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FirstOneTv alternatives are better known for streaming live TV shows and movies online. I discovered that only eight of the 60 FirstOneTv alternatives have comparable features and feel to the original, according to my research. If you’re feeling lost, my list should be sufficient to pique your interest in online media activities.

FirstOneTV Live is a legit site and delivers entertainment media (TV Channels and TV Shows) for free. Now the website has discontinued the service because of copyright issues and could not provide any content on Firstonetv Apk.

It may be temporary, but we will show you some of the best alternatives that deliver the same experience. This guide will also include some Firstonetv replacement sites that you can try out for free content at any moment.


The First One TV is one of the best free live channel sites that is safe for children and has a fast and straightforward interface. Since the site has discontinued its service, it was impossible to offer you service anymore on a legal basis. The popularity of users was FTV Sports and live streaming TV channels.

The best and simple way of finding a replacement is to check all the options you get at a moment. For TV geeks, the suggested alternatives can do the work, like FirstOne Roku they are also free to watch live TV Channels and many Shows.

If you love TV shows, then you can find a whole variety of various replacements with joy. Our guide helps you find the right solution for you. Now you are out of options, here all-new alternatives of the site provided by us include mobile apps and different websites that deliver the same kind of experience.

It was an online streaming website a few years back with a fantastic audience across the globe. Now they suffer quite a stroke due to the drop of the site and they were unable to access the content anymore. That is why we manage a list of similar firestone replacements for those who want to hand on free tv to watch.

8 Best Alternatives Of FirstOneTV Watch TV Online

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What is gone is gone, but it doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. Here are some FirstOneTV Replacements you can check for free media. The list covers different platforms and media sources so that you can get other options for different platforms. These are good quality similar sites like the Apk you can use for free without any subscription.


Ustvgo. Tv is a free live TV Channel website that provides you with all US and American TV channels. It has 93 channels listed with indifferent categories that you can watch free of cost. To access it, you have to type search on your browser.

The website has simple but best looking similar to the firestone interface. Since the services are free to use, you can access a large selection of TV Channels on any of your devices.

MUST GO has four separate categories of TV channels, Entertainment, News, Sports, and Kids. It is also compatible with different platforms, which makes this the right candidate for replacement.

Visual quality is fantastic on this is the best similar website like alternative if you are looking for US TV Channels. It has all the latest streams for a free online experience with good quality content.

Because it has quality content in terms of visuals, the resolution of TV channels in HD as compared to other global media, but it has only US channels, not international, which is the plus point for high quality.

The Live TV Channels it offers in HD, so you have a good experience with the media. You can easily access it from different devices like your Smartphone, Smart TV, Firestick, and iPhone.


Mobdro is an ultimate all-in-one TV solution for Fans. It has all the channels you were looking for free. It supports global-level TV Channels from different sources – it streams live events, sports, games streams, and much more.

It is for the Android Operating System, but other platforms can access it in different ways. Firestick users can download it with the help of a Downloader from the direct link that we provided.

It works well on Firestick and Smart TVs as it contains TV mode for large devices. If you want to download this and his and want to download tare an Android user, you can download Mobdro APP from this link. It also includes a full user guide for easy installation.

To access it on a PC, Laptop, or desktop, you can use an Emulator for that purpose. Then you can download and install the Mobdro Apk and then enjoy free TV channels along with a ton of streams.

With Mobdro, you can access all Tv shows and all of your favorite channels in one package. It’s one of the best FlareOneTV replacements with a good streaming service.


If you want high quality with a wide variety of TV channels, TVPC is the best site for online watching free media content. It has all the tv channels worldwide; it has separate Live TV channels, Sports Portal, and a TV Guide for newbies. is the best choice for those who love wandering different channels from time to time. User interfaces wise it is not much exciting and heartwarming. But it did the trick and delivered lots of channel streams for free.

The live TV Channel’s features are a bit slow, but the service is dependent on advertisements a lot. You can not watch anything unless you turn off the Adblockers.

In terms of availability, it has a massive list of channels from different countries worldwide. This could be a suitable replacement for similar sites since they capture the shares with the same layout interface but with a twist.

The TVPC has done what they state full-service around the clock and massive TV Channels from significant providers like the US and UK region. Provide options to search by country name to find a specific show or channel.

4. FreeInterTV

FreeInterTV is almost like if you are looking for an exact match site that works in the same way. It is a free streaming service with over 1900+ channels that supports live broadcasts globally. Not just that, they keep adding new media every week and with different categories.

They add regional channels, entertainment, music, and news channels from different countries. The new tv channels they add are from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, India, and China.

You will be able to watch channels from Asian and European countries for free. Our research has the most significant category list in terms of media, making this a total replacement of FirstOneTV.

The site has categories with different genres to easily find what you were looking for directly from the homepage. It is an excellent-looking site that also has filter channels features for the selection of different periods.

Even it streams globally, but in some countries, its services are not working for some reason, which any virtual private network could quickly resolve.

5. FreeTV

It is an excellent service, and it is accessible from all over the world. It covers all genres of TV channels from different countries and provides a specific country or region channel search function.

FreeeTV has got movies, tv-shows, news, and entertainment channels. The site has a familiar look, not much of an optimized site.

When you search for anything, it takes time, but at least it is all free service. You can visit it anytime and can access it from anywhere.

Free did not ask for any subscription or anything, and it provides service twenty-four hours. Because it is a free service, you can see ads here and everywhere on the screen.

This site has all kinds of content from different countries and different categories. It doesn’t matter your location. It is accessible from everywhere.

FreeTV, in our research, could be a replacement will many news and documentary channels.

Latest Excellent Replacement For FirstOneTv

Sites Like FirstOneTV

The listed sites are the sites known for respectable, very high-quality content. They are the source of free watching TV shows throughout the world. Some of them may or may not be accessible in your region depending on the service map. But can lots of other relative sites in our article.

These sites are the real way of streaming videos online with premium-like quality. Some of these sites require monthly subscriptions, and others need authentication for real users and don’t work without a user account. With an account, you can freely watch all available TV shows without any trouble.

6. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an American free premium grade streaming service. A stocked content site with a license from various popular TV Shows, Channels, and movie companies.

It is a television show service with a dream of competing with the industry’s most powerful giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. It is the reason it got us a free service plan for future investments.

The thing is, right now, it is under development and has a lot of compelling movies and Shows for viewers around the world. Instead of asking for a subscription fee, Tubi promotes its content for free.

If you are a TV guy who loves watching popular fantasy TV shows, this is the offer for you. No bills, no credit card, it gives you a free streaming service that is premium and has a wide range of elements.

7. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is an ancient site and has a pretty large streaming TV show and movies. It is from the Sony company, and it is free, no charges, free content.

You can watch anything and everything for free. Crackle does not have a subscription option. But the service in terms of quality is pretty much premium.

Because it is a free service and it is a fair licensed service. The company uses advertisements to cover some maintenance costs of the site.

Two and thirty seconds of commercials are not a big deal when it is a free service with no fees. It usually happens when watching a TV episode or movie, and it popups in between.

Yes, it has terrible timing of ads, which is a bit annoying, but it is, after all, a high-class service. There are many streaming video services out there, most of them with decent quality and features have a cost of premium element.

8. Pluto TV

Pluto is similar to other premium grade free services with lots of TV channels and movies. It offers streaming channels from cable TV and many other major providers for free.

Because it is a free service, it is dependent on advertisements and commercials. This is typical for services like this, and it has over 250 live channels plus movies and TV shows.

Pluto TV support live TV streaming services, especially since it offers popular generic channels. With all new and improved Pluto, it is still free and offers streaming content without a monthly bill.

Pluto TV  is potentially the best way of watching TV Shows online. You can watch all the news, sports, and entertainment genres content on this best free streaming service anytime.

It was launched back in 2014 and has grown into a giant service since it is populated with many famous and demanding channels.

Honorable Similar Sites Like FirstOneTv (Additional)

These are my top replacements. You should consider finding your favorite FirstOne TV replacement for watching live TV. The listed sites are known for quality, not quantity, and they are very well globally known services for streaming.

Suppose you are planning to join a premium monthly subscription-based service for all the top-notch quality content. Then consider it as a real deal for paying a couple of bucks a month to continue streaming on a massive level.

They support all news channels, movies, sports channels, entertainment shows, and much more from all parts of the world. Since they provide streaming at a cost, the availability of content is unlimited.

Not like other sites with free service without any subscription fee bombards ads and provides minimal content.

Here you can watch all the available TV shows internationally on a subscription with a valid service account to verify your eligibility.

  1. Youtube TV
  2. Hulu Live TV
  3. Sling TV
  4. iTunes TV
  5. Amazon Prime Video
  6. Netflix


These are the best and respective replacements for the FirstOneTV site. You can continue with any one of the mentions of alternatives and substitutes that suit you. We have shown you all the possible best sites with original premium content and free third-party content.

Both services have their perks and drawbacks. You can go to your requirements. There will be some quality and server issues here and there in free services, but you can always go for premium services if you can afford one.

The support of globally streaming content is excellent, and the fact they deliver it is free for everyone. We recommend you protect yourself from leaking your IP and other information online. So use some VPN to protect your identity when watching anything online on free service sites.

Many other websites can be an excellent alternative to watch live tv free. But these are the most look like sites, with layout design and channels playlist of streaming content. Enjoy & Thanks.

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