Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything

Not everyone has $1000 bucks to purchase top-of-line smartphones and hold to the carrier for expensive wireless services while there are more important things to take care of for households. This bring the government to take action against poverty and introduced a subsidy program to help low-income residents “Get Free Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything.”

It means you can have a free service on monthly basis for nearly a lifetime, able to make free calls, text, and use data on your phone to surf the internet. Consumers will be offered different plans with no down monthly services that can couple with add-ons for more regulated usage and it can go up to unlimited premiums for your choice.

Although telecommunication services are expensive for everyday data, voice, and text messages to stay in touch with loved ones. It makes an important point for everybody who has a family can be ensured with a phone call or text message. The human nature of social integration is always contributed to each other support and is the way of living with each other for eternity.

Here we have listed different service providers that offer unlimited telecom services that you can hold on to for a couple of years. While we discussed government programs that are meant to deliver low incomes residents a proper cellular service with all the belongings to consumers.

How to Get Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything?

Even though free cell phone service for life is unlimited everything sounds like a myth but there are some carriers bound to government contracts that are followed by Lifeline benefits of FCC developed Emergency Broadband Benefit Programs. It relieves eligible consumers to obtain special deals of free phones and free broadband services for continuous benefits.

Having a free cell phone service lets you do everything with free data to surf the internet for useful services, unlimited text messages to compose texts, and make unlimited calls to your contacts, along with other assistance services. Below are the categorized two easy ways to get hands-on free cell phone service for life unlimited everything to those who are eligible for the service without any down or upfront.

(GROUP-A) Free Cell Phone Service Providers Offers Cell Service for Unlimited Usage

Free Cell Phone Service Providers Offers Cell Service for Unlimited Usage

The supportive program has many companies enrolled to mandate government assistance in the field of delivering cell data, cell phones, and services to eligible people. But not all Lifeline supporters deliver free phone service at no cost, some may have a little charge to receive a discount on service, or had a separate plan for a new phone. It is also pledged to consider bringing your phone for the free service connection.

1: AT&T Lifeline For Low Income Phone Service

AT&T is one of the top carriers in the United States and working with SNAP and Lifeline government projects to offer recipients affordable or completely free cell phone services along with everything free. The Lifeline qualified households or individuals can get AT&T wireless phone services with data plans up to unlimited texts, voice, and broadband.

People who are recipients of the Lifeline federal program can advantage from AT&T lower costs or completely free monthly basis free phone service, eligible customers will get a $5.25 minimum discount on monthly phone bills while getting an additional $25 discount on federal administration recognized tribal lands.

2: MintMobile 5G Free Service Independently

Unlike other Lifeline carriers, MintMobile offers truly low-cost cell phone services with the latest 5G coverage nationwide. It doesn’t require you to fill up the requirements criteria or apply through the number of government-funded programs, instead, it offers amazing discount rates on single lines on monthly plans.

Everyone is eligible for the cheapest 5G service, especially for those who couldn’t qualify for the government’s Lifeline program. The alternative MintMobile premium wireless plan is $15 bucks per month for unlimited voice, text, and 4GB of ultra-fast 5G and 4G LTE data. Being connected is important but staying up to date is the requirement of today’s world.

3: T-Mobile MetroPCS Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

When savings is the priority then T-Mobile offers high-speed internet to households in need during the pandemic of Covid-19 and delivers ongoing services to FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Programs recipients. T-Mobile is one of the best participants in the FCC’s EBB Program helping government agencies with internet connectivity.

The household qualification criteria are for those who have experienced a substantial loss of income and had a total income below the government poverty line, or Medicaid, receive SNAP benefits, qualified for Lifeline program individuals and families are considered eligible but only one member is acceptable from a whole family.

4: Sprint PCS Connection Card Offers Free Mobile Broadband

Access Wireless is the Lifeline provide that is working with Sprint coverage, you can have free service when you are eligible for the government Lifeline program. The service is supported nationwide and offered discounted telecommunications services for qualified low-income families who are under any government support program for household benefits.

Other than that eligible individuals can get free cell phones and receive free service with 250 free minutes of voice service, unlimited texts, and data. Those who need something premium but affordable can get the Sprint subscription for mobile broadband Sprint PCS connection card for monthly benefits with wireless and telecommunications services. It will save up to $250 when you have an EV-DO-ready Sprint PCS connection card.

5: Verizon Lifeline Low-Cost Service for Low-Income Families

Verizon is offering the discounted wireless Lifeline program phone services to government eligible recipients. It is the Lifeline program that is contracted by Verizon for qualified low-income wireless customers. Federal authorities considered this offer as a monthly discount that saves at least $9.25 per month and an additional 100% for those who live on Tribal Lands.

The Verizon services account needs a one-time activation fee and is limited to one time per home address and per subscriber, while those who are home phone or Fios home internet customers in North Dakota, California, Wisconsin, and many other areas of different states gets discounted Lifeline services for households to save $20 per month,

6: Boost Mobile Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

Boost mobile is a participant in the EBB program of the government to benefit low-income residents of states and grant them subsidies on telecommunication services with free phones. Recipients of Lifeline can have a device through Boost or get the EBB plans benefits that are commissioned from the Lifeline program to provide care plans at very low rates.

Lifeline customers can receive a $15 monthly discount with the Care Pilot Program held by Boost Mobile and California Public Utilities Commission. Other than that Boost offers alternative affordable plans for guaranteed unlimited texting, voice, and data credits for monthly subscriptions with autopay enabled. It is subjected to regular rates you can contact 1-866-402-7366 for best plans.

7: TracFone Low-Cost Prepaid Service

Tracfone is offering smartphone plans with unlimited talk, text plus unlimited carryover for data, but they are not backed by the Lifeline program for offering low-income residents a monthly basis free service. They offer 4G LTE and 5G fast coverage experience with unbeatable plans nationwide as the largest and most dependable network.

They have multiple plans compatible with your needs, you can pay for what you need and don’t pay for other things that aren’t your interest. Carryover feature for continuous usage of unlimited talk & texts with your smartphone plans, any unused data will cycle through, on top customers can add-on cards for six month period maintained usage at essential rates.

8: Tello Unlimited Custom Plans Offers

Building your plan is saving resources for good use while benefiting the service. Tello unlimited custom plans offer $14.3 per month charges for the first 6 months, each month user will receive 4GB fast LTE or 5G data, and everything unlimited including minutes and texts. When the 6 period finishes the rates go to standard and ongoing to $19 per month.

If you consider the new lines they will offer great discount rates compared to regular service, it is still not bad for everything unlimited that also counts for tethering and hotspot sharing without throttling the data speed. Unlike Lifeline programs, Tello is an individual service provider that offers free cell phones to new customers and also ships them for free.

9: Google Fi Unlimited and Flexible Monthly Cell Phone Plans

The Google Fi flexible plans are good for families to have compact prices for multiple lines that are cheap and serve the best services for overall development, but they do not combine with government Lifeline FCC established program for low-income help with free phone services. Instead Google Fi focused on the prepaid services that are low rates for anyone to consider.

As an MVNO, Google Fi has decent coverage and it is among the best networks besides the T-mobile has unbeatable service for both the 4G LTE and 5G. In simple understanding, Google Fi’s flexible unlimited plans are a great deal for those who are looking for an unlimited everything cell phone service with a little cost that is not bad for prepaid cell phone plans.

10: Xfinity Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program Enrollment

According to the National EBB program eligible people can enroll in Xfinity service for free phone services with unlimited benefits of talk, text, and data. Even existing members of the Xfinity service could qualify for the Lifeline support through the National Verifier eligibility check. After that Xfinity will provide monthly cellular service to qualifying customers.

When new customers arrived they can receive a subsidized monthly credit of $50 per month that can maximum of $75 when an eligible customer is from Tribal lands. This credit can be applied after activating the internet essentials service that allows Xfinity ID to complete the consent and benefits of unlimited calls, texts, and broadband at once.

11: US Cellular Lifeline Plan Services For Smartwatch

Lifeline is helping families to connect with Emergency Broadband Benefit covered by the FCC program, which is only useable for eligible households to service those who are recipients of the government Lifeline program. If the household is enrolled under the free and reduced-price school lunch program, USDA Community eligibility provision, or received a Federal Pell Grant award.

It is compulsory that the household had a total income below the 135% of government-regulated federal poverty guidelines. If that case you can have unlimited mobile plans that are meant the Lifeline participants to get the free cellphone service for life unlimited everything on multiple lines with no access fees for phone lines, no activation fees, and have a free sim card to utilize the service.

12: Cricket Wireless Free Phone Service Discounts For Emergency Broadband Benefit

From the pandemic, Cricket wireless participated in the government Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) program that is set by the federal association to help eligible households struggling to afford internet service. It will serve benefits of $50 per month or the equivalent of a $75 monthly plan that will be an unlimited resource pack for everything including, voice calls, messaging, and high-speed LTE and 5G data.

The service needs verification through the National Verifier and when you are qualified Cricket will enroll you to pick an EBB eligible plan on monthly basis. This will credit to EBBP that Cricket wireless is bringing a major relief for phone services that assist low-income residents. When a household accounts for one of the unlimited services it can share with multiple lines for voice and data.

(GROUP-B) Free Government Cell Service by List of Government Phone Providers

Free Government Cell Service by List of Government Phone Providers

Government Free Cell Phones Lifeline Program

Through the Lifeline Assistance Program major carriers are conducted as part of the scheme to facilitate residence of state with free cell phones and cellular services without charge and no monthly bills, on the behalf of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) contributed the Lifeline programs for the benefits of residents to get a chance for getting attached to the world.

It is mandatory only for those who are eligible for low-income support programs held by the government for all the states in the region. It is the Lifeline program of the federal association since Ronald Reagan was president in 1985. The government then created a Lifeline support program for the qualifying low-income Americans to have the opportunity to communicate.

The program included funds that can connect people to jobs, family to each other, and individuals to stay focused on the carrier with broadband emergency services. Before 2016 the Lifeline is only filling the basic communication needs and now is modernized with proper cellular services with 3G, 4G, and even 5G connectivity for eligible candidates who have compatible phones.

The Commission included support services as standards for Lifeline-ensured personals and families to the maximum value that are set by the universal services of national eligibility verifier to help determine. Currently, the Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), contributes to all the changes for administrative aspects straight from the ruling authorities.

On the contrary, some services may have charged a small fee imposed only for high-speed data, otherwise, it is completely free for anyone who s considered approved for services. All of the expenses are backed by the Universal Service Funds so be calm and apply through the given channels and check eligible criteria of low-income consumers of state or tribal lands.

Household Qualification Criteria

Already under one or more government programs is component. If you are a recipient in any of the given household programs then you are considered eligible for qualification and need to fill out applying form requirements for the intentional services on your behalf or your family to be considered qualified for free or discounted wireless mobile phone services.

  • Your income must be equal to or below 135% of federal poverty guidelines.
  • Head Start (those households contacting the income qualifying standards of the government poverty line)
  • Food Stamps are known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
  • Medicaid (Medi-Cal) recipients of health coverage can participate.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • One of the family members is on Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefits.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA).
  • Tribal programs (such as the California Tribal area) can participate as federally recognized Tribal land.
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations and Bureau of Indian Affairs and General Assistance.
  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families can participate (Tribal TANF).

Final Thought

Lifeline is part of the Universal Service Fund and it is available for only the eligible low-income consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands. The Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is a government benefit program regulated to all major phone carriers like AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, and Cricket. If you consider yourself an eligible consumer may enroll in the program and take benefit from monthly discount plans.

But before you need to verify yourself with National Verifier, you can find details at where you can provide your state name and income proof for an account, then they will fetch details about your household from the system and possibly declare your household qualified for Lifeline services. You can then go to your nearby service provider and ask for the free Lifeline EBB program mobile broadband service plan.

The participated cell phone service providers can provide you with unlimited everything plans from that you can choose among the best that suits your needs. People in Tribal Lands and those who are recipients of any federal assistance program easily get the free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. Even furlough and unemployed can receive broadband services so good luck for choosing the right service.

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