Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working FIXED

One of the most common causes of the Discord no audio problem during screen sharing is the malfunction of the audio driver. Thankfully it can be solved with simple troubleshooting and updates. Although, the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working has many solutions and we have shared most of them for your help -stick with us and you will solve your Discord screen audio issues.

Discord is a popular platform for gamers to chat with friends and communities close to their passion. But it is not entirely related to gamers-only space, anyone can hang on to Discord from art communities to science study groups with a couple of friends to entire communities to work together in Discord’s people creative place that is expanding too many virtues.

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Using Discord has become a necessity for modern communication with amazing features that ease user interactions. It is possible with different means of sharing, that is video calls, screen sharing with sound, text messages, voice calls, voice messages, and media files. It makes Discord a precious platform for all sorts of communications for everyone.

Since the broken down of audio features of screen sharing many Discords users are in trouble and looking for solutions. Discord’s screen sharing feature is one of the leading features that help users to communicate as a class which is probably the best case for students to lean on studies and learn through Discords platform while gamers stream to worldwide audiences.

If the case, the sound is not available when sharing a screen on your device using Discord, we can fix that issue with the start of simple and easy-to-follow-up solutions, that might get the job done without tinkering with a bunch of optional settings on your PC. Since Discord is available on many operating systems and platforms.

The fixing of audio on discord screen share not working is reported by hundreds of people’s and finally, we found workable solutions that we included in our list of simple solutions. You will find our most trusted proprietary solutions that can fix Discord screen share no audio sound problem very easily.

Quick Tip:

Before diving into the list of solutions, restart your computer make sure your computer isn’t broken or has any driver’s issue with audio profiles. To acknowledge the situation you can remove the headset and play youtube for testing and listen is there a sound or not. You can have a choice for other apps and players to explore for sound testing.

If you have sound with other applications on your PC then you can assure it is a solemnly Discord issue either from the server end or software. For that, you can direct towards the simple solutions category with fixes for the Discord application. While so, if there is no sound in either of the applications on your PC you can jump to the troubleshooting section for drivers solutions and their fixing for not having screen sharing sound.

Simple Fixes for Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Solution 1: Evaluate Activity Settings for Game Audio Not Working for Your Programs

Activity Settings for Game Audio Not Working

Discord automatically detects your activity and makes sharing screen a top priority in the list of activities for proper handling. However, when it gets messed up with different programs and applications, it needs directions to follow up with your activities, and here comes a manual selection of your programs for screen sharing feature from Discord settings.

To let get started with the addition of activity for sharing your screen, make sure the program you have selected is the right one and properly directed to Discord settings to stream flawlessly. It helps Discord to evaluate the activity performance in accordance with the sharing protocol, which also counts for visual and audio communication.

Following are the Steps for Adding Specific Applications or Game Activities in Discord:

  1. Launch the Discord app and also the application or game you want to share.
  2. Navigate into Discord settings and click on the Games or Game Activity tab.
  3. Enable the option, Display currently running game as a status message.
  4. Here you will see Add Game, click on it and direct your program or game to Discord for sharing screen.
  5. Pay attention to toggle “Overlay On” for interaction while running your games or programs.
  6. If there are already selected applications then consider removing and reselecting the programs.
  7. Check sound is available or not when sharing the screen, if it still exists continue with the next fix.

Solution 2: Check Antivirus for Game Audio Not Working for Your Programs

While Discord overlay is pretty good for interactions during the screen sharing sessions but sometimes Antivirus programs took it for irregular behavior and cease the features that might end up disabling the audio features of your game. It is the nature of Discord overlay that makes Antivirus think it is a virus of some kind doing under-rated activities.

Although it is a perfect thought for considering the background activities in your computer. But using Discord will be limited without the audio and it happens only with particular antiviruses, not all antiviruses does this as most antivirus recognize Discord app features.

Following are the Steps for Antivirus issues with Discord:

  1.  For a simple solution you can uninstall your software Antivirus or disable all its functions.
  2.  If it doesn’t make sense you can check the Antivirus Quarantine list for Discord files.
  3.  Some Antivirus programs target Discord files and Quarantine.
  4.  You can add an exception for Discord and made it to Whitelist and check the audio.

Solution 3: Configure Voice and Video Settings in Discord App

Configure Voice and Video Settings in Discord App

When your Discord screen couldn’t produce sound, then Voice and Video Settings in Discord do fix the problem. The solution to can’t hear discord screen share audio is to configure Voice and Video settings in the Discord app for effective results. The auto pic audio activities in the Discord app can be the root of the problem.

So making it stop is great for the manual option Push to Talk which allows you to be able to transmit audio whenever you push the keys that are associated with audio capture. It is also mentioned that changing the Discord Audio SubSystem is certainly solved the problems related to Discord screen-sharing with no audio.

Following are the Steps to Properly Configure Voice and Video Settings:

  1.  In the Voice and Video settings.
  2.  Look for the Voice Activity option and enable it.
  3.  Also enable the Push to Talk for manual audio.
  4.  Here at the input voice bar undo the setting of inaudible volume.
  5.  Down below in the Voice and Video section look for Subsystem.
  6.  Then change the Standard to Legacy from the Subsystem given options.
  7.  You can also enable the additional options for making your efforts count for the solution.
  8.  Enable the use of experimental methods to capture audio from applications.
  9.  And enable the options to show a warning when Discord is not detecting audio from your microphone.

Solution 4: Reset Voice and Video Settings in Discord App

Discord voice settings are necessary for properly channeling the audio to your audience and having video and voice settings configured. You will certainly solve the Discord screen share game audio, not working issues. In case of altering the issue, you can also reset the voice settings to their default state that might help to solve the audio errors.

Following are the Steps to Reset Voice Settings in Discord:

  1.  In the Discord settings scroll to the left side menu and find Voice & Video.
  2.  Click on Voice & Video and push Reset Voice Settings.
  3.  After pressing Okay, you can check the results, either the sound problem is fixed or not.
  4.  Here you can also enable the advanced screen capturing settings.

Solution 5: Clean the Cache of Discord Roaming Data

Clean the Cache of Discord Roaming Data

Discord software cache can be a missing lead to solve the audio problem of sound that may not be available when sharing a screen on your device. The use of cache and roaming data is needed for Discord operations to save user accounts, settings, permissions, and preferences. This temporary data is useful for performing certain Discord functions and audio can be flushed in it.

The solution is a kind of hard reset for Discord software and pretty much solves all the problems and that’s why we certainly need to delete the whole cache files and roaming file’s to re-state the task. It is also important to go through every possible way to finally reach the solution and cleaning out a cache of Discord is one of the hard ways to do so.

Following are the Steps to Delete Cache and Roaming Data of Discord App:

  1.  You need to close Discord and all its running processes from Windows Task Manager.
  2.  Press (WinDOW Key + R) at the same time to open the run prompt.
  3.  Either type this command or paste this in the search box. (%appdata%) without brackets.
  4.  It takes you to Windows Data Cache and Roaming folders.
  5.  Look for the Discord folder and clear it up or delete the folder.
  6.  After that restart your computer and try the Discord screen sharing feature.
  7.  It will certainly fix all the unbalanced settings and other errors at once.

Solution 6: Force Update Discord Application

Discord has been working on stabilizing the platform for all the operating systems and doing so they often deliver updates that likely solve many errors and bugs in the system. Unlike most applications, Discord updates are automatic, which means entirely automatic and there is no specific button in the settings that you can click to update Discord.

Instead, it processes the update on user command the method it uses is automatically following the update itself to better optimize the performance on your device and depends mostly on your network internet speeds. However, there is a way to forcefully update the Discord application.

Following are the Steps to Force Update Discord Application:

  1.  To check Discord for updates you need to open the Run prompt.
  2.  It can be open with the combination of the Window Key + R button.
  3.  Here you can either type or paste this command without brackets.
  4.  Search this command in the Run search box (%localappdata%).
  5.  Search the Discord folder and do not delete it as the previous method.
  6.  Instead get inside the folder and double click on Update.exe.
  7.  It will certainly take time and begin the update process.
  8.  After that you can check Discord still missing sound when sharing your screen.

Solution 7: Discord Administrator Permission

If you are a long-time Windows user then you are familiar that some applications need Administrative access to perform better rather than the user permission. Running Discord with Administrator Permissions is allowing to perform at full potential without hangover with system security or any other processing drawbacks.

Granting the administrative access to Discord will be fixing the full screen sharing with audio issues. It will bypass restrictions on the Discord app from the system side and make it perform better with complete control over the user commands, which also means the system firewall will not come in a way of Discord communications.

Following are the Steps to Force Update Discord Application:

  1.  Press the Windows key and search for “Discord.”
  2.  Right-click on the Discord app from Windows search.
  3.  Click on More, then click on Open file location.
  4.  Again in the folder right click on Discord and choose “Open file location.”
  5.  Now you are in the destination folder of the Discord app.
  6.  Straightforward right-click on the application and go to its properties.
  7.  Then click on the Compatability section.
  8.  Here in the Settings options check on the option “Run this program as an administrator.”
  9.  Hit Apply button and click on Ok.
  10.  Now run Discord to see the difference, is it have solved the voice issue during screen sharing.

Trouble Shooting Fixes for Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Trouble Shooting Fixes for Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Solution 1: Fix Audio Drivers of Computer

Audio Drivers of Computers can be a malfunction and may need attention to the update, set up, and re-install for Discord. Sometimes outdated audio drivers are not functioning as they intended to function for the transmission of audio. So updating the audio drivers is one thing that can fix the problem.

The other aspect is to set up the right options from the system audio settings to be able to share screen audio with Discord. To do so we need to configure the microphone and audio settings. It will fix all the applications that use audio devices on your computer.

Following are the Steps to Fix Corrupt drivers and Update Audio Drivers:

  1.  You can access Device Manager in many ways, the two simple steps are these.
  2.  Press Window + X keys and select the Device Manager.
  3.  Or, through Windows search and type Device Manager.
  4.  In the Device Manager click on the “Audio inputs and outputs” category.
  5.  Right-click on the Speakers drivers and click on update drivers.
  6.  Same way did for Microphone drivers and hit update option.
  7.  If it doesn’t update then you need to uninstall the drivers by clicking on Uninstall device.
  8.  After drivers please restart the computer for default drivers to be placed by your operating systems.
  9.  It will likely solve the core audio issues in your system.

Solution 2: Setting up Computer Audio Settings

When your computer drivers are not faulty and outdated then chances are they are not set up properly for Discord screen share audio and that causes the problem of audio not transmitting with sharing your screen. It means that the audio drivers are connected to the hardware but unable to perform the operations.

The result of such a situation is app won’t transmit audio properly and the system becomes unresponsive to functions related to sound transmissions. Luckily there are simple steps to fix that problem when using the share screen feature of Discord so that audio works properly without having trouble.

Following are the Steps to Setup Audio Settings on your Computer:

  1.  For sound settings, right-click on the speaker icon from Taskbar and click on “Sounds.”
  2.  In the Recording tab make sure your microphone devices are enabled and selected as default.
  3.  To set up audio settings, Type “Microphone privacy settings” in Windows search.
  4.  Here allow Discord access to your microphone and turn on the option.
  5.  Also allow other necessary applications that you need for screen sharing.
  6.  These updates and settings will fix the discord screen share audio not working problems.

Solution 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

It is final when none of the methods can solve the discord screen share no audio issue. Then uninstallation of Discord will be the last stand for a screen-sharing feature to stream videos and watch gameplays of favorite streamers from different known platforms on the internet.

This method is for completely wiping out all the Discord problems that might cause audio mute or somewhat corrupted the backend files. In such cases, the last fix is to completely uninstall the Discord app and then reinstall with the latest version that is available for downloads from the official website.

Following are the Steps to Completely Uninstall and Reinstall Discord:

  1.  From the Windows search type “Control Panel.”
  2.  Launch the Control Panel and select View by option to Category.
  3.  Then click on the section named “Programs.”
  4.  In the section you will see all your apps listed for uninstallation.
  5.  Right-click on Discord and click on Uninstall button.
  6.  After that go to the official website and download the latest version of Discord.
  7.  Then reinstall Discord with proper settings.
  8.  Launch the Discord app to use it to share the screen with audio.

Final Chatters

Hopefully, one of the given solutions will solemnly fix the issue regarding Discord Screen Share No Audio. We want to help you and this is our solution for your screen sharing missing audio problem. Even though Discord is a mature platform but sometimes bugs causes screens and audio disappearance during the gameplays and screen sharing streams. Our trusted mentions are included for Discord problems so that you can sound good. Please feel free to comment if you have any queries and suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no sound when I share my screen on discord?

It can be a software issue or audio drivers problem that causes no sound when sharing screen on Discord. The solution to such a problem is to go through troubleshooting steps and apply each method for the corresponding figure of possible reasons. The corrupted Discord cache and poorly set up settings could result in such disaster when you don’t know the correct settings.

Why is Discord Screen Share black?

It is often related to the graphics section that may lack rendering of the Discord app for screen sharing. If so you can pay attention to your GPU for proper information while also setup Discord with proper settings to share screens with admin privileges. Sometimes when your game or program you try to share is not allowed by administrator permissions then Discord screen share turns black.

Does Discord update automatically?

Discord updates automatically and its mechanism is different from other applications. You will not see any button for updates on the settings tabs of Discord. It means Discord updates whenever it wants and that is somewhat not a user-friendly policy. Suggesting that Discord is automatic with updates and it does updates frequently for bugs fixes.

How do I know when to update Discord?

No, you ain’t need to update Discord at the moment. It does updates by own and automatically looks for the latest updates whenever available for downloads. Users can not check for updates because there is no button present in the Discord settings for updates. So you won’t be able to know when to update Discord for the latest version.

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