10 NEW Cricket Deals for Existing Customers 2022

Prepaid Cricket wireless offers special deals just like Total wireless and Visible networks to prove itself to new and existing customers with better plans and new smartphone offers. The latest Cricket deals for existing customers are discounts and savings on monthly plans and a chance to get a new phone free of cost. Here we have compiled a discrete list of a few of the most dominant deals that everyone can benefit especially existing consumers of Cricket wireless.

As the fastest growing MVNO service provider, Cricket is a company controlled by AT&T wireless that makes it the largest prepaid carrier in the entire US, providing services of 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, and fastest 5G coverages. You can hand on some of the best deals and offers just by scrolling down to the page, we have sectioned all the available best Cricket wireless deals for existing customers as we write, these are currently the most famous deals for existing customers from all states.

Cricket Deals for Existing Customers

The new release of smartphones brings new deals for existing and non existed customers to every big carrier to earn this opportunity as it arises for Cricket all major network carriers take advantage to stick more people to their networks for continuous services. This is the way of business and it has some benefits for people when carriers introduce new plans with affordable prices and toss exclusive deals on phones such are remarkable for anyone to not miss out.

We have caught something similar kind of deal that Cricket is offering to the existed customers those want to have a better phone without spending money for the purchase, well that said there is also no annual contracts involved and if that makes sense to you —keep following the flow we have much to discuss and lot to show!

Cricket Free Phone Deals for Existing Customers

The new cricket phones for existing customers is all about savings, although it doesn’t matter whether you join the network as a new customer or already part of the service and looking for promotions and upgrades with some special Cricket deals —they have the humor of occasionally showing off with delicate offers on plans and price drops on new phones.

Apple iPhone SE Free Phone Deal from Cricket

1- Apple iPhone SE Free Phone Deal from Cricket

Existing customers can get a free upgrade to the Apple iPhone SE. It is the second generation of the iPhone Special Editions, and it is available to both new customers and existing network users. You can get the deal online at the Cricket Wireless store and check yourself out by placing your order to get a free iPhone SE with a three-month agreement plan for the lowest monthly cost of $30.

2- Moto G Play Free Phone Deal from Cricket

Lately, Motorolla introduced a budget-friendly Moto G Play that comes with a lot of good stuff and costs pretty low in comparison with other manufacturers. It got a 6.5 inches wide IPS LCD with 720 x 1600 pixels covering 270 PPI density for depth visuals, inside is a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon (460) processor that is very much capable of doing gaming and rendering 4K videos with the help of a dual-camera setup (13MP) cameras. The other features include 32GB of storage and 3GB RAM for multi applications processing. It is running an Android 10 OS and has a 5000 mAh beefy battery for long-lasting usage.

  • The Moto G Play LTE phone price is set at $0.00 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $109.99.
  • The procedure requires all existed customers to activate a plan of $30 per month, either for three months or six months of usage.

3- Galaxy A02S Zero Cost Phone Deal from Cricket Wireless

Galaxy A02S is a unibody design smartphone from Samsung with mid-range hardware that’s why it lies in the Galaxy A-series which is right for low-budget consumers who preferred large screens but not a big cost. The Galaxy A12 featured a 6.5 inches big screen with a 720 x 1600 resolution having a 270 PPI density that is good for visuals. It got a triple camera setup with a (13MP) main camera and a (5MP) front cam. The features that make it suitable for everyday usage are the support of Android 11 and Snapdragon (450) processor that is coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. In the long run, it has a big 5000 mAh battery capable of 15W quick charging.

  • Cricket Wireless is providing you with a free phone deal; the Galaxy A02S LTE cost is set at $0.00 for a deal that would normally cost around $109.99.
  • Old customers needs to activate a $30 per month plan for three months, as specified by the carrier.

4- Cricket Ovation 2 Phone Deal for Cricket Customer’s

Cricket Ovation 2 is a big smartphone with 6.82 inches display with 720 x 1640 pixels resolution offering 263 PPI for crisp and clear colors. It is manufactured by Tinno Mobile but her Cricket is the seller and deals free of cost phone to its customers. The phone is packed with a triple camera setup of (13MP) main lens, 3GB RAM, and MediaTek Helio P22 processor to keep apps running in the background without hiccups. It has 32 GB storage onboard that is expendable to 128 GBs with a micro SD so documents keep in-house. The featured 3,900 mAh battery is big and undoubtedly stands two days of playing without recharge.

  • Cricket has set the price of the Cricket Ovation 2 LTE phone at $0.00, which was originally priced at $129.99.
  • The procedure iniitiates with the activation of $30 per month plan, with a new line.

5- Influence Phone Deal for Cricket Users

The Cricket Influence is another Cricket-owned smartphone that offers a 6.2 inches wide display with 720 x 1640 pixels resolutions topped with 270 PPI to give images a sharp look. The phone featured a dual-camera setup of (13MP) that is producing good photos for landscapes while a (5MP) is attached for selfies. The power specs include Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor that is octa-core and paired with 3GB RAM and 32 Gb storage. The phone is running Android 10 OS and there is a pack of 3300 mAh battery last one and a half-day of usage.

  • With the free phone Cricket deal you are getting Influence phone at $0.00, which was originally listed for $109.99.
  • All customers have to activate a $30 monthly plan for three months of service to get the deal.

6- Nokia C2 Tava Phone Offer from Cricket

Nokia phones are comeback with the acceptance of the Android platform and this Nokia C2 Tava offers free from Cricket to both existing and new customers. It got the Android 10 OS running in 5.45 inches pretty stable dimensions with 720 x 1440 pixels resolutions on top of the 295 PPI density to pop up the visuals on display. The phone featured a Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 quad-core processor that is paired with 2GB RAM and 32GB onboard memory for applications and documents storage. On the back, it has a dual (8MP) decent cam setup and its 3000 mAh battery is capable of 10W fast charging.

  • Cricket Nokia C2 Tava LTE phone is priced $0.00 for existed customers which was originally priced at $109.99.
  • A $30 monthly plan for three months of service is required to get the free phone.

Limitations of Free Phone Deals

Even though we have certainly favored these offers but they got a few limitations that need to clarify for your help. So take a look at limitations that may need attention before grabbing the Cricket offered free phones deals.

As we understand it, a user will need an account and a payment for three months with either choice monthly plan, it will be automated for every next month’s services one after the other until you decided to stop the autopay or leave the carriers.

If you have decided to leave the service after your agreement ends you can easily move on, but before moving out from the service you can request unlock code to enable your phone to use other network’s SIM cards. It is because every carrier has a PAC code that locks their phones on the network and user is unable to change the services unless it is unlocked with network code.

Upon canceling the services your credit will be lost as suggested by policies your credit with Cricket wireless is not going to redeem or refunded when you move from the networks. But you have a chance to revert before canceling the services.

  • There is a rule for the existed customers to take upgrades once after the 180 days of service that is about a period of six months.
  • Each customer can have a maximum of two lines on two different phones.
  • Once a phone is activated, it will be restricted to the Cricket network for 6 months of service.
  • In case of return will take an additional one-time fee of $25 within 7 days of activation else wise either keep on track or lose.

The NEW 5G innovation is spreading all over the world and Cricket is going to promote everyone which is good news for existing customers to lean on some of the best deals to get upgrades with new offers. When you are ready to upgrade your phone Cricket services has offered new devices for the existed customers to have easy upgrades to top-of-the-line phones.

The iPhone 13 is rolling in Cricket wireless stores that have interesting features and 5G compatibility just like iPhone 12 that many fans have got with Cricket monthly plans of three or six months plans that are better than annual contracts of other major carriers that bound consumers for long long time.

Cricket Wireless Phones for Existing Customers (New 5G Phones)

Three of the best Cricket deals are now 5G phones available as promotions for existing customers with discounts. All you need to do is grab a device that suits your budget and all sets with the condition of 180 days (six months), which is still below the contract period of other carriers out there.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

1- Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

The Galaxy A32 5G is an awesome multi-tasker packed with 5G and LTE connectivity for superfast broadband coverage. It is one of the most popular Android 11 devices that got people attention for valued hardware with 5G combined, a 5000 mAh long-lasting battery, quad (48 MP) camera setup, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal space, 6.5 inches wide 720 x 1600 pixels Infinity-V display that has 270 PPI density for crisp and bold colors, and powerful chipset of MediaTek MT6853 (Dimensity 720) that is 5G enabled for latest networking compatibility.

2- Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

A52 5G is the best among affordable beasts of smartphones that Samsung Galaxy has to offer with some incredible specifications. It got a high refresh rate Super AMOLED screen of 120Hz with 800 nits peak brightness. The hardware includes a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels with 407 PPI density placed on the 6.5 inches dimensions, running Qualcomm Snapdragon (750G) which is 5G compatible, inside has 128GB storage and 6GB of RAM besides quad (64MP) cameras for great memory capturing. There is the inclusion of fast charging of 25 watts to quickly fill up the 4500 mAh battery capacity in one hour.

3- Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

S20 series brings a long-lasting impression on Galaxy fans that make Samsung creates an additional line of separate smartphone that comes after the success of each series ahead. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G is an outstanding phone with some real hardware involvement for great impressions. It got the Qualcomm Snapdragon (865) 5G enabled powerful processor, packed with 128GB storage and 8GB of RAM, 120Hz HDR10+ certified Super AMOLED display of 1080 x 2400 pixels lapped in a 6.5 inches dimensions that are supper bright with clear 407 PPI density. The additional dominant features are 4500 mAh battery support quick charging of 25W that also does reverse charging via wirelessly at 4.5watts.

Cricket Phone Prices for Existing Customers

  • The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G phone price is set at $79.99 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $279.99, which means you are receiving discounts of around $200’s.
  • The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G phone price is set at $299.99 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $459.99, which means you are receiving discounts of around $160’s.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G phone price is set at $399.99 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $699.99, which means you are receiving discounts of around $300’s.

5G Phones Applied Conditions:

The customer needs to activate a minimum $30 per month voice-and-data plan for either three or six months commitments.
If needed 5G, a user may acquire a compatible 5G plan that is $60 per month, but area coverage must be checked.
Every 180 days period existed customers can take a new line for a new phone with an activation fee of up to $25 per line.
Phones will be restricted for 6 months of service with the Cricket network until completion of the period.

Cricket iPhone Deals for Existing Customers (Best iPhone Deals)

iPhones are catching the attention of everyone living in the United States as an iconic brand that is booming with each new year and brought us interesting innovations in smartphones and other computer gadgets. Although Cricket has a long list of iPhones offers, we have picked the low-priced phones for today’s topic.

Apple iPhone 11 (64GB Variant)

1- Apple iPhone 11 (64GB Variant)

The upgraded design iPhone 11 is a 6.1 inches Apple smartphone that comes with an 828 x 1792 pixels resolution having 326 PPI density to increase the 625 nits brightness of Liquid Retina IPS LCD depth for visuals. It has new features packed inside the well-structured aluminum frame, that are powerful Apple A13 Bionic chipsets, a dual-camera system at back with dual (12MP) lenses offer great dynamic range in photos while for selfies it has same caliber dual (12MP) camera sets for vivid selfies. For storage, it has 64GB internal space with 4GB RAM to keep running the iOS 13 OS that is upgradable to iOS 14.

2- Apple iPhone SE2 (2020 Variant)

The second-generation iPhone SE is the equivalent of the iPhone 8 in dimensions, size, and many identical specifications. It has a single rear camera of 12 MP that deal with all sorts of ambiance photos and have OIS stabilizations, shoot HDR 4K videos and take detailed photos. The featured-packed iPhone SE comes with a Retina display of 4.7 inches with 750 x 1334 pixels resolutions that have 326 PPI density for perfect brightness of 625 nits. For processing, it got the Apple A13 Bionic chipset that is efficient with six cores, coupled with 3GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and running with iOS 13 OS that is upgradable to iOS 14.

3- Apple iPhone XR

iPhone XR is dimensionally matched with iPhone 11 in the same length, width, and size, few improvements regard the iPhone 11 better in some regards while iPhone XR has value as the cheapest iPhone at Cricket. You can have faster LTE connectivity and iOS 14 OS with a capable Apple A12 Bionic chip that is very much capable of performing all sorts of rendering tasks for gaming and videography. The phone featured 64GB storage options and 3GB of RAM that is packed inside the 6.1 inches dimensions. Just like the iPhone SE, the main camera is 12 MP OIS stabilized for stealth photography, but the battery has a huge 2942 mAh capacity that is also fast charge supported.

Cricket iPhone Prices for Existing Customers

  • The Apple iPhone 11 5G LTE phone price is set at $499.99 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $599.99, which means you are receiving discounts of around $100’s.
  • The Apple iPhone SE 4G LTE phone price is set at $0.00 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $349.99, which means you are receiving a free iPhone from Cricket at $0.00’s expenses.
  • The Apple iPhone XR 4G LTE phone price is set at $199.99 from Cricket, which is originally tagged for $499.99, which means you are receiving discounts of around $300’s.

Conditions Applied for Cheapest iPhone at Cricket Wireless:

  • The customer needs to activate a minimum of $60 per month plan for either three or six months commitments with the network.
  • Both the existed and non existed customers of Cricket have free phones offer to take advantage of another line.
  • The new line feature is available for existed customers once in 180 days period to have activation for a new phone that is compatible with Cricket Wireless.
  • Once activated phones will be restricted for 6 months of Cricket network services until the setup period is ended.

Cricket Wireless Service Guidelines for Existed Customers

When you want to grab a deal from Cricket special discounted phones or free phones you must know the rules of having promotions that are meant for you. The given points are mentioned for those who want an upgrade or get a new phone from Cricket Wireless.

Eligibility Policies for Existed Customers:

  • The user must be at an existing line with Cricket Wireless services.
  • Must have a Cricket monthly rate plan that costs $30/mo or more, that is mentioned for specific deals.
  • Existed customers can order an upgraded phone that must be new and available at Cricket store either market place or online at www.cricketwireless.com.
  • The option of getting upgrades is once in every 180 days period that is translated as six months.
  • A $25 device upgrade fee applies to phone upgrades from both the online store and marketplace Cricket stores.

Cricket Wireless Buyer’s Guide

Every single year there is a new line of phones from world-known manufacturers to grab the attention of people with catching technology, new designs, and features. It opens an opportunity for network carriers and companies like Cricket to bring new devices for customers satisfaction so that they can stay connected with the network for a long time and not leave for new phones. The new phones coming to cricket wireless is iPhone 13 series, Samsung S22 series, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, Google Pixel 6, OnePlus 9, Nokia 10, and many more.

If you are looking for more modern phones it is suggested to wait a bit as Cricket brings down the prominent smartphones at high margin discounts and on top, we have known the service provider always drops the best deals on the latest phones either tagged free of cost without annual subscriptions or offers at very minimal prices. If you are a low-income resident, Cricket wireless offers discounts for low incomes with the Lifeline government program, so that you can get a hefty discount on monthly bills and even grab a phone with minimal payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has better coverage Metro or Cricket?

It’s a tie both the Metro by T-Mobile and Cricket have greatly improved LTE and 5G services from nationwide customers. AT&T is competing with T-Mobile and has been throwing many dead with Cricket subsidiary and the same goes with T-Mobile offering Metro plans for customers. Although coverage depends on the area and it’s the area where both carriers are equal.

Does Cricket have deals for existing customers?

Being a prepaid operator Cricket Wireless offers many deals for existing customers on the network. The opportunity arises once in a while for free phone upgrades and regular data plans for smartphones. It is another aspect when you are a new customer and looking for new line perks, but phone upgrades are the best deals for existing customers to have service going on.

What is the cheapest iPhone at Cricket?

Although there are not many iPhones deals on Cricket stores you will find the iPhone SE free of cost at a $0.00 per month charge. It is mentioned for both the existed and non existed new customers to have not just the cheapest rate iPhones but get it completely free when activates a new line. You can have a call to customer support at 1 (800) 274-2538 for newer devices.

How much is it for 2 lines on Cricket?

When activates two or more lines on Cricket Wireless there are great savings on monthly plans. The basic single line cost around $55 and when activated two lines the cost jumps to $80 with $30 savings, similarly, when activates three lines the offers go to $90 per monthly payment which saves you $75 bucks each time.

Does Cricket Wireless offer free phones?

The Cricket Wireless development shows 12 free devices in the online store all are well-conditioned for the welcome of the new customers on the network. Customers can select a choice of giveaway phone from the selection as a reward for activating the very first line of service, which will be at least $30 per month.

How much cost for 4 lines on Cricket?

Cricket’s multiple lines are good value for budget customers who are looking for wise investment and shy of expensive services. The carrier allows each account to add up to nine lines in total, which will be enough for a big happy family. When activating four lines on Cricket customer will charge of total $100 amounts which save around $120 that is slideable when you have chosen the $55 basic plan.

How much does Cricket cost per month?

It depends on how many lines are activated on your accounts, for a single line the plans are available as $40 per month for 10GB, $55 per month for unlimited with Autopay, and $60 per month for 5G high speed unlimited with hotspots. Two lines cost $70 per month with10GB of data and $80 unlimited. Similarly, Four lines advantage $110 for 10GB, $100 for unlimited, and $130 for unlimited plus hotspots.

Will cricket have the iPhone 12?

Yes, Cricket offers Apple iPhone 12 64GB with different colors for choice. There is also a variety of versions that customers will decide to buy. It can be Apple iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, or maximum powerful iPhone 12 Pro Max for supreme 5G bands for fastest internet speed with 5G plans.

How much is Cricket Wireless unlimited plan?

For single-line Cricket Wireless, an unlimited plan is $55 per month, two lines can have it for $80 total cost per month, three-line can cost $90 per month for, similarly, four lines can benefit $100 per month and five lines can add $125 per month at 8Mbps speed for Cricket customers.

How to get a free month of Cricket service?

Cricket offers huge discounts on prepaid phones to all customers with no Contract and no deposit. Activate a new line and get a cell phone at minimum costs for a month. This limits the service speed but overall Cricket is reliable with nationwide coverage.

Does Cricket have any specials going on?

Currently, each Cricket line has benefits of $5 to $120 maximum saving when a single account adds more than two multiple lines. Besides the monthly family plans, you have got special phone upgrades both for the new customers and old customers to have better value smartphone for fast internet.

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