefore, we confirmed that the Rockstar Grand Theft Auto Franchise is also working on the sixth episode of GTA 6 since after the success of GTA V.

GTA 6 release date,

According to some reports, we can wait for the next Grand Auto Auto Six by 2021, which makes sense. Since the game was launched in September 2013 and has regularly updated content, Rockstar has supported GTA Online, a series of GTA 5 components. If Red Dead Redemption 2’s online components are online with GTA in any way, Rockstar will no doubt be busy for several years

Three years after GTA Online, the company is ready to red redemption 2, maybe three years later, we will see GTA 6 in 2021/2022.

GTA 6 news,

Our understanding of GTA 6 is actually in development, even if it is in its infancy.

Rockstar president Leslie Benzies ridiculed the game in an interview with Development magazine in 2013.

In the interview, Benzies said: “We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we have some ideas.” Well, it’s not much, but it is definitely a reliable source directly from the source.

Benzies continue to talk about what kind of ideas can make Rockstar’s creative results flow out.

“We have 45 years of thought and we want to,” he added. “We will make the right choice.”

“This comes from the first idea. It will be where to set the first question. Then the mission explained: You are doing more in Los Angeles than in New York or Miami.

“Maps and stories work together. The story is the basic process of how it works so that you can accomplish this mission.”

We are very happy to do what Rockstar wants to do with GTA 6. We hope it will turn them into a systematic system and bring this game to us.

GTA 6 Trailer,

One thing about Rockstar games is that it’s very secretive. No trailer appears in this game studio unless anyone is seriously messed up.

Look at Rockstar having to get rid of GTA 5 and Red Redemption 2. He announced something before giving up the first trailer in any game.

If you have a GTA 6 trailer, you will know; the Internet will explode.

GTA 6 map,

Although there are no specific reports yet, each online discussion and juicy gossip points to GTA 6, which has a large map.

We do not even have large-scale talks on the scale of the city. We are talking about the great potential of the entire United States.

Some rumours suggest that GTA 6 can eliminate the spread of the entire United States because it is a long-distance transmission system and travels less time between cities.

Even some incredibly interesting rumours that Rockstar Games may have ’70s theme’, so to break those old-fashioned bells and disco balls.

Acer Predator Helios 300 GAMING Laptop Review and Price,

But there is another rumour that is gathering power, which will bring GTA 6 closer to the English home of Rockstar Games – a setting in London.

These reports actually started with the comments of co-founder Dan Houser of Rockstar Games:

“At present, GTA DNA seems to be a modern society because it is a modern society, American English and English, but it does not necessarily limit them. This is what we have done so far.”

The sources of Rockstar games show that London is the only non-U.S. country that has established a potential GTA environment.

For our money, we think there will be a return to the sub-licensed city. This will be related to the rumours mentioned above in the 1970s.

GTA 3 conflicts are distributed in three locations: Liberty City, Sub-City and San Andreas. He tied up with the original thief car race, which is also in the same three places.

Vice City is the only place that can be found in recent games, which means that the recent Grand Theft Auto Contest, GTA 4 and GTA 5 have not yet been set up in Liberty City and San Andreas.

GTA 6 update,

It has been a long time we have heard rumours of “Grand Theft Auto 6”, but it all changed when a YouTuber reports from YouTube channel “The Know”. It stated that an insider told it that GTA 6 will be launched in 2021/2022 and is being developed under the code name “Project Americas”.

In this amazing event, GTA fans found at least one image, proving that actor and stuntman Tim Neff did participate in Rockstar and Red Dead Redemption 2.

This photo was taken from Rockstar San Diego Studios and Red Dead Redemption 2 is believed to be in production. This Rockstar special brand works on the original Red Dead Redemption version.

Of course, given that this particular brand of Rockstar worked on the original Red Dead Redemption version, it certainly makes sense.

Despite working directly with GTA 6, at least Naaf is actually working with Rockstar and can help explain his resume and also mentions that his involvement with Grand Theft Auto 6 may be true.

If this is not enough, Twitter user @RobbinRams has found that since the discovery this morning, Tim Neff has deleted photos from his Instagram account (you can see ^), this account is directly linked with Rockstar.

GTA 6 looks great for Rockstar game development, at least if you believe in the resumes of Stuntman and the action-capturing actor, Tim Neff was found last night to include Grand Theft Auto 6’s work.

This is the first time found on the GTA Forum that Neff’s iStunt resume clearly mentions the motion capture of GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2.


Rockstar Sports and the publisher Take-Two Interactive did not provide any indication that the new Grand Theft Autos are underway. Most studios may be fighting for the Red Dead Redemption 2 that was released in 2018.

However, only in last March, the highly respected technology and game site techradar.com published a story, indicating that the preliminary work of the Grand Theft Auto 6 has begun.

GTA 6 rumoured,

1_ Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling,

The rumours of a heroine are exciting, but there are more. Obviously, Eva Mendez is Rockstar’s top hero.

But still more. There is also a male leader on this list. It is just Ryan Gosling, a global heart patient. She is just her real-life husband.

2_ A heroine,

When asked about female women in GTA 5, Rockstar co-founder and chief writer Dan Houser said in an interview with Guardian in 2013 that female leaders are not true female leaders but three male heroes (or anti-heroes). Table, but not intentional.

“We really didn’t think of this,” Houser said. “It doesn’t mean we can’t or we don’t. This set of characters has come to us, not, ‘We found X and Y, so we needed Z.’ We didn’t try to remove it from a list – I think It will not give you any guarantee or connection.”

“In the future, can we play with the heroine? Of course, we can’t find a suitable game, but it is one of the things we have been thinking about.”

“This game is not natural, but it certainly will be for the correct competition in the future – the right topic may be great. But for GTA, this is an organic thing, for example, some people will show. We think the theme ”

In “Grand Theft Auto” games, fans have long been sulking heroines, and rumours are such

3_Time travel or another futuristic twist,

With the GTA 6’s huge map of Dumur, there are some rumours about time travel that are the main part of the game.

Yes… serious.

This is not what we are talking about in Saints Row, but it is clear that GTA 6 may have a turning point in Futurism.

According to a report by Christian Today – in fact, this game will give players “the taste of time travel” and “transmitting is possible instantaneously.”

4_ Act as a police officer or criminal,

Another possibility for the GTA 6 story is that you are determined to be a police officer or a criminal. Or at least, if the GTA 6 accepts several key features of the GTA 5, then you play a role, one of which can be the police.

5_ Full support for virtual reality and 4k,

Another GTA 6 rumour relates to virtual reality. According to online rumours, you may be able to play the entire GTA 6 in VR.

Specific headphones are not mentioned, but because we are not uneasy.

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